Getresponse vs Mailchimp – Clash For The Best Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of Internet advertising as it helps the business owners to get huge traffic on their website and assist them in maintaining a good relationship with their regular visitors. If you have a good amount of customer base, then you probably would need to have a mailing list in order to keep them updated about your latest and premium posts. This allows the business owners to keep their regular visitors updated about your offerings and saves them from losing more potential customers. Hence, it is extremely necessary to hire quality email marketing services.

Getresponse Vs Mailchimp
Getresponse vs Mailchimp

When it comes to email marketing services, there are numbers of companies offering effective email services at very reasonable price and distinctive features. Some are effective for small number of mailing list while others offer full fledged services along with some unique features that make them superior than the others. Getresponse and Mailchimp are two of such email marketing services which has been in the market for quite a long time and consider as the finest in the industry. In any list of best email marketing services, these two will surely be listed in the top five. Therefore, today, we will be focusing on these two and compare their services in order to know who is most suited for online business owners.

Introduction To Getresponse

Getresponse Logo

Getresponse is an extremely brilliant and outstanding email marketing service provider with lots of unique features to offer. It enables the online business owner to create a responsive email design for desktop and mobile platform that helps the users to read your emails without any difficulties. Its autoresponder feature with calendar scheduling is quite useful in order to schedule your emails to your subscribers. Pricing and support system of Getresponse is also far better from its competitors that make it the first choice of everyone who wishes to have a mailing list system.

Introduction To Mailchimp

Mailchimp Logo

MailChimp is unique in its ability to combine email marketing with humor. You will find on almost every page a link to a funny YouTube video. You’ll also find that MailChimp has all the features you are going to need to create an effective email marketing campaign. With MailChimp, your subscribers will be able to easily connect to your social networking pages in order to share your email marketing campaigns. You’ll also be able to use social networking in conjunction with your email advertising. In one click, you’ll be able to send out an email campaign and update your social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Delicious, with your latest information. You can also see who has tweeted about or liked your business.

Getresponse Landing Page
Getresponse Landing Page

After the introduction, now let’s start the comparison between the two mainstream email marketing services in the market. 

Getresponse Features

  • Autoresponder – This is a must feature for every email marketing service provider as it allows the client to send emails and newsletters to their subscribers on a regular basis if you are on a month or two holidays and can’t provide them with regular updates on your website. In order to make your subscribers not lose interest in your website, this autoresponder feature helps them to provide the subscribers with premium posts when you are not available.
  • Inbox Preview – This feature helps you to know how your email will appear to your subscribers so that you can make necessary changes, if wanted in the post.
  • Support System – The support system of Getresponse is undoubtedly one of the best as it offers phone support, email support and live chat support 24 hours a day on weekdays and 9AM – 5PM on Weekends. Their FAQ’s and Q&A section also proves to be a beneficial support and most probably will solve all your issues.
  • Statistics and Analysis – Well, with Getresponse, you will get a regular statistic of how your email newsletters and campaigns are performing. It will provide you with traffic details on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis that will assist you in customizing the required changes and get you to increase your subscribers.

Statistics and Analytics

Mailchimp Features

  • Email Newsletter – MailChimp is able to send email newsletter and drip email campaigns from easy to use app.
  • Social Network Access – With MailChimp, you can easily get social network powered subscriber profiles that allows you to increase traffic on the page.
  • Email Personalization – With Email Personalization, you can fill data, names, and send emails at the correct time zone.
  • Drag and Drop – The Drag and Drop feature of MailChimp allows the client to design emails with pre made templates.
Drag and Drop
  • Advanced Analytics – MailChimp offers advanced analytics of your emails lists, and individual open data for every subscriber.

Unlike Getresponse, MailChimp doesn’t offer unique features such as Landing page creator and inbox preview. All the features of Mailchimp are also available on Getresponse with great ease and its autoresponder feature is just near to perfect. The responsive email design of Getresponse is also better than MailChimp. The only drawback would be the templates provided by Getresponse appear to be outdated while Mailchimp templates look a little advanced. However, the functionality of these templates is relatively the same. Other than that, the support system of Mailchimp doesn’t provide 24 hours access which is not in the case with Getresponse.

The statistics and analytics of Mailchimp are at par with Getresponse with offering all the necessary details of your posts and emails along with campaign performance. You can also see the list of people who unsubscribed your page.

Overall, on the features and functionality basis, Getresponse offer better services than Mailchimp and thus choosing the prior one would be the most appropriate decision if you are new in the online business.

Plans & Pricing

Getresponse Pricing

  • $15 per month for 1,000 subscribers 
  • $25 per month for 1,001 to 2,500 subscribers 
  • $45 per month for 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers 
  • $65 per month for 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers 
  • $145 per month for 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers 
  • $250 per month for 25,001 to 50,000 subscribers 
  • $450 per month for 50,001 to 100,000 subscribers
Getresponse Pricing
Getresponse Pricing

Mailchimp Pricing

  • Free plan for sending 12,000 emails per month and up to 2,000 subscribers 
  • $10 per month for 500 subscribers and $5/month per additional 500 subscribers 
  • Rate goes up as your subscriber list increases with price starting at $0.030/email 
  • $450 per month for up to 85,000 subscribers and 1,020 emails

Mailchimp Pricing
Mailchimp Pricing

Well, when it comes to pricing, the obvious choice is Getresponse as it provides comparatively low rates for greater subscriber list. If you have a small list of hardly 500 subscribers, then you can choose Mailchimp but when your email list will increase, you will have to pay high rates as well. Therefore, Getresponse wins in the pricing factor as well.

Both Getresponse and MailChimp offer a great deal of features to develop, communicate and preserve E-newsletter templates and email database. You do not need to be technically advanced to use their services as they provide brilliant and user friendly interface. However, when it comes to choosing one, then I will recommend Getresponse because of additional features like landing page creator, free one month trial without entering card details, low price and better split testing features. Overall, Getresponse has many advantages over Mailchimp while the latter one only has better templates to offer and integrates with other tools easily.

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