15 Best Google Chrome Extensions One Must Have

Extensions are those little utilities that make your browser attractive and easy to use. These are small software programs that take up a tiny space in the browser but can deliver some tremendous functionality in return. Depending on the feature these extensions provide, they can be vaguely categorized.  

Best Google Chrome Extensions

Productivity Extensions are those who help you manage the time you spend browsing. These extensions help you to work smart on the internet. Then some extensions can help us to customize our browser according to our needs and preferences. Some other extensions can improve your habits and lifestyle. 

Many extensions combine with social media websites, smartphones, and other major websites to make your tasks easier. Also, these Extensions help you to organize your messy browser tabs by putting them all in one place! 

Extensions are available in all the key browsers. Here we will see 15 Google Chrome Extensions that are great to work with!

To get any extension, you have to visit the Chrome Webstore and choose Extensions. Click the link given here.

1. Strict Workflow

Let’s face it! We are all victims of Social Media addiction. And it is so high that we all secretly visit our favorite websites during work, important meetings or other occasions. Although we know that they eat away our time, we find it hard to resist the temptation! Strict Workflow is the solution

Strict Workflow

It sets up a 25-minute timer after which the extension blocks the site. Then you will have to wait for 5 minutes to access the web page again. And again, this cycle repeats. You can customize the timer, sites, and other settings. But once the timer is on, there is no escape. 

Favorite sites have been preconfigured so that you don’t have to waste time sorting them. So if you are worried about your productivity, grab Strict Workflow now!

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2. AdBlock Plus

Just as the name suggests, this is one of the most popular ad blockers available. AdBlock Plus eliminates Logo Ads, YouTube video ads, Facebook ads, Pop-up windows. You can choose additional block lists and filters. 

Adblock Plus

3. Lazarus 

Have you had an experience filling out lengthy yet necessary forms? Yes, we have all been there! And what’s more annoying than filling them out is a network error or power failure when you are almost there. It could be atrocious because you have to start them from scratch. 

Lazarus comes to the rescue as it saves the stuff you type. So in the case of a disaster, just use the recover button. Before you raise your eyebrows regarding the security and privacy of your data, it is all stored on your device, all encrypted. So it is safe. I guess you don’t need more reasons to get Lazarus now.


4. Panic Button Plus

Panic Button

Panic Button Plus allows you to hide all of your opened tabs at once. With a single click, it saves and hides everything that’s opened in your browser. And once the unexpected visitor has left, you can press the button and go back to where you were. It is that simple. Hidden tabs are password protected so that no intruder can open the data you have hidden and kept.

5. Taco

Taco is yet another productivity app available on Chrome. Taco lets you pull all your incoming tasks and notifications. It combines with Google Tasks, iCloud, Trello, Todoist, GitHub and much more. Just drag and drop your tasks and tickets. And it doesn’t store your history, so you know it is safe.


6. Pocket


Many times you might get interested in articles, recipes, videos or images but you might be in haste. Using Pocket, you can save articles, Web pages, pictures and videos for later. You can also sync the information across your tablet or smartphone. Pocket also allows you to access what you have saved offline.

7. Grammarly

We have given up Grammar lessons long back in school. Although it is pretty annoying, grammar is essential in everything you deliver. Grammarly Extension lets you make your text mistake proof. When enabled, it highlights mistakes such as spelling errors, formatting errors, and other grammatical errors as you type in big bold red lines. The correct suggestion will be shown which you can make with a single click. 


They also show synonyms of words so that your writing doesn’t look monotonous. Grammarly corrects your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web. You can also enable offline services from Grammarly. 

And as a bonus, Grammarly sends you weekly emails with personalized insights and performance stats so that you can hone your grammar skills. So Grammar Nazis, this is an offer you can’t refuse! Grab Grammarly now!

8. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary shows you the meaning of a word by just double-clicking the word. Now you don’t have to open a new tab and look up for the meaning. The complete definition of any word or phrase can further be searched for using the toolbar dictionary. 

Google Dictornary

And if you are practicing for some examinations, you can store the history for a later lookup.  The history can be downloaded as a CSV file when you want. It supports many languages, and foreign languages are translated into your tongue.

9. One Tab

Suppose you could be writing some important document or paper that needs a lot of tabs to be opened up in your browser. But too many tabs can drain memory. Using One Tab, all these tabs are put into a list saving about 95% memory. And when you need to access these pages again, you can retrieve them all at once, or one by one. 

One Tab

One tab can also be used to gather related URLs at a single place and in case if you want to share them with someone.

10. ShareLaTeX

ShareLateX is a real time LaTex editor. It allows collaborative editing where multiple users can edit simultaneously. You can export a project and get it converted into PDF document


ShareLaTeX makes creating documents with perfect formatting, inserting formula and symbols. So if you are stuck up with documentation works, this is the ultimate solution.


Push Bullet

Get PushBullet extension and you can share files and links with your friends. If there is an interesting link that you found which you want to share with your friend through mobile, you can do that too with the PushBullet app installed on your smartphone. You can also text from your computer using your keyboard instead of doing it from your phone.

12. Gorgias

When you have an important mail to send to your boss, Gorgias helps you do it quickly by own snippets and templates. There are keyboard shortcuts for commonly used phrases like your signature at the end of the email. You can also share your templates with other collaborators. Gorgias is supported in Gmail, Yahoo Mail, LinkedIn, and a few other platforms.


13. Momentum

Who doesn’t love to have a personalized dashboard? Energy makes you focus more on your work and fills you with inspiration. Vivacious designs greet you on your browser to make even your dull day colorful.


14. Hola

Hola lets you access websites that are blocked in your area, company or school with Hola Unblocker VPN proxy service. It is free and ad-free!


15. RocketBolt

It is a useful extension to keep track of your emails. You can see when your emails are opened, and links are clicked. And you will get instant information about your email contacts. Now find out if your email was read or not by the recipient.


Final Words

Here’s an extra tip! Extensions can make your browser slow. So make sure that you download the ones that are necessary. Most of the Extensions might look attractive but could be irrelevant to your browsing habits.  So don’t fall for it unless you need it!

  • To remove an Extension, click on the hamburger icon(Menu) of the Chrome browser at the top right corner of your browser tab. 
  • Click on More Tools followed by Extensions. 
  • From the Extensions, click on the Delete icon to remove an extension. If you don’t want the Extension temporarily, unmark the Enabled icon.

For a better browsing experience a few of them from the Chrome Webstore now! I am sure that your Google tabs won’t be the dull or monotonous anymore!

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