10 Best Online HTML To JSON Converters

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a data format just like HTML. Douglas Crock ford invented JSON. He is famous for his JavaScript coding. It is a lightweight data-interchange format. JSON is language dependent that means it uses JavaScript syntax but the format is text only just like HTML.HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the standard markup language for creating web based applications and pages. World Wide Web Consortium developed it simply called as W3C. The elements present in the HTML code are the building elements for HTML pages. Web browsers do not display the HTML code but just reads the code and displays the content what the user needs to be on the page.

HTML to JSON Converter

On comparison of JSON and HTML, JSON is faster and uses few resources than HTML. JSON and HTML provide unique strengths, but the performance and utilization of code were advanced in JSON while compared to HTML. JavaScript is used in HTML for interaction with the web page developed by using HTML code. So, to convert HTML code to JSON code a lot of converters exist they are:

1. Online Free Code Format

By using this free online converter one can easily convert their code from HTML to JSON. The user has to paste or write the relevant code which has to be converted. This website not only gives conversion options but also gives Cryptography, Code Converter, Games, Syntax Highlighter, Code Compare/merger, QR Code and so on tools for the user.

2. Beautify Tools

This online based site also converts the code of the user from HTML to JSON. This site allows the user to upload a particular file which is used to convert and the user can also download the converted JSON file. The beautify tool in this online site allows the user to manage the output file in a way that he can give a name to it and also can check coding errors in the archive he had uploaded. 

3. Beautify Converter

The usage of this converter is very easy as it allows loading of URL and browsing of the particular file to be converted. It also gives editorial and wraps options. The downloading option will also appear nearer to the converted file by which user can download.

4. Code Beautify

The tool which allows the user to upload a file from online and also can save it directly in online networks is that one and only “Code Beautify” converter. This is the converter tool which gives sharing option along with the saving option to the user. The user can directly share the converted file to any doc’s storage files. It also allows the user to validate and edit the code files. 

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5. Free Formatter

This online tool allows the user to convert the HTML file into JSON file format. It also gives web formatting option for the user to format the text by online mode. The main feature of this website is that it allows the user to name the file he had converted and also the text format of the converted file. This tool also allows the user to format the file into various other languages also by just one-time uploading.

6. JSON Formatter

It allows the user not only paste and URL option for uploading of user files but also a browsing option by which the user can upload a file which is previously prepared by the user. This tool also provides optional properties such as removal of HTML tags from JSON files, considering of NULL value and change break tag to JSON tag, etc.

7. Code # Amaze

This online toolkit allows the user to convert the code from one format to another format easily. This is a user-friendly tool where the options will be very less and easy for the user to convert. This is a cool converter tool just as the way user want to convert it converts the file and allows the user to download it. As this tool looks very spacious but all the options in it are useful for a user to convert the files easily and comfortably.

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8. Cool Utils File Converters

This is an online based web converter which converts HTML file of the user to JSON file quickly. It also gives easy converting options for the user. In this, just at the time of conversion user can select the format into which the file has to be formatted and also the file which he is going to upload.

9. Online-Gadget Your Tools HUB

This online tool converts HTML code to JSON code. It also allows the user to convert any part of the HTML file to JSON code. In this, the HTML code is treated as regular JSON expressions and converted accordingly. If sequences of similar elements occur, they will be represented as arrays in the resulting JSON. In this it also allows the user to use a variety of tools by which user can easily convert his required file into a perfect format he wishes to.

10. Universal Text Document Converter

This tool allows the user to select the type of file which he is going to upload to convert into a JSON format. This tool also gives the information to the user about the possible ways of transfers. This tool also provides message digest algorithms, Encoder/Decoder, Ciphers, etc.

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