Top 10 Best Online Bookmark Managers [#4 Is My Favourite]

Every browser we use comes with a bookmark facility. But suppose if the browser at our home is Google Chrome or the browser at work is Firefox then that’s where a Bookmark manager comes into play. The below are some of the best bookmark managers.

Online Bookmark Managers

1. Pocket

The pocket is one of the famous bookmark managers. It in almost all the major devices, browsers, and mobile apps which make it so easy for its user to bookmark and reopen it later through whatever device he is using. Just by tapping the “Tick” icon in pocket instantly saves a link to our profile. If the device we are using doesn’t support Pocket, then we can email the link directly to [email protected]. We have to add the title of the article or site in the subject link and include the actual link in the body.

Pocket has this cool feature of automatically categorizing the bookmarked links based on their types. We can also add our tags to the bookmarks. The pocket is available as an extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. And their mobile versions is also available on Windows OS, Android, iOS and Blackberry.

2. iCloud Bookmark Manager

iCloud bookmark manager is an exclusive bookmark manager for Apple users. It syncs bookmarks from all your registered Apple devices. But the iCloud manager not just syncs for devices but also it syncs for every browser. Once we have to just install the iCloud bookmark extension in our browser and that’s it, iCloud bookmark manager takes care of the rest.

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Music, pictures, videos, and documents can also be saved in the bookmarks.

We can also sync our bookmarks from any browser that we use; it may be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or any other browser iCloud bookmark manager can sync things for us.

3. Xmarks Bookmark Sync

Xmarks is one of the most used bookmark tools. More than 3 billion pages are bookmarked using Xmarks.  It is possible to sync our bookmarks across most major browsers, like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. We have just to install the extension and start bookmarking.

It is even possible to edit, duplicate, restore the bookmarks in Xmarks. The cool part with this is for safety concerns we have password login. It can also save our passwords.

The mobile version of Xmarks needs an up gradation to a premium account that gives us a mobile app which makes bookmarking and sharing even simple.

4. Delicious Bookmarks

Just like its name Delicious is a different kind of bookmark tool which helps us share our favorite links to the Delicious network so that other users can also enjoy them. In fact, it can be termed as a socially networked bookmark tool. Users have got options to share the bookmark on the other sites. They can also save it to their Delicious account, and they can upvote the link too.

There is a “Networks” tab which helps us to connect to our network and share our links. Delicious also has groups and topics which we can subscribe and follow. Such categories help us to share things with right people at the right place. We can also share them on Facebook and Twitter with just one click. 

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Delicious is available in most of the browsers, and we have to install its extension.

5. Diigo

Diigo is also one of the popular bookmark tool widely used. We can annotate our bookmarks so that it will be easy for us to highlight the vital information or data in your favorite articles. We can email the links to our account to save them. There is a screenshot feature which helps us share images in no time.Read later option is also available.

Just like Delicious, Diigo is also a social network bookmark tool. It’s possible to share in groups and follow our interests.

Diigo is available as an extension for our major browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. We can also download Diigo browser on our iPhone, Android, or Mac.

6. Google Bookmarks

People usually confuse Google bookmarks with the default google chrome bookmarks. Google Bookmarks is a standalone bookmark manager tool. It is entirely cloud-based and accessible on any device using the Google account. The links we save in google bookmark manager will not be listed in google chrome bookmark extension.

Google Bookmarks can be used to add labels and notes to our bookmarks which are not possible using Google Chrome extension. Labels are simply like tags to help us identify and personalize our links for the better experience.

7. Dewey Bookmarks

Dewey Bookmarks makes our saved links to transform into visual cards which feature an image. It eventually makes us identify things quickly. It’s stated that Dewey Bookmarks where bookmarks are beautiful.

It’s possible to add tags, title and do many sorts of personalization.
It is web-based, but unfortunately, it is only available for Google Chrome. We can import all our Google Chrome bookmarks to our Dewey account. So that everything falls in one place.

8. Firefox Sync

Firefox sync is absolutely for the best extension bookmarking tool for Firefox users online. This si the best if you are a Firefox user. As the name says it all Firefox sync, it syncs everything once it has been installed. It not just syncs the bookmarks but also the history, passwords and everything.

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Since Firefox Sync is cloud-based, we don’t need to worry if our device crash. Everything is saved and its safe. We can always rely on Mozilla servers.

9. Papaly

Papaly is a social bookmark manager that works just like Pinterest. Papaly helps us create “boards” that let us save similar bookmarks at one place. We can also follow boards of our interest.The layout of the website is so simple and hence sharing is made easy for the users. Customizing the background of the site is possible.

The toolbars on the top help us to bookmark general sites like Wikipedia at an instance. We can also drag bookmarks, and we can order them as we wish.

Papaly is available in the major browsers as a Google Chrome extension, and a Mozilla Firefox add-on. One can also download it for iPhone.

10. Hush Private Bookmarking

This bookmarking tool is ideal for the one who has security as their top most priority.

All your bookmarks are password protected. Some people prefer Google Chrome’s incognito function while browsing, and that’s where Hush might help us with two hands. Accessing the bookmarks in incognito mode is possible. Importing and exporting of bookmarks is made straightforward and safe with the help of password protection.

We can also decide what the links listed in the bookmarks are. And if we need to have some bookmarks are secret we can remove it from the list but it stays in our account, and it is invisible.

To explain consider you are buying a gift for your girlfriend, and you are trying to keep it as secret. If you save the bookmark and there will be a possibility that she might check the bookmark list accidently. In such cases of sharing a common computer Hush helps to keep our secret bookmarks.

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