[Solved] Fix Windows Update Error Code 80072ee2

There are hundreds of errors available in your Microsoft Windows which can pop up at any time due to some random reason. But you can find their solutions too on the official Microsoft website. Developers have covered every possible error with their working solutions on the website. But it becomes a little difficult task to solve Windows update error as they pop up with some unusual notification. Even a tech geek finds it difficult to resolve. 

One such type of error is 80072ee2
Windows Update Error 80072ee2
Windows Update Error 80072ee2

You might face this error while trying to install new updates of Windows. Windows update error 80072ee2 pop up when your system start searching for new available updates. A notification saying “Windows could not search for new updates” with error code 80072EE2 would occur. Mostly this error is seen on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 but on XP too you can face it.

So if you receive this error then just keep on reading this guide as we’ve covered all the possible solutions here. But first of all one must know the reason behind this error. Because then it can help you to find solutions of other Windows errors on your own .You might get some clue when they will pop up again in future. 

Why I Am Receiving Windows Update Error 80072ee2 ?

Some of the most common reasons we’ve mentioned below.

  • Windows Update servers might be experiencing an unusually high number of requests for updates.
  • You system might be unable to establish a connection to receive updates.

How To Solve Error Code 80072ee2 ?

We’ve mentioned all the steps below. Start from the first if it doesn’t solve your problem then proceed for next.

1. Close Windows Update

This is the one of the most common and easy to implement method. Simply close your Windows update and wait for 10 to 15 minutes as this might lower down the high number of requests. Try after some time your bug might have gone now. (Note: – You can also wait for Windows Update to run at its next scheduled time.)

2. Using Registry Editor
  • Navigate to Start menu.
  • Open Run type “regedit” and hit enter.
  • This will open registry editor. Now simply navigate to this path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindowsWindowsUpdate.
  • Select Windows Update folder and delete the keys WUServer and WUStatusServer from the right hand side menu.
Registry Editor
Registry Editor
  • Now type “services.exe” in Run and press enter.
  • Look for ‘Windows Update‘ service at the bottom of the list. Right click on it and select restart.
  • Hope your problem has fixed now.
3. Due To Malware Or Spyware
If your system is affected from malwares or spywares then surely this is the reason for your error. Either your system has got them recently or they are residing from past. Now you’ve need to remove them. You can anti-malware tools such as Malwarebytes. Download and install it on your system. Perform a deep scan or quick scan in order to get rid from infections.
4. Due To Third-party Firewall
Microsoft Windows come with pre-installed firewall. It already include below mentioned website in the exceptions list. 


If you’re using any other firewall then you might need to add these websites in the exceptions list. You can contact your firewall’s support center to know how to add them in the list.

5. Due To Unregistered dll Files
Due to random some dll files become unregistered. This can be one of the reason to your error. To solve this simply open your command prompt by typing cmd in the start menu and register these dll files oleaut32.dll,  jscript.dll,  vbscript.dll,  msxml.dll,  softpub.dll,  wintrust.dll,  initpki.dll, cryptdlg.dll. Use command regsvr32 {name of the dll} to register a dll.

So these were some of the best picked solution to error code 80072ee2. Keep on trying them one by one. Hope one of them might fix your bug. If still you’re not done with this issue then leave a comment below in the comment section.

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