10 Best Free & Paid Video Enhancement Software to Download

Saturday, 12 November 2016

10 Best Free & Paid Video Enhancement Software to Download

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Today everything is customized according to your liking and taste. Gone the days when you have to rely on professional video editors for the video or picture quality. Now everyone clicks, edit, shoot memorable photos & videos of occasional small moments by themselves and also love to edit them on their own to instantly upload it to social media and share their moments and joy. Before uploading or sharing such stuff, they like to apply hundreds of filters to their videos and photos to give life to the actual click.

Besides this, the Video blogging has also become mainstream.  A person with a decent camera, a subject matter to convey and having tricks to create a decent “stands -a -part” video can make a blog.

But today the real art behind all pictures and videos that look just perfect doesn’t lie in the hand of a person; it’s the video enhancement software available nowadays that help in the easy editing of these Medias. So many filters to choose from and options to customize revolution, transition speed, frame size, background effects and soundtrack, etc. has made creating awesome videos at ease.

Video Enhancement Software to Download
So let us discuss such efficient Software with the concise review about each.

1. Pinnacle Studio

This software has a simplified interface with enough decent features to explore and enhance your videos. It’s one of the video quality enhancers that uses fine stability, speed, and responsiveness to strengthen the quality of your video. Some of the features are as controlling color & contrast of the videos. It also gives options to enhance & improve brightness and shadows. 

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It’s essential software that acts as a decent suite for video editing & correction, with thousands of transitions, effects & options. Thus you will not disappoint by its work, but you can’t expect remarkable features from it. But the best part is that it comes in various versions and hence you can download the one suitable to your need.

2. Movavi Video Suite

It has a streamlined interface. Processing of photos and videos is almost automatic. Any heavy pixelation is also dealt very efficiently to enhance clarity to the videos and pictures. Sam as the above software, this software also has features to correct color, contrast and brightness, and improving shadows of the videos. Thus this is also yet simple software with essential features to enhance the video quality automatically without much manual ado. Thus it’s great starter software for beginners.

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3. Avidemux

The best thing that you will like about this software is that it supports a lot of file formats ranging from FLV to MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, MP4, etc.  It is compatible with most of the OS. Another unusual feature is that it’s a Freeware. It lets you enhance the video quality of any of the above file formats with much ease.

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Among the other standard options, the one which stands it apart is the “multithreading option,” which the finest option of it on its own. Thus, in short, enhancing the video quality is comfortable with this software. Apart from these there are some more features mentioned below:
  • Trendy Caption format.
  • Support rearrangement of clips.
  • Sufficient for encoding and conversion of videos.

4. VideoPad Video Editor

  • It’s freeware.
  • VideoPad has a smooth & user-friendly interface that enables quick editing.
  • It has amazing audio tools.
  • Complete video optimization is possible.
  • Option to share your videos with others.
  • Easy to use built-in video effects
  • It has a simple ‘green screen’ mechanics.
  • This software can handle almost all video formats.
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5. Adobe Premiere Element 11

  • It has a bulk of features required to edit or create best videos possible.
  • Photoshop feature makes editing easy on this software.
  • It’s after effects are considerable for video enhancement.
  • Adobe Premiere Element can handle up to 99 video & audio tracks manipulated at the same time.
  • It also has drag & drop interface to allow beginners to learn how it works
  • It supports high-resolution video editing.
  • You must timeline when enhancing your video with this software.
  • The only downfall is it is complicated and confusing even for the experienced user.

6. Windows Movie Maker

  • Simple and freeware and already available to Windows user.
  • Apart from being video enhancer, it allows you to come up with your new video using it.
  • You can publish your work onto on sites like YouTube.
  • You can add special effects and themes.
  • Options like adding background music split screen or cropping a video.
  • Brightness and Contrast enhancement option.
  • Option to import and export videos.
  • Titles are animated and eye catchy.
  • Also provide a unique feature of picture-in-picture.
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7. Cyberlink Power Director 11 Deluxe

  • It has all features ranges from basic to tons of innovative features and tools for enhancing and editing videos.
  • Can handle many different audio files to add to your videos.
  • Not cheap but affordable software.
  • It causes a little loss to quality between streams of files while editing.
  • Feature-packed video editor and enhancer to create professional videos.
  • Add a soundtrack to your videos.
  • A couple of special effects and transitions t work with while editing your videos.
  • Upload videos to YouTube & other sites.
  • Provide more than 500 effects and templates.
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8. Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite

  • Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite costs $82.75
  • It also has drag and drops feature for its users.
  • Sony Movie Studio has a very conceivable editing feature needed to create best films and videos.
  • It is packed with a broad range of effects and filters.
  • Also has a feature to create a full out DVD that includes menus and audio option.
  • Excellent software for the one, who wish to market their films.
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9. Zwie-Stien Video Editor

  • Free Software and fully functional video editor.
  • Ability to incorporate still and video in 1 long segment.
  • It simplifies cropping and customization by allowing custom keyframes which user can manipulate.
  • Provides Context-sensitive help.
  • It has inbuilt email & ICQ support.
  • It allows many different effects to be chained into one long video.
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10. Filmora Video Editor

  • One of the best video enhancement software you can use. Useful for novice & advanced users. It also has a free version to download. Some of the countable features are:
  • Provide easy to use video editing functions.
  • Thousands of filters and best motion graphics.
  • You can export the video to desired file format.
  • Option to share your work online.
  • Option to both Split the videos or joining the videos.
  • Split feature allows video to be cut at any frame of video and you can delete any frame or portion of a video.
  • The cropping feature is also excellent as you can open full or a part of the video and then squeezes the video frame, resize or zoom.
  • Scene Detection video separates all the scenes inside the video & will be seen in their respective time frame.
  • Audios can also be split just like a video.
  • You can mute or separate audio from its video.
  • Sounds can be added, removed, muted or can be partially deleted from the videos.
  • Excellent editing possible due to ready to use titles, split screen templates, screen effects and transitions to choose from.
  • Edit videos through drop and drag facility.
  • Uploading videos is easy and straightforward but takes some time.
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That’s all, for now, friends. I Hope that my efforts to find all possible Video Enhancer Software list with the description in a concise manner would help you out guys to chose the best editor cum enhancer to create awesome videos.


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