Android Fastboot Reset Tool v1.2 Free Download 2023

When it comes to Android, we all know the impact it has continued to put on in the world of Operating System. Almost all of the phones that we used today functions primarily on Android. The article is going to boost up your knowledge regarding the Android fastboot Reset Tool. 

The tool is very convenient and popular because it helps in removing fingerprint lock. Definitely, most of the times fingerprint and the scanners becomes more of a pain. So, why not wipe off the pain for once and all? 

Android Fastboot Reset Tool

Time to dig in and gain complete knowledge about the Android Fastboot Reset Tool.

One thing to note about this tool is the fact that, it works conveniently for Windows PC systems. The latest version of the Android Fastboot Reset Tool is now available to use. 

Why Android Fastboot Reset Tool?

The most important reason to use Android fastboot reset tool is because of the fact that it can completely eliminate Finger Prints from your Android phone. It helps in wiping off all the routine lock from either your tablet or your mobile phone. This tool will help you in removing any kind of available existing phone lock from your phone. 

The bonus is, it can also help you with deleting your Google account from your Android devices in case you have lost it. Perfect, isn’t it? This is how convenient and super useful Android fastboot reset tool is.

Another additional feature that this tool has to offer is that it can help in unlocking the bootloader of any Android phone. This shows the power of Android fastboot reset tool. 

One more advantage that it has to offer is the EDL mode with the help of which you can reboot your smartphone.

How to Download Android Fastboot Reset Tool

Here is a step by step guide with the help of which you can download the FRP tool completely for free. 

Step 1: Start with downloading the Android fastboot reset tool from below link. Just make sure to use the non-pirated version.

Step 2: The download happens in a zip file, so, make sure to unzip it with the help of any unzipping tool like WinRar.

Step 3: After the successful extraction, click on the folder to find the exe file of Android Fastboot Reset Tool

Step 4: This step needs your phone and uses your phone to open the fastboot mode. This can be done by pressing down the volume button and the power button at once.

Step 5: Now, pin down your phone to the computer using any sort of USB Cable.

Step 6: Here, you need to type the number of FRP option that your phone is using. 

Step 7: Once done, hit the enter button to start with the unlocking areas.

Step 8: Are you done yet, if yes, make sure to disconnect your phone and restart it.

With the help of steps mentioned above, you can quickly wipe off any sort of Fingerprint pattern from your phone using Android Fastboot Reset Tool.

Features of Android Fastboot Reset Tool

Well, if there are features of the available tool, giving it a thought becomes a motive, isn’t it? So, why not do the same for this awesome reset tool as well? Here are all the available listed reasons of “WHY” you should proudly opt for this tool and nothing else.

  • IMEI charge of any sort of Android Phone.
  • Opens Command Prompt
  • Can remove your personal accounts / Account Remover
  • Unlocks your phone regardless of its locking pattern.
  • Lenovo FingerPrint Removal
  • Motorola Finger Print Removal using the command prompt 
  • Sony smartphones Finger Print Removal
  • HTC Finger Print Removal
  • With just a click, Xiomi Finger Print Removal
  • Finds out the basic details about any version of Android.
  • Hardware and Software information about the phone with just a click
  • Helps in unlocking the bootloader of any sort of Android phones.
  • Removes SPD FingerPrint.


Well, that was all about Android Fastboot reset tool. So far, this tool is one of the most useful tools for removing fingerprints without any sort of hassle. Now, you know which tool to use if you are looking for downloading something to get rid of your fingerprints and locking patterns. 

If this article helped you, why not leave a comment and let us know the same? Also, if you know of any other alternative, feel free to let us know that too.

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