5 Ways to Find Someone on Facebook Without Logging In

The first name that comes to our mind when thinking of a social networking site is no one other than Facebook. It is that social media brand that has now become a part of our lifestyles and we tend to share our each and every moment, be it or sad or happy or a proud moment with our friends and family. From trending news to promotion of numerous events organised everyday somewhere or the other, Facebook has it all.

But, the first extra ordinary feature of Facebook that attracted the masses all around the world was that we can find and connect to our friends around the world. Facebook allowed us to share our special moments with our dear ones, it became a medium to help us find our friends and get in touch with them once again.

Not only our old friends, we find various new and interesting people on Facebook. It has become the most popular social networking site with over 1 billion active user base.

Find People on Facebook Without Logging In

So, basically there are maximum chances that we can find anyone we want to via Facebook. But, is it necessary to login to our account if we want to find someone on Facebook? No, that’s not important. You can find people on Facebook without even logging in. You didn’t know that, right? It’s perfectly fine, I am here to tell you how can this be done.

1. Facebook People Search

Go to the Facebook People Search page which is the official Facebook search page. This page helps you to find people even if you’re not a Facebook user.

Type “fb.com/people-search.php” in the address bar of a new tab or window. Press enter and the new page will open. This is the Facebook People Search page.

Another way to reach this page is by typing the name ‘Facebook People Search page’ in the Google’s search bar. After all there is nothing you can’t find on Google! Simply click on the first result that will appear, it will take you to Facebook People Search page.

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There will be a search bar on the page that has just opened where the heading is ‘Search for people by name‘. So, now you can find the person you are looking for by simply typing the full name of that particular person in the search bar.

A full list of people of that name and who use Facebook will appear in front of you. Choose from that list, the person whose display picture matches with the person you’ve been looking for and you’re done!

To make your search more accurate, you can also type that email address or various other information you know about the person by putting a plus sign (+) between each information provided. This information can be the present city, hometown, birthday, profession of that person.

2. Facebook Directory

Facebook Directory resembles the Yellow pages we used earlier. If you are looking for some page or group or even any topic for that matter, Facebook Directory is the best and will help you find what you are looking for.

Navigate to the Facebook Directory and you will find a search bar there. Also, you will see three tabs named people, pages and places.
Select the tab as per your requirement and then enter the name in the search bar and press enter.

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A list will be presented in front of you that shows the results of matching profile, page or place.

3. Social Searcher

It is a social media search engine and that too for free!

Social Searcher shows you all the accounts matching the name that you entered in the search bar along with their recent activities from different social networking sites.

Navigate to the Social Searcher. You will see a search box appear in front of your eyes, just enter the name of the person you are looking for. There is no need to login to social searcher when you just want to search people and their profiles on social media sites.

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You will see all the profiles that match with the information that you’ve provided and there you can find the particular social media account you are looking for.

4. Browser Add-Ons

A majority of people use either Google Chrome or Firefox. There are a few add-ons through which you can find someone on Facebook without having your own account. I am giving names of a few of them:

  • All in One Internet Search: – Again a search box will appear in front of you. Just type the name of the person you are looking for in that box and start searching from the list of the matching profiles that is displayed to you. 
  • People Search Engine: – It is Firefox add-on that serves your purpose of searching people on Facebook without logging in.

5. Google Search

Again, I’ll say that there is nothing that you can’t search and find on Google. Similar to your ordinary Google search, you can find people and pages on Facebook without logging in yourself.

Go to google.com and enter ‘site name:facebook first name last name‘ in the search box. In place of first name and last name, write the complete name of the person you are searching for.

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Press the Google search button and a list of all the people matching the profile information you provided will be displayed to you. If you give more information other than only the name of the person, your search accuracy will increase and the first result that will appear will be yours!

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