10 Best Landscaping Software | Both Free & Paid

To make your dream home, proper designing about the interiors are not just enough. The outdoors and landscaping must be as good as the interiors because that is what an outsider sees at the first place. And a vibrant landscaping will always make you love your home and keep your mind at peace. 

Best Landscaping Software

It feels great to have a home with green plants and trees along with pathways and furniture. This could lighten up your evenings. Landscaping software helps you design great and life like models of your dream garden. Depending on the terrain, the place where you live and your favorite plants, you are guaranteed to get a design of your choice.

1. Realtime Landscaping Plus Software

Realtime Landscaping Plus is a professional landscaping software. It has innovative 3D graphics technology with which you can add your house, deck, ground cover, patio, garden, fence and much more. You don’t need prior CAD experience to master this software.  

Realtime Landscaping Plus Software

The design models are pretty realistic with accurate dimensions and measurements. It has a lot of templates that will assist you in building one of your own. You can see how the landscape looks like during the daylight and the evening. Even video of the scene you have created can be made.

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2. Home and Landscape Design Premium v18

This software has a huge plant encyclopedia to find out the perfect garden for you. The topography designer tool can be used to make the computer landscape congruent to your property. There are many fence designers, and you can adjust the angle if your land is not plain. 

Home and Landscape Design Premium v18

Decks, views, and patio templates can be added later on. The design quality is very high with 3D modeling options. And with the 3D walk through, you will exactly get the experience of taking a tour of the landscape.

3. Home Designer Suite

This is a complete package software to design the home of your dreams. There are over 3600 flowers, trees, and shrubs that thrive in every climate and topography. You can find how the designs will look for raised regions, lowered regions, retaining walls and more. 

Home Designer Suite

You can also create entertaining outdoor kitchens, pools, and pathways. Home Designer Suit is easy to use, but it has a limited collection of patios and decks. Even if don’t have many templates, it won’t take much time to create them on your own.

4. Landscape Deck and Patio Designer

Landscape Deck and Patio Designer software get better as you use it. You can use the 3D Custom Workshop, Photo View, Photo view editor, Estimator and Fence Designer tools. The estimator shows all the products you have used in your design along with their measurements. 

Landscape Deck and Patio Designer

You can also get the expenditure as it calculates the amount required for buying each product. It gives the best possible realistic rendering as the images cast shadows from trees and plants to the deck railings. You can also get a view of how it might look from Google Earth

5. HGTV Ultimate Home Design Software

This software has the best selection of plants with over 7500 varieties and realistic graphics and user-friendly interface. Even though the software is ideal for interior designs and floor planning, it has a good bunch of landscape designs. You can add fountains, play area, pathways, and pools. 

HGTV Ultimate Home Design Software

They even have the information about soil and water requirements of plants. That is how detailed their database is. And you can see how your outdoor might look like in various seasons. The designs can be easily inserted or removed using undo redo options.

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6. TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Pro

Although you have to develop the landscape piece by piece, the IntelliDeck tool in TurboFloorPlan is a unique feature that stands out. IntelliDeck will automatically follow the shape of your house, and you can position a perfect deck that complements your home well. 

TurboFloorPlan 3D Home & Landscape Pro

It gives you the ultimate freedom to build your home and yard. Front and backyard can be designed in 2D and 3D. As there are not much landscaping templates, you can let your ideas flow and create marvels.

7. Total 3D Home, Landscape & Deck Premium Suite

Total 3D is a highly efficient landscaping software with hundreds of designs and features to choose from. The landscaping tools are tricky at times and not very user-friendly but still if you are ready to devote some time to it, you will reap great results. 

Total 3D Home, Landscape & Deck Premium Suite

You can even design the dark parts of the garden such as sprinklers and other electrical outlets. Now that is a pretty amazing feature which you won’t be able to find at other places that quickly. And you can also use the 3D rendering to cast shadows and get realistic blueprints.

8. Landscape Vision

Landscape Vision

Landscape Vision is easy enough to use as you can just drag and drop the objects and resize them. It has accurate information and pictures of over a 1000 plants. And you can figure out which plants suits your climate well with the help of the map provided. This is an easy tool if you just want to get a rough idea of the landscape but you can’t use it for interiors and house designs.

9. Home & Landscape Design

Home & Landscape Design is specifically for those users who want a greener home. It gives energy saving tips and tricks and to remodel your home into a greener one. There are custom designs that can fit right into your home. For those who find it difficult to use the software. 

Home & Landscape Design

There are tutorials to help you. You can use the templates or inserts the pictures and know how it looks. Add gazebos, trellises, beams and just about anything to make your home attractive.

10. HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite

Your home landscaping dreams are fulfilled by HDTV Home & Landscaping Suite. It is very easy to use, and you can come up with fancy designs without taking much time. You can create pathways in any topography, and the path adjusts to the terrain. 

HGTV Home & Landscape Platinum Suite

You can find energy-saving lighting and other decorations to your home. 3D rendering is so accurate that it shows the sky that is likely to be on any date you select.

Final Verdict

Landscaping software must be appreciated for the amount of thought and detailing they put so that you can get an entirely realistic view of your ideal home. They show how it would look like in different seasons and how the trees cast the shadow on your walls and decks. 

With walkthroughs, you get the real experience of what it might look like when implemented. They are ideal for users and even architects to come up with fresh ideas. Even though the trials expire within a short period, and you might have to get the paid versions, the experience rendered is worth every penny. 

And it is always cheaper to buy the software and check how a landscaping would look like rather than just implementing it at home and trying to figure out what went wrong.

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