Top 10 Cricket Games for Android Mobile | Free Download

In India where more than half of population is nearly crazy about cricket. In every lane of India, you can find many kids, teenagers playing cricket. But with changing times, people have rather started preferring to play cricket on their smartphones. Cricket game apps for Android are here to fulfill the desire of playing cricket. They even act as a great platform for understanding the scenario of real cricket game.

Cricket Games for Android

So in this article I will list down the top 10 Android Cricket games that will you enjoy playing.

1. Real Cricket ™ 16

Developed by Nautilus, this is one of the most popular Android Cricket game that was developed in 2014. Having a download of over 5 lakh, it has become the favorite of many. It’s Graphic User Interface features are impressive so that playing this game becomes easy. It’s intuitive controls just serves right in keeping you engaged in this match. It has different tournaments like Master Cup, Knockout the cup, T20 cup, etc. You also get 27 different shots along with real bowling scenario.

2. Cricket T20 Fever 3D

If you want to play IPL T20 cricket virtually, then this game will best suit your needs. Having approximately 50 million downloads, Cricket T20 Fever 3D comes with full HD 3D graphics and animations and ball physics. The various tournaments included in this game are ODI, T20 match, World Cup, etc. 

Features like Power play batting mode, TV broadcast style cameras, etc. make the cricket playing experience even better. Moreover, every time you hit a shot or take a wicket, you will find cheerleaders dancing for you.

3. ICC Pro Cricket 2015

Designed by Indiagames/Disney, this game was specially released as the official cricket game for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Three game modes available in the app. In the Quick Play Mode, one Will be able to play a match against two teams with limited overs. The World Tour mode lets you play domestic cricket across the world. 

In the ICC World Cup Tournament mode, you can select any one team and play the whole tournament. It also enables motion captured animation to provide you cricketing experience. It also has two gameplay cameras. This game is now also available on PC.

4. Cricket World Cup Fever

This game offers a complete cricket package for your smartphone. Cricket World Cup Fever offers the best quality 3D graphics and animations. It comes with over six different venues and 14 teams. Different modes like Quick Match, Power Play, World Cup, etc. are available in this cricket game app. 

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The motion captured animation feature shows the full dynamic fielding. This game also has the TV broadcast style cameras. The complete scoreboard showcases full performance of each batsman and bowler. From the last two years, this game has managed to gather about approximately 10 million downloads.

5. World Cricket Championship Lt

This game makes cricket playing fascinating by offering various features and leagues. The three gaming modes provided by this app are World Cricket Championship, World Premier League, and Super Fantasy Cricket League. When you run out of points to qualify a tournament, then you can also request for points from your friends. 

In the multi-player mode, you can invite and challenge your friends to play with them. When you hit sixes, then you can also watch it in slow mode along with commentary. The graphic quality of this game is ALSO awesome.

6. World Cricket Championship 2

Developed by Nextwave Multimedia Inc, this game has been the winner of the award Game of the year 2015, Nasscom gaming forum award 2015 and People’s Choice award. This game offers the most advanced three graphics. To make the cricket game more exciting, the developers have also included the ever so famous Helicopter-shot and uppercut shot, etc. Not only these, but you also get over 45 different types of batting shots. 

It even enables auto play mode for batting and bowling. The ball physics changes with the change in the kind of pitch, to provide you the most realistic feel of cricket playing. You can have 18 different International teams and ten different domestic teams. The different tournaments available are World Cup, World T20 Cup, Blitz Tournament and ODI Series.

7. Best Cricket Games For Mobile

Developed by FredrikBanana, this game provides different challenges of cricket world. You can find different types of playgrounds on mobile where you can expand your practical Cricket playing skills and reflexes. Under different tournaments available in this game, you can challenge and play against different other nations and emerge as a hero of the Game. You can customize yourself, and we’ll be as your team.

8. Beach Cricket

Developed by Nextwave Multimedia Inc, this app comes free of cost in Google Play store. Playing cricket by the Beachside with sand and sea waves? What can be better than this! It has usual 11 player team in which your batsman will be predefined, but the better part is that you get to decide the bowlers from available players. 

Upon winning the toss, you get to choose whether to bat or bowl first. The matches can be both five over and ten over the game. And as soon as one game finishes you can jump into another new play; no one’s stopping you.

9. Street Cricket

Developed by Nextwave Multimedia Inc, this game environment will surely leave you nostalgic.The lanes, the dust, and the rough play mode will bring back your childhood street cricket memories. Upon winning the toss, you get to choose whether to bat or bowl first. 

The matches can be both five over and ten over the game. Your team will consist of 5 players. While the batsman will be predefined, you get to choose your bowlers. By running between wickets and hitting the walls, you get to make one run; and you can score two runs by hitting the building.

10. Cricket Unlimited 3D 2016

Developed by real cricket fanatics, this game is for all the cricket lovers. The game ensures hours and hours of cricket related fun. Easy and straightforward control options like tap, swipe, etc. make playing cricket comfortable. The various types of tournaments offered are ODI’s, T20’s, IPL, etc. There will be 15 rounds in each tournament. 

The stunning camera angles surely will keep you immersed in the game. And, each time you win you will find cheerleaders dancing for you. Playing in the weekly tournaments will reward you tons of rewards.

This list is aimed at all the cricket lovers around the globe. You can choose any one of this list to enjoy playing cricket virtually on te screen of your smartphones.

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