4 Methods to Turn Youtube Videos into an Alarm


Are you bored of waking up to the usual and monotonous alarm tones? But did you know that you can set your favorite YouTube video as your alarm? Yes, you heard me right! You can turn YouTube videos into an alarm. This might be an exciting way of putting your morning wake-up ringtone!

Some websites allow you to do this, which is a fun way. Some of these websites are Alarmtube, YoutubeAlarm, and  Online Music Alarm.

Here are different methods you can use for YouTube videos of your choice to set the alarm.

Youtube alarm

How do you turn YouTube videos into an alarm?

In this post, we shall learn how to set a YouTube video of your choice as your alarm. If you’re also looking to enhance the audio quality of your chosen YouTube video, find out how to make a YouTube video louder in our detailed guide.

Method #1 YouTubeAlarm

Visit: YouTubeAlarm

  • This free website lets you set your desired YouTube songs as your alarm. First of all, open the link
  • As the page opens, you will see that you must fill out a particular form of time and video to get going. As a first step, fill in the alarm time. The web tool supports a 24-hour format, so input your alarm time as “hour: minute: second.” 
  • The next step is setting up the video. Go to the “Select Videos” section and enter the keyword of the YouTube video. For example, input “Bollywood” in the blank space to select a Bollywood song. 
  • According to the keyword, a list of YouTube videos will appear, and you need to choose the desired video out of those lists. 
  • Play the video and stop it at the time you want the alarm to stop. Also, adjust the volume according to your needs.
  • It would be best to remember that the site should be open when you want the alarm to ring, and you must ensure that your device doesn’t sleep during the needed time to let the alarm ring.


Also, if you’re interested in downloading YouTube videos for various purposes, learn about the best YouTube video downloaders available.

Method #2 Easy Alarm Youtube

Visit: Easy Alarm YouTube

  • This app is available on the Google Play Store. Once you install this app, you can enjoy YouTube songs for your alarm. 
  • As the app adds to various other “sharing-system” menus on your device, you can quickly send it to Easy App once you choose a YouTube video. Or else, to avoid all these hassles, you can search for videos from the app itself. 
  • When it’s time to ring the alarm and your Wi-Fi is off, the app will turn on your Wi-Fi to stream the video. If you want to set multiple alarms and assign a different video to each notice, then that, too, is possible using this app. 
  • One more exciting feature of this app is the Double alarm system. If, under any circumstances, a video or song can’t be played as your alarm, then the general ringtone alert will take effect.
  • The volume of the alarm will increase progressively. 
  • To snooze your alarm, you need to shake your phone.

Method #3 Online Music Alarm

Visit: Online Music Alarm

online music alarm

  • This web application is available easily in the Chrome Web Store. 
  • After downloading this app, go to the “Set Music Alarm” tab. 
  • To select the song you want, enter the name of the music you want to set as an alarm, then click the “Select Song” button. 
  • The next step is to get into the alarm time. 
  • Now wait back and enjoy your YouTube song as your alarm song. 
  • You can also set multiple alarms using this application.

For Mac users, enhancing your YouTube experience can also include using specialized tools like the Airy YouTube Video Downloader for Mac; read our review for more insights.

Method #4 AlarmTube

  • Go to this link
  • As the website opens, you can see two blank spaces for inputting details. In the first space, you must input the alarm time in natural alphabetical language form. For example, if you want the alarm to ring after 7 hours from now, type “In 7 Hours” in that blank space and click “Set Alarm.” 
  • The next step is to select the YouTube video. To do this, you can paste the video URL into the next blank space or choose a featured video by clicking “YouTube Featured Video.”


Can you set a YouTube song as an alarm?

Yes, a YoutubeAlarm website makes setting a youtube song as an alarm possible.

Do I need to download songs or ringtones for my alarm?

You don't need to download anything if you can directly set a YouTube song as an alarm.

How does YouTube bedtime work?

YouTube allows users to set a specific time as a bedtime reminder which tells them to stop watching videos and go to bed.

Summing Up

So these were some helpful websites that allowed users to use YouTube as an alarm. Did you find your favorite one from these? Let us know your favorite one and how it helped all of you. Curious about the world of YouTube? Discover how much YouTubers earn on 50k views per video and explore more about YouTube’s monetization.

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