[Solved] Fix This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop Error

Thursday, 5 February 2015

[Solved] Fix This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop Error

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Internet is full of information and knowledge. But sometime some errors become barriers to access such information. Such as "This Webpage has a redirect loop", Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): there were too many redirects problem is seen often while surfing in browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. Some users say that when they tries to access their Gmail account, this problem or error keep on occurring. At this situation one can't access his/her account. While some claims that when they try to access YouTube they got stuck with an error that is youtube loop chrome. Some of the users faced google calender redirect loop error. 
Whenever someone is trying to open a webpage then he is redirected to this page or error. If you are also one of them then don't need to worry I have written this guide to help you with simple to use and easy to use method. If the problem is from server side then this page will suggest you to clear cookies and reload the webpage again. Below is a step by step tutorial to help you throughout. Follow it and comment below to let me know if your problem is solved.

How To Fix This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop Error

As listed on the error webpage also you will need to clear cookies of your browser in order to overcome this error. After that when you will reload this webpage you will be able to access it. Read each and every step carefully to fix redirect loop error. 
  • In your Google Chrome Browser you will see a option at the right top corner (That is three lines).
  • Click on it and choose Settings from it. 
  • Now scroll down to the end of the page and then there you will see a option Show advanced settings
  • Simply click on show advanced settings and then just after Privacy there is an option Content settings, click on it.
  • Now from this menu, choose All cookies and site data listed below Cookies.
  • Now here you can see all the cookies and data which is stored locally when you surf internet. You will need to clear it in order to access any webpage. Simply click on Remove All button. 
  • And that's it. You are done. Now just restart your Google Chrome browser and open that webpage. You will be able to access to now. 
I hope after doing these listed steps you will be able to access internet again. In-spite this if you are not able to access then you can use some third part tool such as C Cleaner to clear cookies. This tool will clear all your cookies and data in-depth. 

Some people might think that going for another browser is can be an option but switching to other browser will not solve your problem. You might get this error in that browser too. 

If you are not able to solve this problem after the above listed steps also then simply go for Google Forums. This will surely help you.


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