10 Best Keylogger for Android [Apps+Softwares]

Our mobile phone devices connect us to the world. It is efficient, quick and robust in fulfilling all our needs and luxury with just a few taps. Since we store a lot of important stuff on our phones, it is important that we keep an eye on them every time. Keylogger software and apps are tools that help us watch these devices. With these, you can have complete control over your phone even when you are not holding it physically. The apps, call logs, SMS, chats and other social media accounts can be monitored.

Keylogger For Android

And if you find anything suspicious you can block the device or erase some data from it. All these log files and details are stored in your Keylogger software accounts so that you can access them quickly, all at one place. This post brings you the top 10 Keylogger apps for Android.

1. Shadow – Kid’s KeyLogger

Shadow has been designed for parents to keep a tap on their kid’s activity on mobile phone devices. With shadow, you can also share your phone with your colleagues even if you don’t trust them. 


Simply download and install Shadow from Google Play Store. Once installed, activate the app when you give it to your friends. Shadow will record every event that happened during its activation and with this, you can find out if some malicious activity has taken place on your phone. 

Shadow can work on almost all Android devices starting from version 2.2 and up. And it only requires 1 M of your storage.

2. Trust

Trust keeps a record of activities that is happening on your mobile phone. It records the call log and removed media. It records even the details such as when the screen was unlocked and power connected or disconnected. 


Trust also stores the entries regarding the installed, deleted, restarted and replaced apps along with the time stamps so that you will know exactly about what has happened with your phone while you were away. It works on Android phones with Android 2.0 and up.

3. Kidlogger

KidLogger is a freeware that is suitable for Android phones and tablets. It is specially designed for those people who are looking for apps to know what their kids do with mobile phones. It keeps track of browser history with relevant time stamps. 


KidLogger also records the incoming and outgoing calls, SMSs, and emails. The log files can be uploaded to your KidLogger account so that you can view it remotely. 

KidLogger v.1.4 can be installed on Android devices with Android 2.0 and 2.1. KidLogger v.1.5 works with other versions. You can also check the media, apps used and the games played by kids with total time spent on each one.

4. SpyEra

SpyEra can be employed in Android phones and tablets. Even though it is not a free tool, SpyEra has many features which make it worthy enough to go for. It performs a deep analysis of your phone and keeping track of almost all the minute details and logs. 


The reports can be viewed in the SpyEra account. You can listen to the calls live, track the phone using GPS. SMS, Emails, media and other files can be monitored. 

SpyEra uses the ambient recording to enable/disable the device’s microphone so that you can record conversations for and listen to then offline from your SpyEra account. It can also crack email and app passwords of the target Android device and get its lock patterns and PIN codes. 

SpyEra for tablets costs $149 for 3 months. For the smartphones, the three-month subscription is available for $189. You can also get an all-in-one subscription at $489 per year.

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5. MobiStealth

MobiStealth keeps a watch on your phone activities even if the GPS is turned off. It can monitor chats, media, SIM replacement and call details. All these data can be accessed from MobiStealth account remotely. MobiStealth is compatible with all leading network service providers. 


There are two versions of this product that are available. The Pro version is worth $199.99 for a 12-month subscription. The Pro-X version has Skype Chat, Viber, and WhatsApp logins and is available at a cost of $179.99 for a year.

6. iKeyMonitor

The free version of iKeyMonitor has limited but handy features. It can track the phone with GPS, but the size of logs is limited to a maximum of 50 entries. It supports English language and can show the calls, SMSs, emails; websites visited and other essential details.


It lists the screenshots of every activity. iKeyMonitor Android Full, which is the paid version, has some exciting other features too. With this, you can perform undetectable tracking. Also, the logs will be sent to email, and you can view them online with iKeyMonitor account. It supports keylogging for all languages. The paid version costs $39.95 per month.

7. mSpy

With mSpy, you can note all the keyboard strokes that have been made on the monitored phone. The logs can then be viewed remotely through your control panel. Emails, calls, and SMSs can be monitored. 


You can also impose incoming call restrictions. Website history, bookmarks, blocking sites can all be controlled. Also, you can access the calendar, address book and various other social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. Other installed applications can be managed and blocked, and also changes in media and Instagram are duly noted. 

You can also create analysis reports to perform detailed analysis. The premium version costs ₹3960.0 per month, and the basic version is available for ₹1680.0. Bundle Kit, which has all the combined features, is available at ₹4800.0 per month.

8. HelloSpy

HelloSpy is a software that can perform efficient tracking by running in the background. The tracked activities on the targeted mobile phone can be viewed using the HelloSpy account. You can keep a tap on the emails, calls, and browsing history. You can also record the calls. 


Download and install HelloSpy and then register an account. Using this account, you can later see the details and reports. A trail version is available for 48 hours for free. 

For a year, the subscription charges are $199.99. You can get it for a short period such as a month for $29.99 or 6 months for $89.99. A live demo is available on the website for users to familiarize the tool and exploit all the features and functions. And there is a 24/7 assistance team to help and guide you anytime.

9. Android Keylogger

Android Keylogger is a tracking and monitoring software for Android devices. You can observe the calls, text and other details of the phone. It satisfies the need for tracking and backing up sensitive data. Android Keylogger also supports monitoring WhatsApp and Viber messages and also the details regarding internet usage

Android Keylogger

With photo tracking feature, you can find out the photos captured and received via any medium. Android Keylogger also gives access to the phone book and contacts. You can record calls and remotely control the phone being invisible. 

The installation and setup are pretty easy. It costs $69.97 for a lifetime license.  You can remotely block apps and retrieve SIM information. In the case of suspicious attempts to break the phone, you can remotely delete the data.

10. TopSpy App

With TopSpy App, you can get access to cellphone calls, SMS, and location throughout the day. Also, many social media accounts such as Viber and WhatApp data can be tracked. Once installed, the data can be directly obtained from the control panel. It is available for mobile phones and desktops. 

TopSpy App

For phones, the basic version costs $99.99 per month. And the Premium version which has support to spying social media account and a few other features costs $199.99 a year. The Family Kit, which offers all the features and robust technical assistance, can be availed at $479.97 a year.

Final Words

Android devices are undoubtedly the most popular and widely used smartphones and tablets these days. So the need to keep a proper check on your valuable Android device is imperative. With keylogger apps, you can check if your kids are misusing the tools they have been given by surveillance of the websites they visit and pictures they take or receive. 

You can also have better parental control by restricting what your kids use the blocking features ensuring the children will not erase valuable data accidentally. And not just that, if you have a suspicious colleague or spouse, getting a keylogger tool will help you know their calls, SMS, and other data. 

Confidential business information that has been shared with your clients and other partners can be prevented from leaking by strictly observing the emails and inboxes of the targeted device. And some of these tools also extend their support to desktops so that the surveillance is not just limited to Android phones and tablets. Even if you lose or phone or an intruder gets hold of your device, your data is safe from the wrong hands with remote control. 

Critical data can be backed up and erased from the phones if someone steals it. Sensitive applications can be blocked so that nobody else gets access to it. These are also one step towards a secure phone experience with features such as GPS tracking.

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