5 Tools That May Help Your Business to Succeed Online

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

5 Tools That May Help Your Business to Succeed Online

Posted by Madhu Gupta
E-commerce has become the most accessible business model to adopt in modern times. The fact that you can open a business online within minutes has made it possible for individuals to take the online business. But is it easy to run an e-commerce business?
If you ask those who have been in e-commerce since it started, they will have a long story to tell. They will tell you about the challenges and the motivations of operating such an organization. However, most of them may not reveal how they manage to run multibillion-dollar companies.

How do they manage to keep everything running without having a physical office? They use many tools that make it easy to run operations, manage teams, and track time. Below are 5 of the tools that enable online entrepreneurs to run their stores and agencies efficiently. 

Google Calendar for Managing Time

In the first few days of getting into the business, you may remember most of the things that you have to do. At this point, the company is still young, and you have figured out everything that you need to do. But as the venture grows and customers start rolling, the workload increases. You may have to schedule more appointments, attend various training or events, and do other essential things for the organization.

With Google calendar, you can easily set reminders for appointments and other things in your To-Do list. The beauty of it is that you can outsource the management of your calendar to an assistant. It allows you to share your calendar with teammates whom you can give the ability to edit details.

Unlike when you are in college where you may hire a research paper writing expert not to worry about the deadlines for your papers when you are an entrepreneur, you have to be alert on how and where you spend every minute. Google’s calendar makes this burden easy to carry. 

Hootsuite for Managing Social Media Accounts

It is hard to run an online business successfully without using social media. And different consumers prefer to join some platforms while they shun others. Since there are many sites, you should join all the platforms where your potential buyers hang out. 

Hootsuite enables you to manage all your social media accounts under one roof. Therefore, it saves you the hustle of logging in and posting to each of them separately. It also enables you to track various words and mentions that you get on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Dropbox for Managing Documents

As an entrepreneur, you will have various documents for your business. For example, when assigning an assistant some work, you may prepare the instructions in an MS excel or MS word file. 
Dropbox helps you to share these documents securely. 

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It also gives you enough space to upload as many files as possible and then share the links with others. This is instead of sending them via email, which may be bulky and has limitations on file size. 

Skype for Video Calling Employees

Most of the time, you will have assistants to work from a different city or country. And since you need to manage the business the same way a brick and mortar organization runs, you have to schedule meetings to discuss important things.

With Skype, you can video call the employees and talk about everything that you want. The face to face meetings bring life to the business, and it makes the workers take everything seriously. 

You may video call one individual or organize a group meeting where you call two or three people at the same time. Skype is also beneficial as it allows you to share screens. For example, when giving employees instructions, you may show them how to do certain things by sharing the screen of your computer. This saves time, hence increasing efficiency in your online venture.

Google Analytics for Market Analysis and Research

You need to measure the success of your business so that you can know if you are using the right strategies. Google Analytics makes this possible by informing you of everything that takes place on your site.
  • It tells you how many unique visitors you have got on a particular day or month.
  • It shows you the source of traffic.
  • It shows you which pages your website visitors are looking at.
  • It shows you the location of your visitors.
  • It shows you the bounce rate on your site.
Therefore, you can see that with this free tool, you can learn a lot about your business. It may enable you to adopt the most successful strategies. 

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All these tools are useful, and they can save you a lot of time. This is in addition to helping you get things done. Even if you have another system that works for various functions, adding one or more of these in your business may be beneficial. And most of them are free meaning that you have the freedom to test and see how they will work out for you and your team.


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