Eploy247 Review: Why is it Wise to Hire Virtual Assistant from India?

As a startup, one of the key problems one has to face is of hiring new people for efficient working. No matter how trained you are, you can’t do all the things all the time. 

Human resources are one important thing for any company – regardless of its size. These days, outsourcing specific tasks are considered to be more profitable rather than setting up an in-house team.

Hire virtual assistance

The most outsource functions include (but not limited to): – Writing, Designing, Logo making, graphic design, SEO and other sorts of data entry jobs. The market of outsourcing is so vast that there are dedicated companies for it as well.

I am talking about Eploy247.com, an America based company that offers virtual assistants for small and midsize businesses. The company offers a wide array of assistance for doing a lot of tasks such in Digital marketing, technology, and administration sectors.

There are many reasons why one should consider to outsource to such companies instead of hiring an in-house member.

Reduced Costs

On an average, a virtual assistant would cost you around 50% less in comparison to someone whom you would hire locally. Also, I don’t need to explain that you won’t need to pay for things such as the health insurance, paternity or maternity leave, nor for unemployment compensation. You also don’t have to care about the injuries, sick leaves, vacation times, or desktops/laptops or any other supplies, etc.

Less Paperwork

Let’s accept it; you already have tons of things to handle other than paperwork and similar stuff. With virtual assistant in your office, you don’t have to go through all that mess. You would need to file only a single paper, and that is 1099.

You Don’t Need to Supervise Them

The website itself offers all types of supervision which are needed to make sure that your virtual employee is doing the job and finishes it in the quickest turnaround time possible. The need of not supervising to help you focus on your business and making it as profitable as possible.

Freedom of Hiring

You are not limited to the location for your hiring process. You have the freedom to hunt and pick up the candidate whom you think would work for your job. You can hire him either for full time or part time. Also, there is no feeling involved, if you feel that the person is not able to get your job done, you can switch him quickly with another candidate. No complications are involved.

What is Eploy247 All About?

As I explained above, the website aims at providing virtual assistants for sectors such as Digital marketing, technical, or administrative.

What I found remarkable on their website were the impressive services they provide under their “Digital Services” section. Their digital section alone is more than enough to make an online business successful. 

Right from Website Development, Up to full-fledged marketing, this website provides assistance for all sorts tasks such as Search engine optimization, Content Writing, Logo & graphic design and much more.

One thing that grabbed my attention was that they had taken security and data protection as the primary focus to protect the interest and data of the employer.
For that, they ask the assistants to work real time on your computer systems. With so many features, I don’t know what else can an employer ask for.

Are you an employer?

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on remote hiring in the comments section down below.

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