[4 Methods] Find Real Owner Name of Unknown Mobile Number

Industrious people don’t spare too much time on anonymous missed calls, but repetitive threatening calls, prank calls or unethical calls cannot be disregard. On the other hand, superficial people are bored of reverting calls from unknown people.

Although, if you buy a new number; you have to submit details like full name, permanent address, alternative phone no., with ID proof which advance to the respective telecom company. Apparently, with the chaotic system in our country, coordinating with the telecom company to retrieve details of a number can be a very tedious job. 

Track Trace Unknown Mobile Number

Even standing in long queue for an entire day, somehow you reach to the employee desk. There is very rare possibility that you attain details of an unknown number.

So, the question arises in our minds, how can we track unknown phone numbers quickly? Well, there are some websites which on entering a phone number will provide you the original details like the telecom service provider and probably the state of which the name was registered. 

But is that enough? Is that all you required for a particular number? No of course not, we are not interested weather which state or telecom service one is using. We want specifics; name, city, workplace; these kinds of details.

So here we are to give you a tutorial on some tricks to trace and find name of an unknown phone number:

1. TrueCaller

When it comes to identifying any unknown number, no other application can knock Truecaller. Truecaller has garnished over 100 million downloads in Google play store. Founded in 2009, Truecaller has a global directory that gives you the freedom to search details of a given number. This application grants you the name of the owner, address and the person’s link to social handles like Facebook and Twitter. All these details just by entering his/her mobile number. 

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You must be wondering; how can a simple Google Play Store application can dispense personal data just by typing in an unknown number. Well in the background, this application collaborates with the many telecom companies which let the people access particulars of a user. Since the launch, Truecaller has a database of more than 50,000,000 contact information.

How Does Truecaller Work?

Now, to use Truecaller one simply needs to sign up. You can also sign in directly via Google or Facebook account. Once you make your account, your mobile number automatically gets linked. Now, if someone wishes to search for your account, he/she can just type in your name or your phone number, and Truecaller will give them your all details uploaded on their database. 

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If an individual does not have an account on the application, then Truecaller confidentially draws out the name of that person from the contact list of probably his/her friend device. 

One may also desire to remove his/her name from the Truecaller database. To do that, just submit your phone number on the Truecaller website and click on “unlist form.” If you already are a Truecaller user and have verified your number, you should first Deactivate the account by proceeding to the Settings menu in the app. Select the about tab and then Deactivate account. Keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours before the number gets removed.

In case, out of the humongous directory of Trucaller, the contact details of an unknown number are not listed, you can further try the below tricks:

2. Identify An Unknown Number Through Whatsapp

You already know WhatsApp, one of the most well-liked mobile based messengers in the world. Many messengers these days can deliver essential details of the owner. Of which, one of the messengers is WhatsApp. No doubt it has garnished around 1 billion downloads as of today.

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Now to find the details of an unknown number follow the steps below:

  1. Save the number to your contact list without any name.
  2. Then create a new group on WhatsApp, name it according to your wish. 
  3. Next, add the number to the established group. So now you have two participants including you. 
  4. Go to group info; now you can see the name right next to the unknown number.

3. Find Unknown Number Details Using Facebook

Won’t be it awesome, retrieving all the details of an unknown number through Facebook. I feel this is the second best way after Truecaller. First, let’s see how this works: Typically, Facebook use your email id to create an account. 

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But if you lack an email id Facebook lets you create an account with only a phone number. Once Facebook ingests the number in its database, then you can search such user by mobile number.

But there is a drawback; this method has a lower chance of succeeding than other methods. Because

  • Still, an enormous amount of people doesn’t upload their numbers on Facebook. 
  • And Facebook privacy policy suggests that you should hide your number from the public. So, the typed phone number in the search box won’t get any results.

The next biggest social platform Twitter delivers the same service and there also you can wish to hide your number from the general public.

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4. Contacting Police or Cyber cell

If it’s an ignorant threatening call or an unethical call, the safe and secure way is to inform the police or the cyber cell. They will investigate your case and come up with the details early than usual. This could be an expensive process, though.

Other than the above methods, you can call to unknown caller from another number and behave like an unexpected call, and try to befriend and extract the name and address. But be careful, you don’t want to get yourself caught. I believe you have now received the knowledge for tracing an unknown number. So, see you later folks.

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