The Best Driver Update Tool for PC: Driver Talent Review

Keeping the track of your hardware drivers and their updates is not that important as one does not indulge with these things regularly, but it is the most important aspect as it ensures that your system or laptop is in an exceptional condition and to update the drivers automatically, people end up in downloading malware, fake update utilities, and freeware that harm the system instead of updating it.

Driver Talent

Well, here comes the Driver Talent (formerly as drivethelife). It specializes in keeping the track of your drivers and their updates, repairs, and backups from time to time. So, here is the review of this fantastic software and all the remarkable feature that it offers.

About the Company

The company is a leading software developer company providing solutions for computer hardware, drivers, network and much more. Established in 2007, it is the secondary part of the main company OSToto Co Ltd.

Driver Talent is the fantastic driver updating and maintenance utility software for computer hardware and network cards. You can read more about the tool and the company here.

Setup & Installation

You can easily download this software from its official website free. Remember Driver Talent is a premium tool, so to use most of the amazing features, you’ll need to purchase the license. Nevertheless, the free version gives you a glimpse of all the remarkable utilities that this tool offers. If you’re impressed with them, then it is surely the time to upgrade to the premium version.



Software Requirements & Compatibility

The software doesn’t require high configuration and works on most of the systems seamlessly. So, this is the list of all the supported operating systems on which Driver Talent works. Also, it can also be used to update the drivers on Windows-based Servers. 

Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10 & Windows Server 2003 (R2), 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2), 2016

Within few clicks, the software installs on your device, and you can easily start the updating process. You can easily scan and overview all the drivers that requires an update and which are up-to-date. Although, with the basic version, you can only see that which driver requires an update and requires the pro version to execute the further updating processes.  

Also, there is Network Card version that allows you to install and update drivers for network cards, internet drivers, WI-Fi, and much more. Moreover, the software works in offline mode, so you don’t need an active internet connection to use the program.

Scan PC


  • Driver Talent has a clean, easy to use interface and is broken down into just a few tabs the overview, update, and tools.  Also, there is an uninstaller to remove drivers that are working properly on your system or computer. 
  • The scanning process quickly identifies the broken, outdated and missing drivers that can be automatically updated using the software.  
  • The Home Page Tab offers a list of all the recent drivers that are added to the computer. Moreover, it keeps the track of all the possible driver combinations.  
  • All the drivers that this software provides are Microsoft certified and are facilitated by the hardware manufacturers themselves. So, if you’re using a Dell Laptop, then the drivers would most likely be provided by Dell.   
  • The software provides drivers for every possible hardware. From Joypads to Bluetooth, webcams, motherboard, server and mobile devices, Driver Talent is the solution to your every driver problem.

Why Update Your Drivers with Driver Talent?

No one gives a serious thought when it comes to updating your system’s drivers, but certainly, there are enough good reasons to do so. Let’s take an example that in your case you are a serious gamer with loads of configurations and remarkable tech but still the games don’t run properly on your system.

In particular, players need to keep their graphics drivers as up-to-date as possible to ensure that they experience the best graphics performance and least bugs with latest games. In other cases, you also need to get the most recent version of the hardware drivers if the current one is not working properly or causing problems with your computer.


Pricing & Plans

Driver Talent Pro & the Driver Talent Pro for Network Card, both are priced at same prices. You can quickly activate and upgrade to the pro version by purchasing the license from the official site. Driver Talent Pro is priced at $26.95, but for a limited period, it is available for a discounted price of $16.95. For more details and the pricing, I took the liberty to curate the pricing for multiple users and devices.

All the pro packs offer lifetime license and support to all of their users. You can use Driver Talent for up to 5 PCs with the largest package priced at $34.95.

Plans & Pricing


  1. Ease of Access & Comfort 
  2. Simple Interface & Design  
  3. Automatic Update of Drivers  
  4. Troubleshooting & Support Features 
  5. Lifetime License for Premium Versions 
  6. Available in Multiple Languages 
  7. Works Even Without Internet* (For Network Card Errors)


  1. Free Version is only capable of identifying the required updates, but you need to buy the pro version to execute the updates.


All in All, this is a top-notch solution for all your drivers needs as it can quickly repair and update all your broken, missing and outdated hardware drivers within a few clicks. The pricing starts at a reasonable price at $16.95 and supports one device with the lifetime license. One can also download the free version, but it only allows you to overview the outdated drivers.

So, that’s all of it for Driver Talent. I think I’ve assessed enough about the perks and features of this amazing software, but it is your time to let us know about any other suggestions or your words on this. Do let me know below in the comment section and if you’re planning to buy this, then it is a must recommendation from for the system and laptop users.

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