How to Download Tubemate for PC/Laptop: Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10

Youtube users must have noticed the need for a download button in any corner of the Youtube page and thus knows that the major drawback of the site or app is its inability to download the video they want to.
Many online Youtube downloader sites are available for downloading these videos. One only has to copy and paste the link of that video present on Youtube in the designated space provided on the site.

TubeMate For PC

Also, limited formats are available to convert the video into desired forms. They are considering this downside; many app developers have created various apps that help users download videos into their system by directly opening the Youtube results of the searched video.

Tubemate is a top-ranking Android app for downloading videos directly from Youtube. But now it is also made available on Windows and iOS after its success. 

Download Tubemate for PC: How Tubemate Works?


  • First, the user must type the video’s name to be searched into the search box.
  • Then the app will show the result of your search.
  • All the user had to do now was click on one result and select from the given formats, such as MP4, 3GP, FLV, etc., to download the video into the respective form.
  • Voila, after this, the download will start instantly and be ready to be watched without interruption.

As downloading a video is initiated quickly using the app, downloading the app itself takes several steps as it was mainly designed for the Android platform, and thus an official version of the app is not available for Windows. But by using an emulator, one can easily download and run APK files on any version of Windows.

An emulator, in common, is a hardware or software that helps enable a program to be used in another system other than the host system. The best emulator app used to run Tubemate .apk file on Windows is Bluestacks. Bluestacks is a major American technology company that designs its App Player to enable Android apps to be operated on Windows. Here are the steps involved in downloading & configuring the Tubemate app using Bluestacks.

How to Download & Install Tubemate on a PC


  • First, download the Bluestacks emulator application software from its official site. Or else, you can try any of these emulators if you prefer something other than Bluestacks.
  • Install it on your system, whether XP, 7, 8, or Windows 10. 
  • Also, download an official APK version of Tubemate from the web. You can download it by using the following link
  • Now open the downloaded APK file by right-clicking its original file location on the computer and right-clicking it. Choose the option of ‘open with Bluestacks’ from the menu, which uses the already installed Bluestacks emulator software on the user’s PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, to open the software successfully. 
  • Your Tubemate app is now ready to be used and explored. So, download many videos you want to watch, as the app is only renowned for downloading Youtube videos efficiently.

how to download and use tubemate

Installation is completed, and the app is functioning correctly. Now we will list some features that make the app more usable and exciting. 

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Features of Tubemate

Here is the list of some basic features which we noticed:

  • First and foremost, the app is very user-friendly, as anyone using this app will be able to learn the software’s basic functioning quickly. It increases the number of downloads daily because if one person finds it attractive, he will surely spread the word, and thus the app will succeed. 
  • This app’s second most promising feature is its ability to resume downloading instantly if the download is affected due to network or speed problems. This feature saves users time by not letting them repeatedly download the stopped or paused videos. 
  • Also, it contains a fast download mode. 
  • It can efficiently work in the background so the user can open other files and applications to run on the system. That way, the user can save both speed and time. 
  • Users can save the downloaded file into the named folder for easy access. 
  • Also, users can download files into mp3 format as well. The other supported video formats are 360p MP4, 720p MP4, 3GP (176 *144), 3GP (320*240), WEBM, FLV etc.

We have seen and analyzed every little feature and function involved in operating Tubemate’s application. Hopefully, everyone reading this information will find it very useful and will be able to carry out the exact steps required to download a video and .apk file of Tubemate.


Can Tubemate be downloaded and installed on a PC or laptop?

Tubemate may be downloaded and set up on a computer or laptop using an Android emulator.

Which Android emulator is recommended for downloading Tubemate on a PC or laptop?

Several Android emulators are available, but Bluestacks and NoxPlayer are two of the most well-liked choices. Both emulators have a large user base and can run various Android programs, including Tubemate.

Can Tubemate, downloaded in 2016, still be used on PC today?

Depending on the version and compatibility of the program, Tubemate, downloaded in 2016, could still function on a PC today. It is crucial to remember that earlier versions of Tubemate could have less functionality and compatibility than the newest releases.

Now you can download as many videos as possible for your collection or enjoyment. Share this knowledge and information easily with your friends and peers.

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