How to Make Your Brand Social Media Friendly

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

How to Make Your Brand Social Media Friendly

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Making your brand social media friendly means two key elements. Firstly, it means that your social media presence is sophisticated and does its job at bringing a community together. Secondly, it means that your product and your marketing efforts are “gram-worthy,” or, in other words, that people actively take photos of your branding and post them online themselves. 
Make Your Brand Social Media Friendly
To achieve both these ends you need to put a greater emphasis on story-telling and branding, and you should use this guide to help you achieve the happy balance between the two: 

Finding Your Voice 

You cannot use intonation to convey your message through social media. You can only use the written word. As such, it is imperative that you find your voice before you attempt to do anything else on social media. This voice is what will personify your business to your users. The more unique and engaging this persona, the better. Netflix and Wendy’s, for example, have nailed this aspect of marketing. They are both applauded for their humour and wit, though of course they still provide the key customer service help that is expected of all companies. Where they stand out, however, is in the jokes and the light-hearted humour that they display as a company. People can engage with that humour, and if they do, you have, as a result, caused a reaction in them. People remember the ones that have made them laugh or smile, and finding the unique right voice for your company can help you engage with your audience. 

Finding Your Aesthetic 

Social media is comprised of two things: visuals and text. Once you have nailed your voice, it is time to find your aesthetic. The more unique and professional your aesthetic, the more people will follow you just because they like your company. It is when they follow you that you can use your charm to turn them from followers into customers. Your photos should have a theme, and this theme should compliment your branding. 

Create Custom, Unified Branding 

To achieve the unique and unified look online and offline, you will need to hire a professional design agency. Only when all the elements of your brand, from the website to your social media, have a unique look and feel to them can you stand out from your competition. is there for all of your design needs, meaning that you can either start from scratch or re-brand with a cohesive and compelling new message. 

How to Use Social Media 

To use social media, you have to be social. Share behind-the-scenes story, hold quizzes, polls, ask questions and engage with the answers. You can also try social media marketing courses to have in-depth knowledge. Share the user-generated content of your products, try to rally behind a hashtag, and engage with both your followers and users around the Internet. Your brand will only be social once you can create a company that customers want to engage with. They want to comment on your posts because they think you will respond to them, they post photos with your product because they think you will take notice, and so on. 


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