Simple Trick To Find Out How Much Data Facetime Call Use

That time has gone when everyone was having unlimited data plans. Internet packs are now crossing the price limit. Now a days we have to keep an eye on our data usage otherwise it would end up before the decided date. Today in our article we’re going to show a simple trick to find out, does Facetime use data? if yes then how much data is used in making one facetime call. 

Find Facetime Calls Data Used
Find Facetime Calls Data Used

Facetime has become one of my favorite app since its launch. Earlier I was a regular user of skype but after the launch of Facetime, it became one of the most desired service by me. High definition video and amazing sound quality is simply fabulous. In iOS 7 apple introduced Facetime audio feature while in iOS 8 they updated the app again with a little enhancement. Now you can find out how much data does your Facetime last audio or video call used. 

You don’t have to pay from your balance to use Facetime iOS app. If you have data plan then it would be deducted on every audio or video call. You can say that Facetime app doesn’t use minutes rather it uses Internet data plan. Remember that apple doesn’t specify whether the data used is from WiFi or cellular. 

How To View Facetime Data Usage For Audio And Video Calls

Just follow the simple steps mentioned below in order to know data usage. 

  • First of all navigate to your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Now open Facetime app.
  • Simply tap on the Video or Audio tab.
  • After that click on the information icon (‘i’) next to the every audio or video call.


Facetime Information Icon
Facetime Information Icon


  • Select the desired call for which you want to see data usage and click on information icon.
  • On the next information screen, you should be able to see the how much data does your last Facetime call used. Also you can notice additional info such as whether it was an incoming or outgoing call, time duration of the call etc.


Facetime Calls Data Used
Facetime Calls Data Used


So this was all about how to view data used by Facetime calls. You can find this information from phone’s recent tab too. You can notice from the image above that a 6 minutes audio call costs 4MB of data usage. Similarly according to an estimate 15MB of Internet pack is consumed in making 5 minutes of video call. If you’re on WiFi then you would cost nothing probably but you can find out how much it cost on cellular by your data usage. According to me it would be cheaper than regular voice call.


If you’ve any doubt or query then feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.

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