50+ Interesting Facts About Cell Phones You Might Don’t Know

Today we’re going to share some facts about cell phones with you. These facts would literally shock you and I can bet 90% of people are completely unknown about them. It would be a great fun for you to know about these smartphone facts. You can’t regret from the unstoppable use of this era’s cell phones. Now they have become a part of our life. Our day starts with them and unfortunately ends also. 

Interesting Facts About Cell Phones
Interesting Facts About Cell Phones

You won’t believe but there are almost 6.8 billion cell phone subscriptions. Now do you have any idea about the population of world? Let me tell you it’s 7 billion. I think now you can imagine how much deeply Smartphones has entered in our lives.  

We had  research over the web and collected some most amazing cell phone facts. Just check them out below and tell us your opinion about them. All these smartphone facts are hand-picked by us and only the unique ones are listed here.

Interesting Facts About Cell Phones

  1. Almost $4000 was the price of first cell phone whose sale started in 1983 at U.S.
  2. This one is really creepy, do you know your mobile phone have 18 times more bacteria than a handle in toilet? But we consider mobile phone more clean than toilet.
  3. Now this one would make you feel proud on your cell phone. Our mobile phone has more computing power than the computers used for the Apollo 11 moon landing.
  4. All of us are very much familiar with the Nokia 1100. More than 250 million pieces were sold of this phone and it won the price of best-selling electrical gadget in history ever.
  5. If you’re too much addicted towards your phone then it’s time to cut it up to a large extent as mobile phone radiation can cause Insomnia, headaches and confusion.
  6. Survey shows that around 49% people use phone to play games and 30% to have some chit-chat on social networking.
  7. No doubt cell phone industry is the largest growing industry in the world as it’s the need of every user is the world whether they are teen or old ones.
  8. If you’ve any doubt about the popularity of Apple then let me tell you one secret. Apple sold around 340,000 phones per day in 2012.
  9. Japan ranks at the top if there is a discussion about technology. One of the best example of their technology is that 90% mobile phones are waterproof. This is only because youngsters in Japan use phone even in the shower.
  10. As I told in the summary of this guide there are more than 6 billion mobile phones but only 3.5 billion people are in a habit of using toothbrush.
  11. The ratio of mobile phones to PCs is 5:1.
  12. At present we can say that China is the largest manufacturer of phones. 70% of whole manufacturing industry is covered by China.
  13. Can you imagine that you can charge your phone with your Urine? For me it was impossible earlier but Scientists have developed a way to charge mobile phones with the help of Urine.
  14. Martin Cooper made the first mobile phone call in 1973 to his rival Joel Engel. Martin was working in Motorola at that time and Joel was head of research at Bell Laboratories.
  15. Where’s my cell phone? do you shout like this when you can’t find your phone. Then my friend you’re having Nomophobia. Actually sometime it’s not phobia rather it’s only a normal anxiety.
  16. Now it’s a matter of attention why more people have mobile phones than toilets. (Source)
  17. Highest price tagged phone is Apple iPhone 5 Black Diamond which costs $15 million. According to Apple it takes nine weeks to manufacturer it. Apple iPhone Diamond is made up of 135 gram solid gold of 24 carat and the chassis was inlaid with 600 white diamonds.
  18. 74% people use their Smartphone to search products from shopping websites while 79% of them make a purchase.
  19. 142,000 pounds was the highest mobile bill ever which was paid by Celina Aarons.
  20. Above 80% adults in the United Stats own a cell phone.
  21. There are more mobile Internet users than PC in China.
  22. One of the most interesting fact for me regarding all the facts is iPhone consumes total electricity per year whose worth is US $0.25 if it’s fully charged once a day.
  23. Almost 65% Smartphone users doesn’t download a single app per month. 
  24. Water is the only thing without which we can’t even imagine to survive but according to a survey conducted in the United Stats 47% people claimed that they Smartphone is the only thing they couldn’t live without.
  25. On an average a person unlocks his lock screen 10 times a day.
  26. According to a detailed report 99 % of all mobile malware is targeted at Android. (Source)
  27. There are more than 250,000 separate patents related to technology behind Smartphones.
  28. More than 100,000 mobile phones are dropped in the toilet at Britain every year. 
  29. Apple’s iPhone has high sale than each and every product offered by Microsoft.
  30. Sonim XP3300 Force is considered as toughest phone. Only because it was dropped from 84ft and didn’t got any damage.

I think that’s enough for now. We’ve listed all the unique facts about cell phones. If you’ve got one then feel free to mention it in the comment box below.

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