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Thursday, 20 June 2019 Review: An All-in-One Online Project Management Tool

Posted by Madhu Gupta
There are a lot of times when people want to manage a lot of work in a short amount of time. When there are businesses involved, this part of work has to an effective one as regularity in mismanagement causes the business to fail. 

Therefore, we have different softwares which can help you a lot in your team management and also in your project management, in case you are handling multiple projects at the same time. Therefore, in this article, we have provided a total review of one of the best project management websites, that is

What is

The website, was founded as a start-up in 2014, although it existed back in 2012 as well. It works to provide services of the project and team management so that there is total transparency in work among the team members, and they can be super productive when at their workplace. This software works on a simple principle of knowledge sharing between the different management levels. 
It is because most of the time, the inefficiencies take place due to lack of communication between the employees of an organization and the team members. Using software such as, you can widen your knowledge base and can also help your team members who want to learn. 

Features of

  • There are various features which can be discussed for this particular software, and we have also put down the notable ones.
  • The columns hold an essential place in the features of the software. They can be used to customize your dashboard easily. Click on the + icon to add a column and manage things. There are different purposes for which the columns can be used, and even the users can add them as per their needs and requirements.
  • The stories section is also a great feature of, and it can be used to share information as well as knowledge among the members of the team. It is effortless to change the settings of who can see a particular story and is available in the settings option.
  • The view feature provides a lot of different views of the dashboard. Therefore, if you don't like the view of the dashboard, you can click on the view option to change it for yourself, and it would be unchanged on the computers of others.

How to Get Started with

The interface of is, and any person who has basic digital knowledge can quickly get it done. The users can also start with this software by signing in using their email addresses. After the email address is provided, a confirmation mail is sent, and you need to verify it. Once the verification is complete, you will come across a large number of screens which will ask you different types of questions related to your usage of the software. 

For example, how many users will the software be used by workspace names, URL, etc.? Once the process is complete, you will get a dashboard, and then you are all set to manage the entire workspace with this software. The whole process ideally takes a few minutes to complete.

The User Interface of

The user interface of any software is one of the core features, and it is the sole base on which the user experience is tested. The user interface of is excellent and is highly eye-catching and attractive. There are several details and features which can be spotted in the first look and they include inbox, boards, my week, shareable boards, private boards, and others. These options can be easily accessed from the left side of your dashboard.
The Support section is available in the bottom of the right side of the screen, and you can reach out to the Support team anytime you feel like as they have a 24x7 Support feature. This help can be in the form of webinars, instant help, and also the advice from their representatives. Also, the help section is high, which makes it a great tool.

To adjust your profile settings, you should look at the top right of your dashboard, and it is straightforward to customize the profile. The settings should be viewed after well as they can compromise the security of your work dashboard. For easy access, you can also use the search bar on the top of the dashboard.

How to Use

Once the entire setup is done and you have become familiar with the dashboard of the software, you will immediately receive a prompt to start your first project. 
This time again, the software will guide through a series of steps, and you should be very careful in choosing the options this time as there are chances of getting it wrong. After that, you are asked to select the template which has a lot of options such as content production, Tema management, freelancers, designers, etc. 
Apart from these free templates, there are several featured templates which you can quickly get it by paying some extra money if you don't have the required membership. After you have chosen your template, you can get started with the real work.

Pricing Information of

As found by a lot of users who have already spent a lot of time using this software for project management works, the pricing of is a bit higher than all other softwares. However, when you look at the features and performance of the software, you would not feel like you were charged wrong. Here are the pricing details of Software:
  • The first plan is the basic plan, which is priced at $32 per month. It is valid for 5 users, and it has more than 20 column types and necessary activity logs, two-factor authentication sign-in, and big storage size of 5 GB. You can also get embedded firms in this plan.
  • Then comes the most popular plan to be used by the users of website, that is the standard plan. It is priced at $53 per month and supports more features apart from those mentioned in the basic plan. Such features include template creation, form customizable de, a map view, timeline, calendar view, and also advanced search and template creation and email integration features. Apart from Application programming interface, the total space in this plan is 50GB.
  • The pro package is also a type of premium package where the users can have unlimited guests and calculate time tracking and customize the tags. Also, they can have the chart view and private boards along with a universal storage feature. This plan is priced at $79 per month.
  • There is yet another plan which continues to lure the users but is less used as it is more costly. It provides 24X7 support and can be used to get VIP Support and audit logs as well. Also, the uptime tracking is possible in this plan where there is a lot of API limit.
  • Important information is that there is a 2 week (14-day) trial period before you are charged, so there is no harm in taking it.


