7 Best PDF Converter Tools in 2022

Thursday, 23 July 2020

7 Best PDF Converter Tools in 2022

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Those who thought working/editing on the software would be easier than dealing with heaps of paper was very much mistaken. There were no hiccups when working in that mode, as no conversion problems were prevalent. But when you’re working on say,  Word, or any other editor as such. 

You would often require to convert a document from one form to another and vice-versa. That is when the problem surfaces. The most commonplace, as well as a trusted type of the document is PDF. But I’ve come across a lot of people in search of the best PDF editor as they’re a little tricky to modify.

As I said, PDFs are a hard nut to crack when it comes to tinkering. Hence, to go on smoothly with our work, we frequently require to turn them to and fro between other forms. The best PDF converter would be the one to rid us of all the potential issues which performing what it is supposed to, with utmost efficiency.

 I know we’ve all tried and tested a few or more online platforms, but the fonts were often rendered unclear and thus useless. Not to mention how inefficient and troublesome they can be.

But at last, I have found some PDF convertors which are worth all the hype. In the content that follows, I have taken the liberty to share some vital tools for you to decide for yourself.

Got A Pile Of PDFs To Deal With? Here Are Some Likely To Live Up to Your Expectations

The section to come introduces you to some tools out of which you could pick one best PDF convertor. And maybe stick with it? I know I’d like that. What are we waiting for then?


As the name signifies, it is a PDF wizard, offering a range of possibilities when it comes to operations on your file with .pdf extension. No doubt, PDF WIZ by StarzSoft is our top choice when considered for the best PDF converter title. Like some of its counterparts, it does not suck up your entire internet speed. It uses none of it. It works offline, which says something for the tool with such functionalities.

For the same reason, it is smoother and quicker as it remains untouched by the ever-prevalent internet factor. Coming to the technical front, it is super easy to use. If I get down to summarize it, it’d be done in three simple steps. For the first one, and the most important, you must take action regarding the elephant in the room, Conversion. Whether you want to covert some files to pdf, like excel, image, etc. Or if its the other way around.

Once that is settled, you could go through your native files on the system, drag them. Drop them into the environment and get on with the converting operation.

The variants have to include converting Microsoft’s word file, .xls, pictures to PDF. Also, you could end up forming files like HTML, EPUB, Excel, and so to create your document, which happens to be in PDF format.

Moreover, as it is the best PDF converter, its scope goes beyond just that. It can squeeze files up, combine multiple ones, and secure them using passcodes. So much for security, huh?

Faring at Less than 2 dollars a month, it goes to the length of offering you the facility of turning a bunch of files to other formats having different formats. Not to mention, the font, color, etc. remain unscathed of any effects of the same.

2. Nitro PDF Converter

Nitro is another worthy and straightforward addition to the list when it comes to the best PDF converter—because besides all the standard features of a typical PDF converter like turning PDF into one of the forms like .csv, .docx, jpg, png, etc. And the other way around too, it has got several ‘out-of-the-box’ characteristics.

The one that stands out for me, out a quite a few, is the plugin falling under Microsoft’s emailing service ‘outlook.’  How many times does it happen that you’ve to perform some operations in a particular file? But it occurred to come along with an email. So you’d have to download it on the device, then open it using a suitable tool and process it. But using the feature, you can prevent the chaos and handle it within the email.

Also, it gets you the facility of remote access owing to the presence of storage on the cloud. No need to frown if you’re on a business trip, you could access the files on your office’s system. Also, it has got an inbuilt feature of checking spellings, so no grammar nazis can get hold of you should you mistake a small mistake. 

3. Nuance Power

This is yet another Ivy-league software to rid you of your conversion problems. PDF editor referred to as Nuance adeptly performs tasks it is supposed to do, like achieving the converted form of whatever input you’ve fed to the PDF editor. Instantiating, it could be an excel file comprising of the intersection of row and columns, which is to be re-made into a PDF, or it could be a vector image.

Or, if we reverse the tables, maybe we need to modify some facts in a PDF file, and so we wish to change it to another form. Any best pdf converter can do that and a lot more.

Now, the one we got has a queer feature, even for that class of converter, you can give it commands as voice notes. Which, it is no surprise promotes better understanding.

4. Icecream-PDF Converter

The characteristics of its offering are as tempting as the desert it is named after. It takes comfort up-a-notch. No, I am not just saying! Really! It gets features like setting the orientation and sizing of page, alignment, ruling, in tandem with the infamous dragging and dropping feature. Furthermore, you can adjust everything, for instance, text while working with pictures.

What makes it your forever-and-ever companion is that it puts no number upon the Conversion you can take up. 

There is one problem I face recurringly is that at times I don’t necessarily want to edit the whole document, but just a teeny-tiny part of it. The Icecream PDF editor, claimed by many, to be the best PDF converter, permits you to do that. 

5. Acrobat PDF Converter

Another PDF-centric tool by the house of Adobe. Despite it being a paid tool, it retains its claim on the title of the best PDF-reader. The PDF converter is like that friend who seems complicated at first, but once you get to know them, you are the best of buddies. Once you get your feet wet with Adobe’s environment, you’ll rate it the best PDF editor. Besides, you don’t expect less than that from a brand that big, right?

It works across many foreign languages, with a wide variety of formats. Of these, many of which might even be unheard to some of you. They include Visio, bitmap, CorelDraw, etc.

To cater to that strong customer base’s grievances and complaints, it has even got service support helpline going on.

6. PDFelement

It is known among people for being easy to get down to using. It has a clean interface for supporting a high-end conversion paradigm that has changed the way we used to see these tools—making changes to anything that has been a pain. But PDFelement is one such software that makes sure it’s not the case anymore.

Apart from the standard pdf converting tasks, it permits to apply and verify digital signatures, links, and the regular combining files, etc.

Once you run the software on your system after having installed it, open the portion that states the conversion program. It is much more convenient to do a batch of files altogether, then pick a form to represent your output in, and you’re good to go! 

Its all-in-all breezy way of operating has it been recommended for the best PDF converter.

7. Foxit PhantomPDF Standard

If you have kept an eye out for the best PDF converter, you might want to take a good look at it. Supported and backed up by the cloud, remote access is no longer a stranger. Whether it is about holding a remote meeting or coordinating various interns despite the distance, it is all very much possible.

It also gets at your disposal a much-in-demand editing module, so you can now make alterations like adjusting font-size, type, margins, etc. to your heart’s content. No, that is not. You can draw creative art, lines using ruler, animated stuff, etc. and embed any of it in the file.

The software comes bearing compatibility with 40+ languages, hence making it a favorite among many. Please do keep in mind that these are in addition to the typical converter’s.


I cannot conclude without saying that rest assured, each one listed herein is well-rated over on the internet. No wonder it is hard to decide which is the best PDF converter. Besides, it is bound to vary with each individual’s preferences. You could try one at random and see how it turns out. 

Stay tuned for more such content.


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