10 Best Beat Making Software To Make Your Own Music

Who doesn’t love music? And some of us love it so much that the thought of making some music of our own might have crossed our minds at some point in time in life. Now if you had buried that thought thinking that it is not possible without too many resources, it is time to think again. Because all you need to make some music of your own is a good beat making software and of course, a passion for doing it.
Beat Making Software


In this post, you will find 10 Best Free or Paid Beat Making Software for Hip Hop Beginners. These are compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.

1. Dr. Drum

Dr. Drum is probably the best beat making software available in the market. It has an interface that helps a new user. It has many options that are not available in other software. So for people who are just starting out to make music, Dr. Drum is perfect with its intuitive interface. 
Dr. Drum
The software uses high-quality WAV files for the music, so the quality of the final output is not compromised. There are samples for every instrument like bells, Saxes, bass and sounds like claps so you wouldn’t need to add any extra file into the music. You can also use keyboard keys to bind the beats. So the whole work just gets easier.

2. Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer also comes with a vast library of sounds, encompassing 16-track sequencer, a piano key set, and a drum pad. It has a full 4-octave keyboard and 16 channel mixer. Sonic Producer has an option to Save Online so that you can complete the work later on. The audio quality is good, and you can just click and drag the beats and sounds. 
Sonic Producer
It costs $34.99. The beat can also be shared on Facebook under your name. You can also access the tutorials and customer support that Sonic Producer offers so that you will have a smooth experience using it.

3. Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker has about 2000 sounds and loops which just hints about how vast a library it has. And the software has been in the market for a while which makes it reliable. It has a clean interface where you can drag and drop sounds, connect your microphone or guitar and add some voices of your own and then mix them to get a fresh new beat. 
Magix Music Maker
It has 99 tracks and 11 virtual instruments. With the Magix Music Maker Premium version, you can unlock around 6000 sounds and loops, 11 tools and also get the companion app. It has unlimited tracks, and also there are professional effects and mastering plug-ins.

4. Sony ACID Music Studio

There are about 3000 loops and 90 music instruments that come with Sony ACID Music Studio. You can import music from your library or plug in your microphone. There is an option to record everything separately and then mix it all together. ACID Music Studio has a Beat mapper tool which can automatically detect the tempo of the song which makes it easy for remixes. 
Sony ACID Music Studio
There are many other processing instruments such as time stretching, chorus, distortion, reverb, and echo. The overall interface and the MIDI console are very realistic often looking like a real hardware based gear.

5. FL Studio

FL Studio is a good digital workstation that has been for many years. It can be used to compose, record, edit and mix music, all in on software. Once you buy the software, the latest updates and upgrades are free. You can drag and drop multiple files and manage the content is very easy and is just a matter of few clicks. 
FL Studio
FL Studio is expensive compared to its counterparts. So it is recommended to intermediate level users as there are many functions and features almost making it a complete studio package, but at the same time, with so many features, the navigation is a bit cumbersome.

6. Mixcraft

Mixcraft has exciting time stretching and pitch shifting qualities to suit your compositions. It has about 650 drum samples, both acoustic and electric. You can add some finishing touches from an extensive collection of sound effects and music beds. Good mashups and song slices can be created using the audio wrapping and time slicing tools. 
With the notation editor tool, it is possible to write, view, publish and print professional quality music score. MIDI controller has a vast array of the mixer, virtual instrument, and effects parameters. Mixcraft companion app is also available.

7. Ableton Live

Ableton has many instruments, drum racks, operator, analog and much more. It has 41 effects for audio processing and MIDI some of them being Beat Repeat, Amp, Vocoder, The Glue. For a smooth experience, you can use your keyboard controls. The software is available for a 30-day trial. 
Ableton Live
Ableton comes in three software editions. Intro Suite is the core one with limited features. Ableton Standard has some inputs and tracks, and Ableton Suite is the best of all including many software instruments which are unavailable in the other two.

8. Cubase

Cubase is designed for artists and sound engineers. You can compose the songs from the first beat to the final arrangement. Cubase has an MPC style drum sample and an intuitive step sequencer for making beats. Floor to floor beats and heavy rhythms can be done. 
It also has many ready to use samples, sounds, and loops. The sound effects are pretty impressive, and the quality is also worth mentioning. For music composers, there are notation symbols and everything that is needed to make professional scores.

9. Dub Turbo

Dub Turbo

Dub Turbo has 1000s of sound and drums and 16 tracks of layers samples for building sequences. The navigation is easy with simple double clicks. You can preview the audio using a keyboard. You can edit the volumes and also change the pitch and details of the tracks. You can import your instruments and sounds and save the records. You can pick up from where you left off. You can change the instruments or any particular details any time you want.

10. BTV Solo Software

BTV is quick to work with, and an entire song can be composed in a few minutes. You can use the samples and make minor changes to it make a fresh beat out of it. It is simple with the drag and drops option; you can record new samples, KeySpan and apply editing tools to it. 
BTV Solo Software
The songs can be exported as 16 or 24-bit WAV files. The sound library is gigantic with many virtual instruments and tracks. You can add choruses and intros to the songs and take it to a whole new level.

Final Words

With technology, everyone can be a musician now. It might seem a little strange at first, but it is totally worth the time, effort and money you put it. Hip Hop music could now be at your fingertips. And what makes it impressive is that you are the creator. You don’t need expensive drums, percussion instruments or hi-hats to make beats. 
So whenever there is a party around or if you were trying to make some music of your own, get one of this software. You can use the beats for your videos on YouTube, gift it to your friends or play it out loud. The choice is yours.
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