This was a review of the software, which is an efficient software for project management and similar tasks.
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How to Recover Deleted PDF Files from Recycle Bin?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Even though many businesses today use PDF files, not everyone knows how to recover a document if it was deleted or lost. Now, we'll tell you how to access necessary information, as well as how to recover data.

PDF is an accessible file viewing format. This abbreviation stands for Portable Document Format. It was created around 20 years ago and quickly became popular. Today this format is used for reading files not only on computers but also on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Read more about the recovery options of PDF files here.
Since the first release, the functions of PDF files have been significantly expanded. The developers took care of this. However, even now, a corrupt pdf file is not uncommon. Even though this format has been used for a long time, recovering information or data is sometimes extremely problematic. Because of this, users may lose important information on various media drives. 

Special Features of PDF

Fortunately, technical progress doesn't stand still, so there are several ways to recover pdf. Simple but effective advice is to check the "Recycle Bin" or to restore recycle bin. You can find there those files that were accidentally deleted or corrupted. 

It is enough to click the "restore" button to re-use the necessary document. However, you are lucky if you can use this way for pdf files recover. Often it is necessary to find another solution. One of the most effective is the use of Disk Drill. There are many reasons why the presented tools should be used:

  1. Ability to recover files stored not only on a computer but also on USB-drive, a memory card. This is possible because Disk Drill scans various file storage locations.
  2. Easy usage. Disk Drill uses advanced search algorithms. They are more powerful than other utilities, which allows it to identify data considered by some programs "non-recoverable."
  3. Ability to recover files of other formats. Images, audio, software, video - if any of them was accidentally deleted or damaged, there won't be problems recovering them.

Now you know how to recover a pdf file and will be able to access the necessary information quickly. 

Open damaged pdf using CleverFiles

Another popular and rational solution is to use CleverFiles. You need to go to the official Internet portal and click the "free download" button. Follow the installation instructions, and you will be able to open damaged pdf.

First, you need to run Disk Drill and click "restore" button. You then need to select the device that had PDF files. Choose the documents that need to be opened again in the future. Just a few simple steps, and now you know how to recover files deleted from recycle bin.

Now you can conveniently recover files from the Recycle Bin in just 5 steps. Disk Drill is available for free, which will help you always to recover necessary information.

How to recover pdf files that haven't been saved?

Often, a file is edited, but due to an unexpected system failure, it is not saved quickly enough. However, to reaccess the PDF, go to the "My Computer" folder, select the local drive C, and then go to the following sections - C \ Users \ username \ AppData \ Roaming \ Adobe \ Acrobat \ 1X.0 \ AutoSave. It is quite possible that the autosave feature will help you to avoid recycle bin recovery.
Saving files in the presented format is a rational choice of those people who want to be able to access them via any progressive device. 

The recovery of the lost information is most comfortable on your computer because it has the Recycle Bin, where the necessary documents could accidentally get. Carefully double check your data, and it will be the key to the personal security for every user.

