4 Exciting Ways on How to Build a Live Streaming In-house Studio

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

4 Exciting Ways on How to Build a Live Streaming In-house Studio

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Live streaming is gaining popularity, especially now with the introduction of mobile apps with live stream features. The potential of live streaming is phenomenal as it has played a significant role in shaping various brands as well as cornering the social media market. To live stream, you need the necessary know-how to be successful.
Live Streaming In-house Studio

4 Exciting Ways on How to Build a Live Streaming In-house Studio

Are you in search of a way to build a live streaming studio in-house? Below is how to make one and become successful 

1. Have workspace

To begin a successful live streaming venture, you need to set up a live streaming studio. You should strive to have a dedicated space for the fundamental purpose of creating live stream videos. 'It's essential as it will enable you to have a consistent background to be used in every video stream. 

Having a consistent environment plays a significant role in having a brand image that can familiarize with each time. You can use the background as a marketing strategy to make the brand visible. 
Making top-notch video content will require some heavy equipment. This equipment is also quite expensive, and you cannot afford to have the machines sprawling around in the house as one may trip on them and fall or break the equipment.

2. Lights 

Stream lighting is very critical when it comes to producing top-notch live streaming content. To get the optimum output, you must have proper lighting. Having natural light is equally important. However, the weather may interfere with your lighting, thus limiting your chances of good lighting.

There are 3 points lighting that you must focus, and they include key light which is the first light. The second is the fill light to shine on the subject. Then, the backlight to shine behind the product or item. It's essential to maintain a reasonable distance between the subject and the background. It will enable your viewers to focus on the issue. 

3. Audio 

Here is one of the essential items to look at each time. You must avoid using the inbuilt microphone and opt for an external mike. 'It's because the sound quality of the latter is much better and will complement the video much better. There are various audio recording options that you must get noted.  

4. Camera 

To have the best live streaming studio, you need to invest in a quality camera. One may opt to use the very many recording devices, including a smartphone device. However, which quality do you intend to achieve? The main option to always consider includes DSLR as they provide top-notch videos that your views will appreciate to look at in your website. 

Always consider having a clean live HDMI output as well as a recording device that captures 1080p 30fps quality. It might seem expensive in the short term, but such a device will offer you top-notch quality in the long haul.

The live streaming world is rapidly shifting, and you need to be on your toes to keep up. Stream lighting is very crucial for successful streaming to take place. You need to invest in the latest technological gadgets in your in-house live streaming studio to have the best video output.


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