How to Make Money with a URL Shortener?

Have you seen links that cover at least 4-5 lines and are so long? But many people do not like to click on these long links. They want to know exactly where they’re being redirected to avoid spam and scams. Hence URL shorteners come to help. There are many URL shorteners available online to shorten these links. Some of them also allow users to earn money.

URL shortener allows you to shorten links and adds an advertising layer in between. When a user opens these links, an Ad is displayed, and you earn money. Once the user closes the displayed Ad, he is redirected to the original page.URL shortening is indeed a popular option to make money online. Some of them are,, and

This is one of the most straightforward methods to earn money. In this article, you will get an idea about URL shorteners, earning money from those sites, popular sites you can use for this purpose, etc. First, let’s check the actual definition of the term URL shortener.

Make Money With URL Shorteners: What is it?

A URL shortener is a site or application that helps to turn long URLs into short ones. This short link redirects to the original long link. If someone clicks on these short links, you can earn money. That means you will get money in your account if anybody opens your short link.  Simple right? Sharing links is popular, as social media is now a part of our life. Nobody wants to see that long URL. Shortened one attracts people, and they share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. A website or blog is not required to use this URL shortener to make money. If a site is there, it is an extra advantage.

Advantages of using a URL Shortener

  • You can save some space and make long URLs short and sweet. Thus it becomes easier to share. Nobody wants to send a long 140-character URL anywhere. Short links are always better and easy to handle.
  • Link shortener makes tracking job easy. Some shortening site gives all statistics about clicks and other trackable data. 
  • If you want to hide a URL that won’t attract people, you can make it a shortener. So, some people use this to hide any unattractive URL.
  • Money making is also there behind shortening links. When a short link gets clicks, you can earn money.

Link shorteners are a great way to earn money. You might be wondering how can a link shortener earn you money. So let us get into it.

How to Make Money with a URL Shortener?

Now you got an idea about URL shorteners and their purpose. Every shortener won’t help you to earn money. To earn money, you have to make it a paid link shortener. They can earn money.
You must add some advertisements to make a normal link shortener to paid link shortener. The advertisement is added between shortened URL and a long URL page. 

When someone clicks on shortened URL, it will take 5 sec. Meanwhile, you can add a short advertisement to earn money. Now you will end up on the destination page.

This is a very good version of shortened URL to earn money. Also, it helps to transform your link visitors into money. You can use it to share on social media, which also helps you to earn money. Also, it won’t demand any technical knowledge. Anyone can do it.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Making money using a URL Shortener

URL shortening is a very simple and easy online task you can do. If you want to make a profit out of it, follow these simple steps:

  • Select your favorite URL Shortener.
  • Register a new account on it.
  • Log into your account and pick the URL you want to shorten.
  • After shortening the link, share it wherever possible.
  • Now if someone clicks on that link, they will see an advertisement of 5 sec.
  • After that, they will be redirected to the original URL.
  • Now when anyone clicks on your link, you are earning money.
  • You need to add your account details while registering an account.
  • You will get money in your account.

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Top 3 Link Shorteners to Make Money Online

There will be many results when you check for a URL shortener online. But choosing the best from them is a tedious process. To make your task easy, here are some top 3 URL shorteners links that you could use to earn profit:

It is one of the most popular URL shorteners you can try in 2018. is a most trusted site also. You can create an account and check their URL shortening service. They try to bring entertaining and innovative ideas to their services. Their WordPress plug-in is a very good method to earn money.
One main advantage of this site is the payment.

It pays 5-12$ for every 1000 views, which is a good payment. By promoting their link, you can make a good profit. Share the shortened link on various social media platforms to promote your links. Register an account on .account. Usually, payment will be released by the 10th of every month to your account.

This is one of the oldest and most trusted sites for URL shortening.  You can shorten a long URL here by creating an account. pays a moderate rate of 4$ for every 1000 views.

They release payment on time usually. Promote your link on all available platforms and earn a good income from Don’t wait to register an account on this site.

LinkShrink is also a famous URL shortening site of 2018. You can share shortened URLs and make money by getting clicks.

Register your account on this site, and it is free too. You will get 2-5$ for every 1000 views. It also allows referring your friend. By doing this, you will get a commission of 10%. Be wise and join


Can you make money shortening URLs?

Yes, many URL shorteners allow users to earn money. Some of them also offer a referral program.

What is the best link shortener to earn money?

Some of the best link shorteners are 1. for free, fast, anonymous short URLs. 2. is one of the most popular URL shorteners that allows users to earn money. 3. is a famous URL shortening site of 2018.

How do link shorteners make money?

You get paid link shortener if you add an advertising level to a shortener. How it works: When a user opens your shortened link, an Ad is displayed, and you earn money. When the user closes the Ad, he is redirected to the original page.

Wrapping Up!

Got all information about URL Shortener? Now, what have you decided?  Join any of the popular sites and earn money without much effort. If you can spend some time promoting your shortened URL, you can profit from it. 

You can also promote shortened URLs through your website or blog. It is an additional earning option for your blogging. This is a very beneficial option for those who want to earn money online without any website or blog. Don’t forget to promote your link to get more clicks.

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