[Comprehensive Guide] Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Android Phone

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

[Comprehensive Guide] Run 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Android Phone

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Everyone wants to know some unique tricks to make a better utilization of this technology! Nowadays many people are getting into the optimum utilization of these applications! So what is it? Well, there are around 700 million active users of WhatsApp in the world and 25 million people download the app daily. The number of users of WhatsApp is just growing day by day and has become unstoppable.

India is a place with one of the largest number of people using WhatsApp, and now people want to make an explicit utilization of the technology. Various sites list many methods but out of those methods some are fake, some are real, some are working, and some are full of errors.

Dual Whatsapp Account in One Android Phone
So in case if you have tried the OG WhatsApp method it won’t work or might show some issue. So how do you download the application on your phone and use two accounts without facing any difficulty or facing any errors? Is it a myth? What one should do if he wants to use dual WhatsApp and has just one smartphone? Is it impossible for him to make a use of dual WhatsApp accounts? Well no! A user can make a use of two accounts in his one single Android smartphone, but how?

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So here we're having a complete guide on how to download and use two different whatsApp accounts in one android phone without any errors and difficulty. While Searching Dual Whatsapp methods, I found one way on a website missingtricks, which method worked for me, and I am explaining this process here in this post.

To use dual WhatsApp accounts on a user’s Android smartphone, some phone require root but sadly this method is not a preferable one. So which method is the most superior and flexible one?  In this article, we will be focusing on how a user can use whatsApp without rooting & with rooting both.

What are the Requirements to have Dual WhatsApp Account?

  1. The user’s phone should be necessarily an Android phone
  2. The user has to download the Whatsmapp application on their phone. 
  3. A good internet connection and it can even function on 2g. 
  4. Applicable on Rooted phones as well as unrooted. 
  5. Space of at least 5MB should be there on the user's phone, or else the application won’t be able to download.
The features of the dual WhatsApp account using these tricks will be similar to the regular WhatsApp application the user was using. The call option in the new second WhatsApp will be pre-activated. The user can even hide the blue ticks and can share all the forms of media via this secondary WhatsApp just like the primary one.

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1. First Method to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone (Unrooted Phones)

Easy Steps to Install GBWhatsApp on Your Android Phone

  • The first step is to download the Whatsapp application on your phone from the link mentioned above. In case the user is facing any difficulty then he/she can comment below. 
  • The next step is to open the whatsmapp and insert your second mobile number (One want to use as his/her second WhatsApp account) and make it as secondary WhatsApp account. 
  • They will verify your number by sending an OTP code on your mobile number and within seconds the number gets confirmed. 
  • After a successful verification, the user can make utilization of two WhatsApp accounts (Primary & Secondary) on your single Android phone.
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This method is only for those Android phones which are not rooted. And this article also has the tricks for the rooted and unrooted phones as well! I hope this method is productive to all the users trying this thing! And if not? Then here our website has another trick too, here it is:

2. Second Method to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in One Phone (Rooted Phones)

  • The first step for the second approach to using multiple WhatsApp accounts is that the user has to download 2Lines for WhatsApp. 
  • The second phase is that after the successful download, click on the install option and run the application. 
  • As the user opens the application it will ask to root; the user should choose the grant option. 
  • The user can find his number in the list and add more just in case he wants to operate multiple accounts and click on Add a new line for Wassapp. 
  • Verification of the number is required to run the second WhatsApp account on your phone. 
  • And just in case the user wants to switch back to his old WhatsApp number then go on line 2 to use it.
  • This is one of the useful tricks to use multiple accounts on your single Android phone.
So these are the two tricks that the article is focusing on. Both the skills are checked and are functioning in a proper way. Just in case a user faces any problem while using these methods then he can let us know via comments or emails or just in case the user needs any links to download the application. We can also provide them with it.

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I hope the guide to use two WhatsApp accounts in your single Android smartphone was beneficial for all the users. This process is not based on any OG WhatsApp tricks and is assuring a guarantee of no errors and won’t be a failure! Which the OG WhatsApp tricks mostly shows errors.

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Wrapping Up

So in case you wanted to make a use of dual Whatsapp, I am sure! This article will make it a cake walk for all the users. A user can easily use Dual WhatsApp using these two tricks mentioned in the article!


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