How To Get Rid of Spam With MailWasher Pro

Tired of Spamming Mails & Hoaxes?

Well, who wouldn’t be. For people with whole work managed online, spam is the worst thing; Just like the tell callers irritating you at the dinner time, spam emails happen to do the same.
Nowadays, most of the employees working for a corporate firm are troubled from these emails.
I, myself used to waste 15 significant minutes in the Outlook just to trash all these emails saying that I’ve won a lottery, credit card offers, unsubscribed mailing lists, promotional products and what not! 

Downloading all this crap worth of 100 MBs each day made me really sick of checking my emails, until recently, I found a platform that protects and washes off all those unwanted emails, internet viruses and much more. 

MailWasher Review

So without any further talking, let’s start the review of MailWasher Pro, the tool which can block every spam from your email accounts. 

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Before I mention all the important features and tools, you’ll need to setup the MailWasher on your devices first. So basically, MailWasher Pro is offered to you by a security developer company, Firetrust. 

MailWasher offers a Free 30-day trial of the Pro Version. You can download it for free from the official website. It provides you with all the premium features. It is a multi-platform tool, so you can easily use MailWasher on your computer as well on your mobile – Android or iPhone. 

I downloaded it on my home computer with adequate configurations. Also, the company suggests going for an older version if you’re using a device with less than 1 GB RAM. Hence, it is a very compatible software regarding requirements. 

Within a few clicks, the installation was done, and I didn’t face any issues in the setup process. The app is compatible with almost every e-mail client. I integrated it with Outlook Express and it also supports Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird and even the IMAC protocols and online clients like Gmail, Hotmail, etc.


The tool is very efficient, even in the trial version. So, it made me more curious about all other features that it offers as well. It minimizes the spam and internet hoaxes via emails. So, let’s see all the relevant offerings from this tool.

Deleting Contacts

Mail Preview

You can quickly view the content of every mail in plain text. So, it makes it quick, easy and safely allows you inquire if it really is important or not. One more interesting feature that MailWasher offers is the “Bounce”. It lets users bounce back the spam mail to the sender. It’s a great way to test out if the email address is real or not. 

Ease of Use

Using the tool was a charm. It is enough fast and straightforward to use. Most of the tasks are done automatically like importing contact lists, settings, and email client priorities. After the importing part is done, MailWasher starts to filter out the trashed and spam emails from your inbox, and you can remove them by clicking the delete button. It also supports over 12 languages for international users.

Also, it also offers a Bayesian filter which learns to detect relevant spam emails as you start to use the tool more. The detection is very efficient as well.

Ease of Use


MailWasher’s support system is remarkable. They offer full customer support via website resources and emails too. You can look up for various documentations and a dedicated forum for all the users who have queries related to any issue.

Plans & Pricing

So, how much does this remarkable tool costs? Well, the Pro version is priced at $39.95 for an annual subscription. The plan includes regular updates and mobile version support and allows you to install the paid tool on up to three computers. 

Although the company offers you to try out the free trial first as you can easily experience all the features. It also provides a lifetime license for only $99.95, and I would personally recommend going for this as it is a better deal if you’re willing to use it for 2-3 years.

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  • Also works with POP & IMAP Protocols like Gmail, etc
  • Easy & Fast to Use 
  • Supports every E-Mail Client 
  • Better Spam Detection with Every Update 
  • Retrieve accidentally deleted emails from Trash


  • Better Reviews for the Previous Version
  • Little too Expensive for an annual membership

Final Notes

So this was my take on this fantastic anti-spam filter, MailWasher Pro. It’s easy, fast and blocks almost every unwanted email from your account. 

And now, it’s your time to tell me about what you think about this tool. Do let me know in the comment section below and please ask for any query related to MailWasher Pro. Cheers!

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