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studybay review

Have you ever heard about “breakthrough” platforms? Platforms that didn’t exist before and then suddenly change your life forever? Well, this is one. This is a StudyBay review. So yeah, you might think I’m trying to “sell” you the platform or the company. Well, I’m not.

So what’s the point of me writing this article? Studybay (yeah, that’s was we are talking about here; you’ve probably already heard the name) is one such platform, which by the end of this review, you’ll sign up by yourself. Yeah, I won’t even have to say, “Hey, please go over and sign up.”

Buckle up and start reading this review!

StudyBay Review: Introduction

So let’s start our StudyBay Review by answering a simple question: What on earth is StudyBay, right? Yup, a legit question.

Ever heard about Fiverr or maybe Upwork? They are all platforms where you find “freelancers” for almost any job (unless you’re trying to get someone murdered!)

Well, StudyBay is just a better, narrower, more accurate version of those freelancing platforms. The only difference? It’s better!

So as the name suggests, StudyBay, meaning it’s something centralized on “studying,” isn’t it?
In a nutshell, all I can say is “StudyBay is a freelancing platform where you can either post jobs related to academic research (Getting papers written, dissertations, essays) or Earn money by being the “freelancer” yourself!

studybay review

It’s a two-way thing. You can either be the contractor who needs jobs done. Or the freelancer who’s confident of his writing skills and is up for hiring!

How Does StudyBay Work?

So yeah, see? That picture explains almost everything. You’re the “Boss”; you hire guys, and they do the work you pay them! 

studybay review
So it’s like you need a writer to do an essay for you; you go to StudyBay and click the Place an Order button.

A neat pop-up form comes up on the next page to take your orders! Well, just set the Title of your job there. 

Then select a “type” Trust me, StudyBay has almost every “academic angle” covered. Unless you’re from another planet, you’ll find 100% of the school stuff you, your college, or your seminar might demand of you.

So pick a type up, and enter your E-mail Id so the writers can contact you. 

Now wait; it takes a couple of hours (or minutes if you’re lucky) to get your first bid. Writers would bid you their price, and then you can choose if they’re worth it.

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Make Money on StudyBay

What if you need to be a student? Or if you are a student but still want to make some quick extra cash because you’re confident of your skills?
That’s where Studybay offers you the opportunity. You can just signup at StudyBay as a freelancer and start making money.

To Make money from StudyBay, click the signup button at the top.

Sign Up

On the next page, you select if you’re trying to be a Writer or a customer. To make money, you’ve to be the writer and write for people, so well, in that case, click on the “as a writer” button.

A quick form would pop up (quick as it takes less than 20 seconds to fill this up, it shows the efficiency and time-value thing from StudyBay).

Fill Form

Once you do so, you’ll be taken to a very interactive and neat-looking dashboard. 


Now this is as user-friendly as any Facebook profile! You can see your Profile picture on the left side, which you can easily edit by going to Settings> Personal Info tab.

Update Profile Picture

Please take my advice, and add a profile picture when you sign up. This adds credibility and helps you get more orders.

Also, you should see the Qualifications tab in the settings tab. 

Profile Details

Could you fill it up as detailed as possible? Based on this information, you will appear to other people looking to hire guys.

Now this makes it incredibly easy for you to get found. You tick the things you’re good at, write down an impressive about me section, and you’re a go!

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StudyBay Affiliate Program-Make Money on Automation

What if I tell you, StudyBay would pay you even if you don’t do shit! I mean, you don’t write, you don’t freelance, or do just about anything but still get paid! (Sounds scam!) Well, it’s not. I’ve been in this industry for two long years, and Affiliate Marketing is my prime source of income, so take it from a guy who’s spent a better part of his life doing this shit; it WORKS!

studybay review

It’s not free money, nope. But you don’t have to work your asses off, either! (Is it possible? I’ll show you how!) You Refer a Friend to StudyBay-They Signup- They Work-They make money- StudyBay pays you 5% of their income- You don’t have to work!

See? All you have to do is, get people to Studybay! (Which I don’t think is the least bit hard considering the UI and reputation and, of course, the services offered by the platform) and then you can keep making money without working!

What Else is Awesome?

If you’re going with the affiliate program, StudyBay makes it incredibly easy to make money off their platform without working.

Banners: – They give you highly interactive banners which convert the traffic from your site into paying customers on StudyBay!

Order Forms: – Well yeah, if you’re not exactly feeling like it, you get a pre-made order form that you can use to convert traffic into dollars!
And lot’s more! You get landings, keywords, and whatnot to help you make money on StudyBay.

40-60% off First Order!: – Am I Kidding? I’m not. When you’re new on StudyBay, and you’ve ordered something, you only have to pay a small percentage of the actual amount!

The rest is “off” or “discounted” for you. Please take it as a welcome gift from StudyBay!

Statistics! I’m a professional guy ( I hope you are, too!), and I like keeping things organized and on record. So if your interests coincide, I have some good news for you.

StudyBay has this incredibly easy-to-understand and neat Statistics page that gives you insight into any damn thing you might want to know about your Studybay account! So see? No more forgetting things!

How does the “Money” Flow In?

If you’re the “Contractor” or the guy who “ordered” things, let me tell you that there’s precisely a 0.00% risk of you losing the money without results.

Well yeah, with StudyBay, you get a 100% Money Back Guarantee!
Money Back Gurantee

And as far as the Freelancers’ money is concerned, you can withdraw daily! That too, as little as $10.
Now, could you name some companies that do that for you?

Summing Up

StudyBay is probably the most economical, fast, and reliable solution regarding the “academic” angle.
See, you’re getting a 100% money-back guarantee!

See? And focus on the Delivery time! You’d be amazed! Additionally, their affiliate program will make money for you on automation! If that’s not enough for you, let me tell you StudyBay has a 57% Conversion rate! That’s the “highest” in the industry. It’s not “one of the highest”; instead, it’s “THE highest”! It gets ordered even on holidays! In short, there are no off days or bygone days!

This was our StudyBay Review. So if you want something written, and it’s even distantly related to literature, I’d say go signup at StudyBay Right now! Or, hey, looking for some quick cash in exchange for your skills? You can’t miss this one!

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