10 Best Smartphones With Fingerprint Scanner/Sensor

Smartphone manufacturer are trying to make Smartphones more secure by adding fingerprint scanner in their upcoming phones. They are trying to provide a complete secured Smartphones to their users. So today in this guide I am writing about best Smartphones with fingerprint scanner enabled. You might don’t know but Motorola is the first company to offer this feature in Smartphone. Motorola added fingerprint scanner feature in its flagship Smartphone and after that Apple followed Motorola and added this awesome feature in its flagship phone Apple iPhone 5s in 2013. Apple named it as Touch ID and soon HTC offered fingerprint scanner in the HTC One Max Phone. 

Smartphone with fingerprint scanner

However HTC One Max’s fingerprint scanner failed to provide accurate scanning to their users while Apple iPhone 5s gave good response. After some months Samsung launched this feature in it’s Galaxy S5. Some upcoming phone manufacturer are also adding this feature to provide a secured phone.

You can check a list below, I have added all the best and top Smartphones featuring fingerprint scanner. You can have a look at them.

1. Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus

Apple started offering fingerprint scanner feature in their iPhone 5S. Apple followed Motorola and from then it’s continuously providing this feature in upcoming phones. This feature was named as Touch ID in Apple iPhone 5S and considered as one of the best and most accurate fingerprint sensor.

Price :

iPhone 5s – $600

iPhone 6 – Starting from $770

iPhone 6 Plus – $1055

2. HTC One Max

HTC started implementing fingerprint sensor from HTC One Max. It is said that HTC followed Apple and started offering this fabulous feature to their users. This sensor is located just below the rear camera. Sooner people realized that HTC One Max sensor is not so accurate as Apple’s sensor was called one of the most accurate sensor. Reviews say that One Max fingerprint scanner failed to compete Apple’s scanner.

Price : $499

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3. Motorola Atrix

Motorola Atrix is the cheapest fingerprint scanner android Smartphone. You can grab it only for $100. Scanner is located at the top of rear panel. If you want to unlock it then you will have to swipe your fingers on the sensor. Reviews say that this sensor works fine.

4. Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung started implementing scanner feature form this Smartphone. According to the users review sensor doesn’t work properly and it’s not user-friendly. If you are able to swipe your fingers properly only then you will be able to use it otherwise it will not unlock. This is the drawback in the Samsung’s scanner. As sometime you might not be able to swipe your fingers properly then you will not be able to open your phone. Samsung located sensor on home button on front side and we need to swipe our finger from top to bottom to unlock the phone.

Price : Around $550

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 And Note Edge

As users told that sensor in Galaxy S5 was not so accurate. So Samsung worked on it and finally it launched Note 4 And Edge with around 95% accurate sensor. This accuracy was stated by the users. This sensor was far better than Samsung Galaxy S5.

Price :

Note 4 – $770 (around)

Note Edge – $1051 (around)

Some More Samsung Fingerprint Sensor Enabled Smartphones

Galaxy Alpha
Galaxy S5 Mini
Galaxy S5 Plus

6. Elephone G6

It’s not a popular brand but if you need a fingerprint scanner Smartphone at low cost with awesome feature then you can simply go for it. This phone will cost you around $150. Phone comes at low price with high-end features. Sensor is located at the rear and you can unlock phone as well apps with this sensor.

Price : $150 (Around)

7. Xolo Q2100

If you want to go for a Indian fingerprint scanner enabled phone then you can go for Xolo Q1200. Sensor is located at the back and according to the users experience it works well. It is the cheapest 2014 fingerprint sensor enabled phone. You can grab it only for $200.

Price : $210 (Around)

8. Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Huawei came with this feature in September 2014 and amazed the world with its awesome fingerprint sensor. The thing that I loved about this sensor is that it is a 360 degree working fingerprint sensor which simply means that you can put your finger on the sensor at any angle and it will work. According to the reviews it is also one of the highly accurate phone in the market. Just swipe your fingers and then you can unlock phone as well as apps.

Price :- 

16 GB version – $600 (Around)

32 GB version – $800 (Around)

9. Oppo N3

Oppo used hybrid Sensor in its Smartphone Oppo N3. It has a different working, you will need to press your fingers on it to unlock any app or phone. While other sensors work by just swiping your fingers on it. It is located at its rear panel.

Price : $650 (Around)

10. Meizu MX4 Pro

It’s another highly accurate sensor powered phone. In it fingerprint scanner is located front panel home button. You can unlock your Smartphone with just one click.

Price : $450 (Around)

So this was all about Smartphones with fingerprint scanner or sensor. All the listed phones are best and top brands. If you have any query then feel free to mention it below.

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