10 Best Online HTML to RTF Converters

Sometimes when you download a book or any document, it may not be in the required format that is supported on your device. The docs are available in HTML. What is HTML? Well, HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. In simple words, it is the language which is used to create web pages along with many other languages. It can also insert pictures, links and other parts on the Internet pages. 

One cannot easily read HTML language on any device. For that purpose, some apps are available which does the reading or viewing easy. 


Or one can convert those HTML files into more readable formats such as RTF. RTF stands for Rich Text Format. It’s a language which is easily readable on any devices. The major drawback of this language is that it doesn’t support data of any form such as pictures, graphs, tables, etc. other than text. Here is the list of some websites and apps which can be used to convert any HTML files into RTF files.

1. HTML to RTF

Only the demo version of the app is available on the site to download. If one wants the full version, then he/she can buy it from the official site. Apart from converting HTML files into RTF files, it can also convert the HTML files into the doc, ANSI text, and Unicode text. It totally transforms every component of the HTML file into RTF.

2. CoolUtils

Similar to above tool one can download the trial version of this product for free not the paid one. The user can customize the final look of the converted HTML file i.e. fit the content to the selected page size, insert a watermark, add URL, etc. in that RTF file. 

After the conversion, you can share the RTF file online on any platform. The demo version comes with a trial period of 30 days, and after that, your can purchase premium version for further usage. The app not only supports RTF formatting but other formats too.

3. Doxillion Document Converter Software

This app supports conversion of almost any file formats to the other format. The free version is available for non-commercial use on the website, but it supports only fewer formats. The app works on 64-bit Windows version only. Doxillion can convert thousands of files at once and is a very fast converter. One can Drag and drop or choose required file from the menu. Further, you can choose the conversion format to convert the file with just one click. One can share the saved file with anyone out there.

4. All File to All File Converter 3000

It supports almost any format conversion from flash videos to power points as specified in its name also. It’s a very versatile file converter app which can be downloaded very easily with just one click. Changes and customization of the final saved file are supported. The app provides various options for the same purpose. The output format is of very high quality.

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5. Cloud Convert

It is an online platform for converting one file format to another. One can upload the file through five ways, i.e., add from URL or using Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, box. The site supports almost 214 formats and can be added to Google Chrome on your PC. Login option is available to store the file online and can only be accessed by the user. Option to delete the file after the conversion is also available.

6. Sautin Soft

This site converts any HTML file into RTF format along with many other conversions. One can easily convert the files and further merge the converted RTF files into one. First, choose or upload the file then select the page size such as A4, A5, etc., the number of pages and the output file format. Click on Convert to start the conversion of the uploaded file. One can also download the evaluation version of the app if needed.

7. Office – Converter

It converts any file format including HTML to RTF online. One can choose either one file or number of records by clicking on the choose file option and then use convert option for the conversion process. The user can also copy-paste the download link to some online document and then convert it. The online converter only uploads a file up to 10 MB of size for any free user. The uploaded file will be deleted after one day automatically.

8. Convertio

This site almost supports 11727 conversion formats. Choose the file from the computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or paste the URL to upload it on the website. Then use the option Convert to start the conversion. Once the conversion process is over, choose the destination where you want to save it either Dropbox or Google Drive. But for that, the user will have to sign up. The maximum size of the uploaded file can be 100 MB max.

9. Convert Online Free

Multiple options of conversion are available on this website. One can upload the required file from the computer only, so the user must download the HTML file onto the computer to upload it later on the website. The converted file will be automatically downloaded to the destination download folder of the browser. All the elements present will be converted neatly into the required file format.

10. FileZigZag

The user interface is much better than the most of the online HTML file converters. Just Upload the required file from your system& choose the output format to be RTF from the menu. The user needs to provide his/her email Id to receive the converted file once it’s processed. 

In the free plan of the website, the user can upload the file up to the size of 2 GB and get the output of the same size. Only one file will be converted if its size is more than 180 MB whereas multiple files can be saved for the size smaller than 180 MB. The conversion process will take time according to the scale of the archive and the Internet speed. File sharing option is also available on the site along with the cloud storage.

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