8 Best WhatsApp Spying Apps in 2019

Monday, 3 June 2019

8 Best WhatsApp Spying Apps in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
In today's technological era, approximately all people are using various types of messengers. I need not tell that in present time WhatsApp has topped the list of most popular messengers and surely it's a boon for all of us. 

Now, here, the question arises that what's the need for spy apps? Well, increasing social media crimes have forced developers to develop these advanced spying apps with excellent features. 

What are WhatsApp Spying Apps?

If you want to keep a check on your kid, employee or anyone else's WhatsApp activity remotely, then you should try using the best WhatsApp spying apps as these are a detecting software which can be safely downloaded in your kids' and employees' smartphones and the best part is that they will not even get to know about this as these apps are undetectable. 

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The spy app will work as surveillance for your kids and employees as it records WhatsApp messages, audios, files, documents, phone calls everything that has been shared via WhatsApp including email accounts, SMS and MMS. Thus, it's the best way to secretly keep an eye on your employees, children, partner, etc. so that you can warn them if they are going to do something unwanted and harmful. 

Top 8 WhatsApp Spying Apps

It is essential to track your child's activities, but to use a reliable program is equally important. Here in this article, we have listed 8 best WhatsApp spying applications.

1. Spyzie Software

This software is one of the best WhatsApp spying apps for silently monitoring all the communications. It has a total of 150 exciting features. Well known for its ability to track live feed of WhatsApp, phone calls, you can find out the location within a few seconds, emails, browser, capturing screenshots and invisible mode is also available in this app. 
Spyzie Software
It is compatible with both iOS and Android. The supporting devices are Apple, HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, and Motorola, etc.  This application is 100% safe to use.

  • Awesome features
  • No rooting or jailbreaking required
  • Terrible reviews
  • Accuracy issues in locating the location.

2. Cell Phone Spy software

With this spying app, monitoring smartphones have become much more comfortable. Leading performer because of its astonishing features and best parental control app. You can track everything, including browser activity, hidden photos, and applications. 
Cell Phone Spy software
Luckily, this software is also capable of recovering deleted messages. Hence, it does not matter whether your suspect has deleted data or not. Install Cell Phone Spy software now to understand more about your child's world and simultaneously protect him/her from any danger before it becomes too late.

  • Superior features than others
  • Easy to use
  • Networking issues
  • Non-friendly interface

3. Flexispy Software

With flexispy, you can track multiple devices without any hassles and increase productivity by monitoring your employees' business devices without wasting much time. It's the best app for detailed tracking of WhatsApp Messages, calls, social apps, GPS, email, wifi, etc.  
Flexispy Software
You can easily find what your kid is doing without calling them all the time. It is a boon for all working parents and busy people in the business. You do not need to worry about safety because this software is trustful, and your privacy will be protected.


  • Reliable software
  • No rooting required

  • Disappointing reviews
  • Networking problem might be irritating

4. Highster Mobile Spy App

This software always attracts users through its mesmerizing features and is primarily known for its spying ability, to make things easier and manageable by arranging recorded data chronologically. 
Highster Mobile Spy App
You can easily catch your employees red-handed if they ever try to transfer sensitive corporate data to your competitors. Apart from WhatsApp spying, it offers features like that of keylogger, which can make your task smarter.

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful features such as keylogger detector
  • Not a free app, firstly you need to buy a subscription plan after that you can use it for a lifetime.
  • The recording might be slow.

5. GuestSpy software

Next in the list is GuestSpy software this application is not only best but also comparatively cheaper than any other software. It comes up with two versions, standard and pro, and both are unique and compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones.
GuestSpy software
 If you are looking for advanced features, then the pro version is best and if you want to track their WhatsApp activities more cheaply then go for the standard version.

  • Amazing highlights
  • Easy to use
  • Not a free commodity
  • Accuracy issues in the standard version

6. Appmia WhatsApp Spy Software

Appmia is a very credible software which, along with performing consistently good, it keeps your data 100% secure. This is the reason why this software is favorite among all the users. 
Appmia WhatsApp Spy Software
You can easily access their browsing history, spy on WhatsApp messages, photos, and videos. Instagram and Facebook hacking are also possible using Appmia software.

  • Free to use
  • No rooting required
  • Non-Friendly interface
  • Connecting with smartphones might take some time

7. SpyBubble Software

Spybubble is a prominent software and is internationally celebrated in the market because of its advanced features. It has mastered in all spying techniques and keeps you updated about their involvement with the web. This also includes the fantastic feature of call interception by which you can listen to them live. 
SpyBubble Software
Now you can naively find out that how much data they have utilized and in what work, exact date and time of WhatsApp messages without being noticed by them like a pro.

  • Advanced features
  • Authentic and zero possibility of data leakage
  • It is not free software you need to purchase for advanced features.
  • Slow downloading speed

8. Spymaster Pro Software

With 100% accuracy, this software is a pro in spying using its fundamental ways. It secretly records audios, videos, chats, MMS, SMS, call history, etc. and automatically downloads them on the control panel with exact details such as date, time and location of sending. 
Spymaster Pro Software
Its ultimate aim is to provide us with synchronized information and help you in detecting WhatsApp behavior of your kids, employees and you can even hack all types of numeric and pattern based passwords to unlock their smartphones and applications. 

  • Pro in spying
  • Reliable to use
  • Networking issues
  • Recorded audios are somewhat messy


So, this was all the information about best WhatsApp spying apps available in the market with powerful features and at appealing prices. Make sure that you choose the right software. These spying apps are a bonafide solution to all those current problems in your life.


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