10 Best Free Online Logo Makers & Generators in 2019

Thursday, 30 May 2019

10 Best Free Online Logo Makers & Generators in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
The globalized economy is becoming digital rapidly, and the fierce competition demands innovative ways of gaining an advantage in the market. The leading brands are recognized by their logo designs and graphics marks that help to enhance their public image and also provide greater recognition for their products. The logo is most famous for the business community for the following reasons:
  • Logos reveal your business or brand identity. It helps your customers to distinguish your brand from others. 
  • It invites and excites your customers to know your products and goals better. 
  • It sets your brand or product apart from the competition, and you dare to become different. 

Why Free Logo Makers?

There are several types and designs of logos in the market; good logos are simple and eye-catching that creates a lasting impression on the customer’s eyes. However, all the small businesses and startups do not have more significant financial resources like the big companies to hire the top-ranked logo designers. 

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No need to worry, though, financial constraints do not limit your company these days to get a sophisticated, eye-catching logo without hiring a top designer. You can benefit from free logo makers online significantly for producing your very own quality logs and achieve your business goals. 

Top 10 Free Logo Makers & Generator

Here are a few best free online logo makers available for all the businesses to take advantage of:

1. Shoplift 

Do you want the best free logo design online? Shoplift allows users and businesses to generate online free logos within a time seconds. You don’t need to be a tech guru or a logo expert to take advantage of Shoplift; most online entrepreneurs love the tool because of its incredible features and simple use.

 Some users may not find Shoplift highly attractive due to its limitations; some businesses also complain about others using their icons that discourage the element of uniqueness. 

2. Hipster

Hester online is another free logo maker online that is the next big thing after the revolution of Shoplift. The logo maker reflects hipster style; it is for the companies targeting younger audiences and is maybe the right tool for creating your very own unique free logos without any expert. 
No special design skills or experience is required to use the tool; the version is also available in high resolution for a small fee. 

3. Oberlo

The greatest thing about Oberlo free online logo designer is that it is most useful for businesses who want to develop unique tools. Some people may have a problem with the cartoonish nature of the logo it offers; however, if your product is good enough to appeal to your customers, the tool is of good value to you

4. Graphics Springs Logo Designer 

Another great option for free online logo designers is Graphics Springs that is amazingly efficient and comes with several customizations. It helps the business people to create effective free logos which cannot afford to pay professional image editors. 
Graphics Springs
The tool allows the ability to divide various types of logos into letters; you can also hire a professional from the website to create a logo if you feel that the best way to create a great logo is by leaving the task to the professionals.

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5. Logomaker.io

One of the widely used and completely free site to create logos from your ideas is logomaker.io. It has thousands of sample logo templates that contain some placeholder text which you can edit, as well as add your designs and ideas, or start completely from scratch and build your own. 
To get started with some basic designs, you have to insert your company name you want to build a logo for, add a slogan so that it can fetch designs according to the theme and then choose a category for more directed personalization. Logo making on logomaker.io is as simple as that!

6. Logo Garden

Logo garden allows users to create complete Do It Yourself logos with an advanced yet easy to use toolset at user’s disposal. It also allows users to add effects like shadows, shine and reflect distress, etc., making your logo stand out from everyone else. 
Logo Garden
You can add text to your logos, align and rotate, change sizes of objects in the logo and much more with this handy little website tool which gives free account and instant logo download links. 

7. Logo Genie

Logo genie is a reputed free logo maker website amongst the entrepreneurs and startup holders that are looking to kick start their companies with attractive logos. Once you open their website, all you have to do is select a category, and put in your company name, and many sample logos will be made available to you. 
Logo Genie
You can further edit them, change their colors, add some text or styles, and create beautiful yet minimalistic logos without much hassle. 

8. Logaster

Logaster is a free to use logo making website that also allows users to create a scalable and high-resolution logo and raster files at a small premium. The website itself has a clean and minimalistic user interface, and by spending just a few minutes at the site, you can create some high quality and beautiful logos. 
Then you can download the created logo as a zip file which will contain six files, one with inverted emblems, another with transparent background and so on. Despite the resolution of the free logo being on the smaller size, you can get better high-resolution logos at just small expense, and overall experience will always be satisfactory.

9. Freelogodesign.org

You can create professional looking logos on freelogodesign.org for all your business, freelancing, entrepreneurship, and association needs. With over 2 million happy developers, entrepreneurs and professionals have created logos using this platform, and hundreds of fonts, styles, and colors to choose from, you are sure to get a premium looking logo for free with just some time spent on this site. 

10. Logomaster.ai

Logomaster.ai is a so-called Artificial Intelligence, or AI powered online logo making platform that caters beautiful and attractive logo designs based on what you need. With different categories and your brand or company name you want to use the logo for, and then making the user select some of the logos from sample ones that they like to understand the needs and inclinations of the user to personalize a list of sample logos fully, this AI gimmick delivers.


Overall, all the 10 websites mentioned in this article have more or less have the same editing, coloring, an option to choose a template and edit it features. What makes each of these different from each other is the depth of customization as well as the ease and minimalistic nature of the use of the platform. 

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Depending on how much simplicity you desire to have in your own company or brand logo or how artistically deep you want to explore, you might end up liking one or the other ones on this list. 

With most of them allowing users to download sample or low-quality finished logos for free, some of them have the option of opting for high resolution as well as logos with transparent backgrounds and inverted emblems, etc. It is up to you how far you want to go into details and how much time you wish to spend on logo making.


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