Top 6 Best Online Calendar Design/Maker Software

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Top 6 Best Online Calendar Design/Maker Software

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Have you ever guessed how calendars are made? How do the makers know what day you'll have a local holiday or if 15 September next year would be a Sunday or Saturday? Well, of course, the special days are either gazetted, if tentative like Holi and Easter Sunday or fixed like Christmas and Women's Day.

Collecting this information, making templates for displaying months, cutting papers of suitable sizes and inking dates and letters with separate pens make for a lot of work, so that it's preferably not to be done by a single person. So if you decide to make your calendar, how will you create it without much hassle?

Online Calendar Maker
There may be a lot of reasons you need a personalized calendar:
  • You want to add sticky notes and scribble reminders on the calendar because you need to remember them at all costs, but your family shares a single calendar, and your mother doesn't like spoiling it.
  • You need a slight schedule with the smallest font to make looking at the dates handy, but such small calendars couldn't be found.
  • Your teacher gave making one as your next assignment.
  • You wish your calendar could be a little more fun-inspiring and wacky.
You can do a lot with your designed calendar such as you can stick your notes and write anywhere upon it to remember events, plan your oncoming days accordingly and thus be better at time management and holding on to commitments.

While the usual process of making a calendar would involve the drab idea of imitating the information from any other calendar, there are more convenient alternatives. Making a schedule through a software would provide the basic template for any timetable, taking charge of the tedious dates-writing aspect and let you focus only on the fun decoration part. Also, you'll save your time and energy.

Here, at CrunchyTricks, you are going to know about some excellent online calendar makers.

1. Canva

Canva has a beautiful horde of material to embellish your calendar with- a stock library of over one million photographs and illustrations, more than 130 font styles and a vibrant color range. It lets you base your calendar on literally anything, and you are sure to find relevant background images on that topic in their stock library.

You can also upload your photographs, allowing you set a different one for each month. In this way, you can create themed calendars for dedicated years or about your interests and then download and print them in excellent resolution.

If you think some photographs could be used for your calendars, but they have errors, aberrations or dirty spots then use the editing tool to fix them, add stunning filters and edit text. Running out of time? Save your progress or keep the designs for future use. Premium images, illustrations and designs are available for not more than $1, but most of its features are free. Just sign up, and make use of this spectacular calendar maker as you will.

2. Time and Date

Time and Date place before you two options- PDF Calendar with essential features to edit, print and share and Advanced Calendar Customizer for extended options. 

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Provide the following information- Country, Calendar type and period( One year, one month or multiple months), Select display type (Small, Medium, Large), Row and column numbers, extra space for notes, holiday columns, language and some more options like regulate holiday appearance etc. and press Show and/or Save. No signup, no verification, you just click away to making a personalized calendar.

Other features are the Calendar Generator, which saves you from hefty calculations by generating a calendar for any year. The Date Calculator can tell you when you're a billion seconds old, find the duration between dates and play math with them. The sites other links might provide you valuable information about the moon phases during a fortnight and solstices and equinox.

3. Yearly Calendar Maker

This site is all you can idealize about a schedule maker with a simple interface. Just a few steps and you're done. Select dimensions for your calendar, select a year, upload an excellent photograph of yours, type in a caption if you wish and choose your font, which includes your favorite Times New Roman. Then feel the moment when you click "Generate", only once- Your desired calendar will appear on your screen. Download, print and use it.

Have your calendar anytime, any length, any style (you can even make a tear-off) and do all that for free on Yearly Calendar Maker. Create an account and avail its unusual features, even saving your calendar to finish later. The premium membership should permit you calendar creation with greater expertise, but the site's not offering them now. So take a chance on this site and see if it works well for you.

4. FreeHTMLCalendar

It is a great tool for creating monthly calendars. You can compile all the monthly calendars to make a yearly one. You just tell the year and the month, decide upon the starting day of the week, language and day name length and go for previewing the calendar. It doesn't sound like fancy and attractive, but utilitarian which is attractive too. As soon as you download the calendar, you can customize to meet your needs and then use it for display.

Now, here tailoring means using a programming language such as CSS for designing, but it's most likely one doesn't want the designing to be all about writing codes. Designing is so difficult this way. So you can still use this for obtaining necessary calendar information. Do the crayons or water-paint for decoration.

5. CalendarLabs

Apart from the basic year and month information to create a calendar, this site asks you for the country you wish to make your calendar for. It is what makes CalendarLabs unique. They store holidays prevalent country-wise to accommodate the holiday dates efficiently in your calendar. For example, if you live in America, this calendar will automatically place their Independence day on July 4 while if he wants to create an Indian calendar, that'd have 15 August marked beforehand for our Independence day.

The calendars at CalendarLabs are provided in various printable formats, and even a four-year calendar can be made, displaying all 48 months in one template.

5. WinCalendar

This site offers some predesigned monthly Microsoft Word calendars if you are feeling too lazy to create one and would use it only for referential purposes. Otherwise, you may design one according to your preferences. It provides holiday information for up to 10 countries. 

So if your country is among those lucky ones, then you are saved from the irritating exercise of marking special days. Apart from the proffered sizes, fonts and layouts you can download the WinCalendar Software for more of such features and create them on the go.

6. CreatePhotoCalendars

With you have two options- You can make the calendar online through EZStudio or download its software to enable a fraction of its features without internet. It encourages you even to sell your product online or share it as a service gesture. The ordering process is very smooth and seamless.

You can add photos from your Flickr, Facebook accounts or your computer which can be resized to preferable dimensions but imposes a limit of 10 pictures per month. Choose from over 800 backgrounds to make your template look spectacular. The site saves your birthdays and events to use the information in the next year.

The software exposes you to over 300 background designs and lets you add drag and drop stickers to your calendar. You can add imprint information on your calendar on both platforms. It is most recommended to use the online one, although the software can download conveniently.

So these are the online calendar makers that make this dull job much more intriguing and pleasurable.


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