Using the utilities presented, the file recovery will become as fast as possible, which will allow you to access all the necessary information quickly. These programs are available for free. They have full functionality, so you will be able to easily use them in other areas, solving problems of the restoration of information.
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Monday, 17 June 2019

3 Reasons to Use an SEO Tool Provider

Posted by Madhu Gupta
With the extensive use of the internet, SEO has become a necessity in the current business world. SEO enables business entities, website developers, and bloggers to enhance their market share. However, the question of whether to use SEO tool providers is contentious. Some individuals prefer not to use the tools, especially if they have employees who do the optimization tasks for them. 
Reasons to Use SEO Tool Provider
For startup entrepreneurs, SEO tools may be expensive to afford. Nonetheless, for an entity willing to broaden their network, and to widen their market share, SEO will serve best for the purpose. The following are the reasons why:

1) Save Time And Financial Resources

Some business entities employ SEO experts to analyze their websites and to generate leads. However, if you want an exhaustive audit on your website, SEO tools are the best option. They perform it at a lesser cost and shorter period compared to the manual method. They, therefore, cut down the cost of time in the audit.
Additionally, there are tools you can buy from eCrawl, which automates this audit process. They generate a report and identify any probable issues with your website. 

The problems may include: lacking page titles, missing Meta descriptions, broken links, errors concerning page server, and many others. Apart from saving you money and time, these tools will eliminate the boredom involved while performing the audit. If you chose to do it manually, you may waste time and not obtain satisfactory results.

2) Analyzes Competitors Strategy

The safest way to stay in the business arena is to do a background check on your competitors. SEO allows having an insight into the optimization technique used by them. Additionally, the tools can provide information about your competitors’ sources of their backlink, the performance of their contents, traffic numbers, and hierarchy. 

Aside from backlink sources, SEO tools can also reveal a full backlink profile: their anchor texts, and authority of the sources. Since generating new keywords can be tedious, these tools give you a list of keywords your competitors use. From the analysis, you can make an effort to reach the sources to improve your traffic. While entering the sources, however, ensure they are legit.

3) Monitors Your SEO Growth And KPIs

Everyone starts a business to make a profit. For a website, your profit margin is reliant on the amount of traffic it generates. To measure your SEO prosperity, you have to keep your website ranking, organic traffic, and conversions in check. Calculating these metrics may be impossible manually. 

SEO tools, therefore, makes it easy to gauge your success across various platforms and metrics. Also, these tools make it possible for you to measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): traffic, clicks, domain authority, sales, social media comments, number of backlink, shares, among others. 

It will do this as per your business model and targets. After measuring your growth, the tools also provide a report on your progress upon which you can use to strategize against your competitors.
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Saturday, 15 June 2019

8B Website Builder Review: Free & Simple to Use Online Builder

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Are you planning to create your new website with a unique looking design but don't know anything about coding and programming? Do you want to redesign your website? Or Do you want to be the owner of your website's application? And if to all these questions, your answer is yes then you should know about 8b website builder and for this, you need to go through this article which contains detailed information about 8b online website builder.

What is 8b Website Builder?

8b is an eminent online website builder which makes it possible to quickly develop a website even for those who have zero knowledge about programming algorithms and coding. In 2019, It is a leading software to build a Google friendly and mobile-optimized website within a few minutes and because of its speed and ease 8b is mostly preferred by professional web developers, web designers, UI/UX Designer,  etc. over any other website builder apps present in the marketplace.
8b Website Builder
A well-known web designer Paul Richards gives this program a green signal by stating that this software is cool and he has never seen any other application that works as smoothly and fast as 8b hence he is blessed to have this software in his personal list of designer tools. Here's a video overview of 8b:

Exclusive Features of 8b Website Builder

8b successfully proves its capability by providing its users with everything which is needed to create and grow their websites. It is popular among users because of its 8 masterly features which are mentioned below.

1. Latest and trendy designs

In 2019 and coming years, web design is the first thing which attracts users to visit your website. Hence, it is crucial to give your website a wacky modern look and for this 8b is the best software as it helps you in making the latest trendy templates and ultra cool themes for your website which matches your website content. 
Latest & Trendy Designs
You can use the tutorials available as videos to get it done quickly. Thus, you can always surprise your website viewers by latest and trendy web designs all around the globe.

2. Google AMP Feature

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages is the brand-new Google feature which allows users to load pages on mobile phones instantly even if they are using the slow network. 8b uses the latest version of AMP, which makes this software even faster. With the help of this feature, you can quickly increase the ranking of your website, which is directly proportional to the number of people visiting your site.

