The Power of Storytelling in Brand Building

Saturday, 19 March 2022

The Power of Storytelling in Brand Building

Posted by Rahul Gupta

Have you ever thought about why you buy products from established companies? Or why are they actually familiar to you? Try recalling what you know about a few existing companies. For instance, about Coca-Cola or Nike.

Nowadays, Coca-Cola drink is the symbol of New Year’s Eve. Thanks to widespread advertising campaigns for this brand, they are said to be the obvious part of every celebration among teenagers and football fans. Do you understand why?

The same situation is with the Nike brand. Their campaign is built on motivational expressions for people who are into sports. Why do they choose the exact strategy to woo their customers?

You might already know the answers to the questions. Every well-established company has its style and story. In this article, you will learn about the power of storytelling in brand building. 

What Appeals to Us to Well-Established Brands?

The quality of goods and services is not enough today in globalization and international goals. Let us explain the idea of these terms. Almost everyone loves chocolate and other kinds of food. The campaigns in this industry always had a similar and apparent meaning; chocolate makes you happier since it is tasty and now we have even scientific proof of why it is so. 

Although, it appears to be less attractive when people understand that this global industry has committed for tribes in the poor countries involved in cocoa planting and for the ecological state of our planet. International organizations took it into account. Nowadays, Nestle and other companies take part in programs such as Nestle Cocoa Plan. It makes them eco-friendly by attracting conscious customers.

Nevertheless, even if your industry does not provide a chance to be involved in something big as a charity or eco-trends, see at the other companies. McDonald’s and KFC do not sell healthy food when being toned up is popular now and they still have their customers. We buy Sneakers, Merci, Raffaello, and Kinder Surprise when other great sweets are. These brands have their specific image that hooks customers.

What is Your Story

In the next paragraph, we will see the great method for brand building.

What Storytelling Is and Why It Is So Important for Brand Building?

We choose goods by quality, personal recommendations, and thankfully advertising. Even if you hesitate whether this product is good enough as it was claimed, it is the first step for giving this product a try. For instance, you have an awful stain on your shirt. 

You can remember some advice from your granny or that washing powder from the TV ad. You may not know that it is good enough for you but you see that clip with the family that managed to wash all the terrifying spots after children's painting or dog’s play as it was in real life. That is the storytelling.

The importance of storytelling hides inherent. People should associate your company at all or a particular brand with the enticing picture of happiness. When you evoke emotions, you make a strong connection with the audience. Chocolate Merci is tasty indeed, although we do not know if it would be so popular without the story about saying merci (fr. ‘Thank you) to our colleagues and relatives. 

The story can attract more than quality when every person has the same picture in their head. People can just tell you about funny moments from advertisements, but they promote your product at the same moment. That is how storytelling has worked in everyday life for thousands of years!

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Main Storytelling Tips to Know

Now, when you know what storytelling is, we can return to the questions from the introduction. Why are Coca-Cola and Nile so popular? Of course, because of storytelling. The Nike supporters are sportsmen. Usually, they are conscious about their health and they are instantly seeking motivation because sport is for people who have the goal. It can be toning up, longer lifespan, or psychological health.

Brand Building

These people need to be involved in such a culture. Coca-Cola is for party makers. Usually, people want to have a blast with some comfort food such as soda, chips, and other snacks. This food makes us happier for some period of time, giving us the feeling of consolation.

Tips and tricks for storytelling include the motivation of your audience. Are they teenagers, football fans, parents, or dog keepers? Do they want to have a fan or do they need some emotions such as tenderness? After defining the target audience, you can find a way of hitting them properly.

How can you show your story? You can tell your story at the business meetings but it is not so effective for hooking the customers. Try making a funny video or writing a story on social media. For these purposes, you can download some programs and make them on your own.


Maybe after all the examples, you can recollect another one. It means that professionals managed to woo customers or just ‘providers,’ which helped a lot. We tell and hear stories every day, which is why it is such a powerful method. Try creating your own story about your product or company. Do not be afraid of making it fun because it is the way to promote your goods and services by word of mouth.


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