Top 10 Online Free Font Converters/Changers

It takes so many things to make a website look great like content, graphics, videos, etc. But out of all, the most basic, simplest and supreme thing that makes a significant difference in design quality, content and layout are the Font. Any design concept or website can turn out as fabulous just by making a right and relevant choice of Fonts. And the same thing is another way round too. If you do everything perfectly on your site, and your font selection is the only unusual thing you may end up with incompleteness in your website and losing out on the expectations of the users.

As you know fonts are salient features for design and usability these days; we are blessed with technology for having a plethora of options and we are free to choose any fonts according to our requirement and liking. Earlier, only web safe fonts had to be used which had got support from all different platforms and browsers, but now we do not have to worry regarding this too as now we can simply add the font file and write few lines of CSS to ensure the perfection of design.

But today also, there exists a small issue that all browsers don’t support is one single font format, so we are bound to add few different file formats in the CSS to ensure the support from all the major browsers and devices we use.

Top 10 Online Font Converters

So here, I have mentioned some best online tools for font conversion which allow conversion of any font into whatever format you want for your website. It is surely going to be useful especially for those whose work is related to web developing and web designing. 

1. is a free service which enables you to convert fonts like .pdf .eot .otf .dfont .pt3 .suit .pfb .tfm .ps .afm .t42 .cff .syg .bin .ttc and .woff. The special feature that makes this site more special is that you are allowed to abstract a font from PDF file into whichever format you want to. 

Along with this, this site provides you the facility to upload multiple files/folders to be converted in just one go. It reduces your efforts of selecting each file one by one. Moreover, it provides a separate API for anyone who wishes conversion of one format to another format.

2. allows you to convert fonts to/from pfb, pt3, dfont, pfa, sfd, ttf, ik, gsf, mf, cef, cff, t42, dfont, bdf, bin and suit.

3. has come up with a lot of features like font face generator, font conversion, character maps, font info, font unit conversion, online font manager, font directory and also the marketplace of its own. If we talk about font conversion only, it also provides conversion from any format to any format like ttf, otf, pdf, syg, t42, and much more. It is also having API for font conversion of its own.

4. enables you to choose a file and then choose which format you want your file to be converted.  It will convert into different formats but supports limited formats like ttf, pfb, otf, afm, dfont and fon.


This tool is not meant only for font conversion but includes a lot of other parameters.

It is the most flexible site that enables a user to convert a plenty of different file formats like video, audio, documents, images, spreadsheets, presentations, eBooks, fonts and much more. As far as font conversion is concerned, limited fonts formats are supported here just like previous one i.e. ttf, otf, dfont, pdf, afm, and bin.


It seems like a huge font gallery with lots of free fonts that can be downloaded. The fonts this site supports are ttf, otf, pfb, and dfont.


It can convert your fonts of the desktop into web fonts with anti-aliasing, and it works everywhere. The fonts that are supported as inputs are woff, eot, ttf, otf, and svg.

It also provides the resultant font in any of the formats that are mentioned above along with CSS in one elegant package.


This site allows conversion of particular format only. It accepts the ttf or otf file and converts it into ttf, otf, eot, syg, and woff. It also lets you create CSS and demo HTML file that demonstrate the use of Web fonts on your website.


It is an all in one package type of font converter so far. It enables you to convert all needed font formats i.e. woff, eot, sygz, ttf, cufon, and syg. It also acts as a generator, as it can re-scale and subsets the font data and can generate HTML files. Moreover, it can optimize the metrics too.

To use it efficiently, you either need to use it with Joe’s Letterpress stack or with Foundation for Rapidweaver. You can also add it without using these, but it takes a little more effort.


This site allows only one type of conversion. It accepts ttf (True type font) file as input and converts it into eot (open type) font file. This tool has a restriction that it takes an input file of 1MB or less than it.

Final Notes

These are top 10 online font converters that allow online font conversion and help you in making many attractive websites.

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