So, if you want to put your website at higher SERP rank and among top Carousels by Google, then try using 8b once. It helps you in creating a mobile-friendly website and consequently increasing the mobile experience of your website visitors to a positive side.

3. Provides Authenticity

If you are using free 8b website builder, then no need to worry about the security of your website as it automatically provides an SSL Certificate with HTTPS. It cares about your website enough so that you can freely focus on developing and growing your site without a hitch.

4. Offers latest PWA Support

PWA stands for Progressive Web Applications. It is a very practical feature of 8b as it allows you to create an application of your website. Henceforth, you will be able to convert your website into a desktop or mobile app in one second and quickly accelerate your web business from all fronts by serving your users.

5. Convenient to use

This 8b software is mainly popular among non-professionals who do not have any technical knowledge but is always recommended by professionals. It is basically based on drag and drop technique; hence, it is effortless to use and has an intuitive interface,  unlike other applications which involve tedious steps.

Earlier, it was necessary for a person who wants to create a website to master HTML + CSS coding languages to learn about algorithms and how to code a program or to opt for a second option that is hiring a professional web developer but today with dragging and dropping modules work has become easier for users to create different aspects of the website.

It is a fast way to make your website effectively and efficiently when you are using the 8b Drag and Drop website builder on your computer system.

6. Mobile Matey

Who says that it's impossible to do website works on mobile because it requires fast speed? With 8b you can overcome this problem as it is an online website builder application, so you don't have to download and install from google play store and then wait for a web page to load, this results in saving your time. 
Mobile Matey
Websites built with 8b easily fits on the screen of the device it is viewed on and is also responsive plus is also Mobile ready.

7. Multiple languages

8b automatically provides no need to develop different versions of your website in different languages practically as the feature of various languages. By this, you can readily make your website multilingual with zero efforts.

8. Increase Ranking

8b is SEO- friendly and helps in raising the standards of your website by leveling up Google rank and making it domineering among all its competitors.

How to Create your website using the 8b website builder?

Here in this, you only need to follow three simple steps to bring your imagination into reality in the form of a website.

Step 1: Start by simply selecting the theme for your website based on given topics such as agency, company, consulting, gaming, event, hotel, lawyer, medical, music, photographer, portfolio, real-estate, restaurant, shop, sports, travel, wedding, and writer.

Choose Template

Step 2: In the next step, all you need to do is to show creativity by styling and editing your website like changing colors, fonts, text, web backgrounds, adding images and videos,  etc. the way you want. With 8b, give your website the brand new figure by shaping it with according to trendy popular styles and designs.
Customize Template
Step 3: Third step is the simplest because in this you are ready to hit the internet by publishing your peculiar website after connecting to the domain name to your page and then submitting it to Google in just one click.
Publish Website

Pricing of 8b Website Builder

The 8b Website Builder is completely free to use for all the users. This means that the users do not have to pay a single penny to use the services of this website builder. Also, the entire collection and package of the templates are available for free without any extra charges. This makes it an excellent tool for building websites from scratch.

However, website development might be free, but the other things would be paid for sure. Such items include the domain name, hosting charges, SSL certificates, etc. All these are not so costly but have some charges involved which would be borne by you alone.

Final Verdict

We've tried our level best to provide you with all the information about 8b website builder. So that it may help you in deciding whether to choose it for designing and developing your website or not. We highly recommend you to use it; especially for non-programming lovers. Enjoy the interesting process of creating your website with an 8b website builder.
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Friday, 14 June 2019

BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 Review: True Wireless Earbuds With Pros & Cons

Posted by Madhu Gupta
The world is going wireless and with the wired earphones being prone to damage or malfunction over time, with hefty cable entanglement to live with, going wireless is the only way ahead. 

Now there are many alternatives when we need to buy wireless EarPods or even earphones, but now all of them are worth their price tags, and we need to choose carefully with the actual functionalities and ergonomics rather than just looking at the spec sheet.

We tried the Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 for a few days, with the product gaining a lot of attention since its launch and decided to give it a try. Did the excellent first impressions last, or did it fail miserably to cope up with expectations? Let's find out.

