5 Best Parental Control Apps for Your Child's Safety

Monday, 10 July 2017

5 Best Parental Control Apps for Your Child's Safety

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Since the arrival of the internet, our lives have become relatively easy. The whole web is a great source of information for everyone. Whether you’re using it for socializing with your friends on social media, researching about a particular topic, or looking up for the thesaurus, you can almost find out everything if you have access to the internet.

If you’re an adult, you would feel privileged to have an unlimited access to the wonders of the digital world but you wouldn’t want the same for the younger generation. 

Parental Control Apps
Even though you’ve given your children liberty to use their cell phones and other electronic gadgets so you can stay in touch with them 24/7, at the same time, you also would want to make sure they are not making an inappropriate use of their devices or using them for all the wrong reasons. Seeking help from parental control apps would be the best solution to keep a check on your children’s mobile activity.

Parental controls apps such as ShieldMyTeen, Kids Place Parental Control, SecureTeen, etc., have been designed for parents to keep an eye on their children’s online activity on their electronic devices. You will be able to see what your children are doing on their mobile phones. In fact, you can control what your children see and do on their devices with the help of parental control apps.

If your child is using a desktop system, then you can deploy a parental control software on their computer. The same goes with their mobile phones. Apps are downloaded and installed to be deployed on your child’s phone so you can control his/her mobile activity. 

You cannot only see the record of the phone calls that they make from their phones but also see the websites they visit, videos they watch and find out about people they interact with on the text messages and other social media platforms.  

At some point, being a parent, you may realize that perhaps you’re invading your child’s privacy. However, do not let your child feel that way. Before deploying a parental control solution to their device, you need to take them in your confidence and explain them the reasons for doing this. 

Tell them the importance of such parental control solutions and that you are concerned about their safety. Once your children feel comfortable about it, you can go ahead and get the app installed on their devices to make sure that your children are safe online.

Since children’s safety on the internet has become a global concern, a lot of parental control apps have come on the front. Let’s find out which are some of the best parental controls for your child’s Android device.

1. Kids Place – Parental Control

Kids Place – Parental Control app has been designed to restrict the access to the data stored on your child’s phone. The app enables a custom home screen that only displays the apps that you have permitted your children to use. 

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This prevents your children from not only downloading new apps on their device but also stops them from sending messages, making calls, and even making in-app purchases. There are also additional features in this app that help you block incoming calls and wireless signals. 

Moreover, internet filtering option is also available in this app. The fact that this parental control is also free just adds a cherry on the top.

2. ShieldMyTeen Parental Control

With its dynamic features, ShieldMyTeen is a parental control app that ensures complete protection of your children on the internet. All you need to do is download the app on your child’s Android device and then simply follow the further instructions. 

With its user-friendly online control panel, you can monitor, control, and secure your child’s safety online. One of the best features of this parental control solution is its location tracking ability. You can remain informed of your child’s whereabouts and be always prepared for an emergency, in case it arises. 

Just like Kids Place, ShiedMyTeen also blocks apps that you do not want your children to use and also blocks access to inappropriate content with the help of internet-filtering tools. Of course, the option of monitoring phone calls and text messages will always be there.

3. MM Guardian Parental Control

MM Guardian Parental Control also made it to our list because it allows you to locate and lock your child’s device just by using a text message. Moreover, it also allows you to set time restrictions in order to limit your child’s mobile use. 

Not only this, but it also sends out a daily report on your child’s phone usage. The minute you find out a rise in the bill, you can inquire the reason behind it from your child and then set restrictions on the websites they can otherwise access. 

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The rest of the features of this parental control app are pretty basic that include blocking incoming phone calls and text messages, monitoring all the mobile activity and controlling which apps can be used and at what time.

4. Screen Time Parental Control

This app is less invasive than the others and is mostly preferred by parents who have older children, especially teenagers. With this app, you can monitor the time spent on Android devices and also set time limits on the selected apps. 

Further to that, you can also set up a bedtime curfew, lights out, and school time curfews with its assistance.

5. Funamo Parental Control

Filtering various internet sites, especially those containing inappropriate material or other inappropriate content, is also possible with the help of this parental control app. 

All the mobile activity taking place on your child’s device can be overseen as it will be automatically logged and uploaded to the app’s server every day. You can view the activity or data from any browser of your choice. 

With the help of phrase filtering, you can ban specific topics that might not be suitable for your children. Safe search on various search engine websites can also be enabled with this parental control app.


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