How to Download/Save Videos From Tumblr Account

If you have an active Tumblr account, then you must be coming across various funny videos or photos time to time. What most of us might have wondered at some point would be “Can I download this video“? Well yeah, you definitely can download videos from your Tumblr and save it to play it offline, and enjoy watching the video with your friends.

Download or Save Tumblr Videos

So let us see how to download videos from Tumblr. Here we shall provide you with various ways to download Tumblr videos.

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1. Using DreDown Tumblr

It is an online tool with a rather very simple method for downloading the videos. The cool part is that using this method you can even download private videos. So in case you want to download a private video from a friend, this is going to help.

  • Go to this link. 
  • Then navigate to the Tumblr site. 
  • To get the URL of the video, click on your desired video and copy the URL from the address bar. 
  • Paste the link in the blank space provided on the DreDown page and click on the button ‘DreDown‘ which is just adjacent to it. 
  • You can see that your MP4 file is downloading in your browser.

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2. Using Tumblr-Video-Downloader

It is also an online site to download Tumblr videos in either MP3 or MP4 format.

  • Go to this link 
  • Get the URL of the Tumblr video you want by copying it from the address bar. 
  • Paste it in the blank space where it’s mentioned ‘Enter Tumblr video URL.’ 
  • Select your desired format, i.e., either MP4 or MP3. 
  • You can see that your video is downloading.

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3. Using TubeNinja

This online site provides easy ways to download the videos from Tumblr. There are two ways to download Tumblr videos using this site with each one being aptly functional.

Method #1 The copy and paste method

  • Copy the URL of the Tumblr video that you want to download. 
  • On a new tab open tubeninja. 
  • At the top of this page, you will find an input box where you need to paste the copied URL. 
  • Click on ‘Download.’ 
  • On the next page, you have to choose in which quality you want to download the video. 
  • As soon as you do it, you can find that the downloading of your video has started.

Method #2 The faster URL trick method

  • Open the Tumblr video which you want in a new browser tab. 
  • At the address bar of the video look for ‘Tumblr.’ You need to add “dl” in front of “Tumblr” in the address bar. 
  • Then hit the ‘enter’ button. 
  • Your video will be downloaded.

4. Downloading Tumblr Videos on Android

Method #1 Social Video Downloader

This application with its real user ratings can be used to download videos not only from Tumblr but also from other sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Vine. You can download social video downloader easily from the play store.

After opening the video in this app, you need to click on the ‘Play Button‘ on the corresponding video to start downloading.

Also, you can try an alternative method of copying and paste the video URL into the main window of this app to download your video.

Method #2 Video Downloader-Tumblr

  • Go to the Google Play Store and download the official Tumblr app and install it. 
  • Now again on the Google Play Store, you need to download the app Video Downloader-Tumblr and install it. 
  • Next, you need to go to your Tumblr app and search for the post with your desired GIF or video. 
  • Click on the ‘Share‘ button present near that post. You will get a list with a variety of choices out of which you need to select ‘Tumblr Video Downloader.’ 
  • The app will automatically process your request and make your video ready for download. You just need to click on “Download GIF” or “Download video” option to start your download. 
  • If you wish to check the list of all the videos and GIF’s you have downloaded from Tumblr using this app you just need to open the app and go to the “Downloads” tab. Moreover, by clicking on any of the videos on that list you can play them.

5. Downloading Tumblr Videos On Windows

Method #1 Tumblr Photo/Video Downloader App

This Windows application can be used to download both photos and videos from Tumblr.

  • As you browse through the Tumblr website, you can add your personal ID for downloading. 
  • The software can also automatically detect the Tumblr ID while scanning. And to download a particular video, you can select that specific ID and add it to your download list. 
  • After the video downloading is finished, the folder containing the downloaded photos and videos pops up from which you can view the downloaded media.

Method #2 Orbit Downloader App

  • Download the ‘Orbit Downloader‘ app from the web and install it. 
  • Open the app. go to the Orbit Downloader’s ‘Tools‘ menu. Click on ‘Grab++‘. 
  • On your Tumblr site play your desired video. Grab++ will grab the video when you play the video. 
  • After the Tumblr video URL appears in the Grab++ list, click on “Download” button. 
  • You will find your video being downloaded by Orbit Downloader.

6. Downloading Tumblr Videos On iOS

Method #1 Dwnldr Package (Requires Jail Break)

  • Download the app “Dwnldr Package” and install it. 
  • Open the video on Tumblr which you want to download. While the video is streaming, just tap and hold on the video. 
  • Upon holding on the video for few seconds, a reminder will pop-up asking your confirmation regarding whether to save the video or not. 
  • Upon confirming on the reminder as yes your video will be downloaded and saved to Camera Roll.

That’s all the information from our side. Hope the processes mentioned above work out without any hassle, and you can successfully download your video.

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