BlitzWolf BW-FYE5 Review

The unboxing experience was nothing fancy. The box we got included the EarPods, the case, some paperwork, the charging cable to charge the EarPods case, which they can charge the EarPods themselves. 

The spec-sheet, while not being over the top, has some decent inclusions for the price tag for sure. With Bluetooth 5.0 support and ergonomic design, and rated 3 hours battery life on the 50mAh battery of the EarPods and 400mAh on the charging case, there are a lot of promises being made here. 
These can be operated within 10 meters of the Bluetooth connected smart device due to the Bluetooth 5.0 support, now that's more than you can ask for. These EarPods compete with some expensive alternatives from reputed brands and although these are not the best in the market, for the right price, have better value for your hard-earned money than the superior alternatives.

#1 Look and Feel

We have to say, the EarPods we received in black color looked great out of the box and fit our ears well. The black is not much glossy, and EarPods themselves don't bulge out a lot out of the ears, making the experience very comfortable.
The charging case is also very compact, considering it has a 400mAh battery inside it; this makes these EarPods very easy to carry when you are traveling. The PC, ABS, and Leather materials used give the EarPods a premium look and feel, and again, for the price, there isn't a lot you would be left asking for. 

#2 The Performance

It took around 2-3 hours for the EarPods to fully charge and around the same time before that for the Charging case. While the EarPods lasted for a good 3 hours on the run, we did expect it to last a few more hours, but still, it is a very considerable amount of calls or music time.

The EarPods themselves sound very good. They have clear lows, respectable mids, crisp highs, and deep bass coupled with good enough noise cancellation that will provide you a great music experience. 
Being IPX6 water and sweat resistant, we were not afraid to use them in the gym, although would not recommend using them in the shower as the description page suggests you can.

The accuracy of the sound due to advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology being used here far exceeds the traditional previous generations of Bluetooth connectivity. Calls don't feel distorted; mic works just fine, and there's no noticeable lag or anything due to the inclusion of these wireless EarPods in the system. These EarPods use the frequency band of 2.4 GHz and face very less to absolutely no interference. 
Overall, for the price, we have to say we are getting the bang for the buck, and the Blitzwolf BW-FYE5 ticks more boxes than it misses.

Things We Loved About Blitzwolf BW-FYE5

1. The overall package of the charging case plus the EarPods is pretty compact. A handy feature when you consider the fact that you have to take these with on you while you travel, and a selling point for these. 
2. Lightweight and small earbuds. This makes these EarPods very comfortable for regular use, and we didn't even notice we were wearing these after the initial few hours we played with it.

3. Great connectivity. Bluetooth 5.0 support ensures connectivity with all smart devices, including Android devices, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and even laptops or other musical devices that support Bluetooth output.
4. Excellent bass and audio production. For EarPods of this small size, the sound quality you get is just excellent. We were overwhelmed by the music quality it could produce, and call experience was great too. 

5. Fit and comfort. With ear tips provided in the box itself for ears of all sizes, the comfort you are going to get when you use these EarPods is just great. Materials are ear-friendly and do not irritate over a long period of use too.

Things That can be Improved

1. Even though the 400mAh battery is quite a large capacity for the form factor of the charging case, it does not last a long journey. We would have preferred a slightly bigger case for a bigger battery.
2. 3-hour battery span on the EarPods leaves you asking for more. Yes, these are very lightweight and tiny in size, but there is no justification suitable if you need to charge the EarPods in the middle of a long drive.

3. Availability. Based on where you live and the stock available, the overall availability varies and is on the lower side. We found this product out of stock on many retailers' websites on many occasions, so it can be a pain in the butt to get hands on these otherwise great EarPods. 

Final Verdict

If you have the money to spend on these EarPods and these are available in your region, we recommend you to get this set of exceptional crafted music experience. Although the battery life on these is average, there is a lot of gain than loss, and the quality of the sound production justifies all the demerits. 

If you want to get rid of wires from your music experience or want a very compact solution for your musical background, these EarPods are definitely for you.
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