Study Hacks that Will Help You Ace Your Exams

Monday, 14 May 2018

Study Hacks that Will Help You Ace Your Exams

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Tests can be stressful, but you don’t have to panic when it is time to take them. With dedication and effort, it is possible to improve your test-taking abilities. You should not cram the night before because this adds to the stress. 
Study Hacks
Also, you could still fail your exams. Instead, start studying at least two to three weeks before the teacher gives the test. This allows you to have adequate time to ask the teacher additional questions on the concepts you don’t understand.

Assignment Help

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Talk to Other Classmates

Another tip is to get together with another student who understands the topic better. Mention that you’re struggling and that you need extra help. Take notes and don’t feel embarrassed to ask questions if you’re unclear about specific concepts. You can also borrow your classmates’ notes as this helps you do well on the test.

Take Practice Tests

If you are taking standardized exams such as the SAT or ACT, you can take practice tests. There are study guides available in print and online that give detailed information along with practice tests. If you do not get the answers right, review the tutorials you studied before taking the tests again. It helps to time your practice tests as many standardised tests have timed sections.

Organize Your Notes

If you took a lot of notes, you want to organize them so that you can study more efficiently. If you wrote notes for a test that will cover black history from the beginning of the Reconstruction era through the civil rights era, create categories of notes that include key moments of this period.

Participate in Class

If you want to retain what you learn interactively, participate in class discussions. Maybe you want to elaborate more on points that the teacher made, or you might share some new insights gained by reading the materials. You boost your confidence and teachers like to see their students engaged in the learning process.

Read Test Questions Carefully

This is important because you could answer the questions wrong if you misunderstand what they are. Take time to read each question to determine what kind of answers the teacher is looking for. Before the test begins, ask the teacher to clear up the confusion you have about certain test questions.

Check Your Work

Before you hand in the test, you should check your work. If you are taking a math test, it is good to go over your answers and solve the problems a second time to make sure that the questions were answered correctly. Or if it’s a multiple choice test, go through the choices to see if the ones you selected made sense in light of the questions being asked.

In conclusion, it takes hard work and a positive attitude to pass exams. You should start preparing as soon as the teacher announces that a test is coming soon. Also, spend more time on the concepts that are difficult because it helps you remember them better when you take the test. Most importantly, schedule time each day for test preparation and be optimistic about passing the exams.


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