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Friday, 28 February 2020

Top 7 Things to Carry When you are Hiking

Posted by Madhu Gupta
A lot of people love to trek these days, and this is because of the growing interest in the areas of hiking. Most of the people are becoming health freaks, and this is, in turn, turning them into trekkers and hiking enthusiasts.
Things to Carry when hiking

7 Best Things to Carry When you are Hiking

Well, there are a lot of things, as mentioned on TouristSecrets to be carried along with you, and they are as mentioned below.

1. Camping Tents

Most of the people find it extremely difficult to carry their camping tents because these are heavy and hiking up with these tents can be a tedious thing. However, if you want to sleep peacefully and also if you are want to check your stamina, you must make sure to carry your tents.

2. Sleeping Bags

These are very important to be carried along when you are trekking. There are different kinds of sleeping bags, and according to the place you are hiking, you must carry the appropriate bags. Most of the people carry sleeping bags that can either make them feel extremely warm or cold. Hence, checking for the right kind of sleeping bag is very important.

3. Vessels to Cook

When you are hiking on the top of a mountain, you would not be able to find any vessels to cook, and of course, you may not be able to transport a kitchen. However, having the basic vessels and a barbecue setup would be extremely great. 

Carrying fire and some fuel would also be an apt thing to do when you start trekking in the jungles or even hike to a mountain. You may also need to carry wooden logs or sticks or a liter of petrol to start the fire immediately. Along with that, it is also important to make sure that you are not discarding the waste in nature.

4. First Aid Box

This is one of the important things to be carried along with you because some of the hiking spots are extremely dangerous. During those times, you might end up getting hurt, and to treat yourselves, it is mandatory to carry a first aid box.

Also, when you indulge yourselves in a little bit more adventurous activities, you must have the first aid box along with you. First-aid boxes with materials that can prevent you from leech bites are mandatory to have because these might come handy during the monsoon treks.

5. Extra Pair of Clothes

You might never understand the drop in temperatures when you are hiking because the temperature might drop down suddenly, and you may start experiencing cold temperatures. During these times, it is important to have an extra pair of clothes else; you might end up falling sick.

6. Torches and Lights

Carrying torches and necessary light sources is very important because when you are going deep inside a jungle, there would be no light. During those times, it becomes mandatory to carry the light sources along with you.

Final Words

Well, these are some of the mandatory things to be carried along with you when you go on a hiking expedition.
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4 Facts You Need To Know About Water Resistant Watches

Posted by Madhu Gupta
In this ever-evolving world, nothing is stationary. Everything keeps transforming at a lightning-fast speed, and watches are no different. Transfigured from a mere time device way back in time, watches now come packed with features you cannot simply think. 
Water Resistant Watches
From alarm, compass, calendar to smartphone connectivity, watches have upgraded to a whole new extent. Water-resistance is one such popular feature of watches that makes them even more popular among the crowd. There are plenty of watches that gives excellent water resistance making them a preferred product. For instance, Tudor is a diver’s watch that comes with a whopping 300 m water-resistant. 

The waterproof watch comes at handy while working in water such as washing dishes, cleaning, swimming, etc. if you are planning to buy a watch soon then it’s better taking a glance at a few facts regarding water resistance to make yourself well informed while purchasing the best water-resistant watch. 

Level of Water Resistance

The easiest way to find the best waterproof watches for your needs is to read water resistance level information. Typically, timepiece sellers list water resistance depth, followed by a specific number of meters.
30 meters is equal to 100 feet or 3 ATM.
50 meters is equal to 165 feet or 5 ATM.
100 meters is equal to 330 feet or 10 ATM.
200 meters is equal to 660 feet or 20 ATM. 

Water Testing

All water-resistant watches go through two types of testing. One test exposes the watch to different levels of air pressure; this dry test exposes any air leaks. Wet testing involves placing the watch inside of a small water-filled chamber, and then pumping it full of air pressure. Testers assign ratings based on how well the watch performs on both tests.

Swimming And Diving

If you enjoy wearing a watch while swimming or diving in deep water, choose a watch with a water resistance depth of between 100 and 600 meters, for regular swimming and snorkeling, go with watches labeled 100 to 300 meters. For deep-sea diving, you’re better off with watches that tolerate deeper depths.

Care And Maintenance

Chemicals contained in products such as perfume and hairspray can damage your watch. Chlorine in pools may cause corrosion. Keep your water-resistant watch away from too much chemical exposure. Rinse your watch in freshwater after diving in salt water.

Whether you are traveling in the rain or engage in any water activities regularly, a water-resistant watch is a great option to consider. Buying a water-resistant watch gives you the convenience to wear it everywhere, irrespective of the water situations. 

Final Words

There are different levels of water resistance that make them compatible with varying conditions of the water. Determine your requirements and choose the ideal water-resistant level in your watch to avoid any hassle in the future. 

The above quick tips will help you understand more about the water-resistant watches and how to keep them safe durable for long. Go through the facts and make a well-informed decision.
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5 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a POS System

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Your business has plenty of tools available in the modern market; there are tools for organizing finances, tracking inventory and sales, interacting with customers, and...wait a minute...those are all things you can do with a modern POS system! 
That’s right; it’s time to ditch the old-school method of having ten different software programs to handle inventory, sales, and customer profiles. Not only does a POS organized, store, and track all of that info for you, it’s also a great way to expedite the purchase process and join on and offline operations. 

When you’re looking for a POS system, there are a few questions to ask yourself before you settle on a brand or model. Here are five questions to ask before purchasing a POS system. 

1. Why Do I Need a POS System?

Is your current POS system so outdated that you can’t track inventory or customer information within the software? Knowing the why of your decision can help you zero in on the right brand and model for your company. How are you tracking your inventory? If you’re still using a manual pen and paper, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Think about how you use your current POS system. Are you often frustrated with its lack of features, slow response time, or frequent crashes? Are your customers frustrated with it as well? Remember that good service doesn’t only mean interacting with the customers in a kind and helpful way; it also means that your equipment functions properly when it’s supposed to. 

2. What’s My Budget Look Like?

POS systems vary in cost depending on the brand, model, and any extra features you may want, so you’ll need to understand your budget before you move forward. Some POS systems are a one-time purchase where you get the software and hardware for a fixed price, and others are month-to-month payment plans for the software itself. With these plans, you often need to supply your hardware. 

 How much money can you set aside per month (reasonably) to pay for a POS system? Take a look at what your business is bringing in vs. what’s going out at the end of each month, and go from there. A POS system will make it easier to track sales and income as well, so the next time you need to look at your budget, you can pull it up right from the POS interface.

3. What Features Must Your POS System Have?

You will likely have “wants” and “needs” when it comes to the POS system. You’ll need certain features, such as inventory tracking tools and customer profile tracking, but there are some features on modern POS systems that are extra. 

Some services operate on cloud storage and can integrate with software like Quickbooks. You may or may not need some of these extra features, but you at least want to narrow down the core features that you can’t go without. 

Having a hard list of what you need from your POS system will help you avoid buying bells and whistles from pushy salespeople. Only buy what you need at first, and then, if the budget allows and you like the brand and POS system model, you can add extra features later on. 

4. Is the Software Intuitive?

The last thing you want to introduce into your business is a software system that is difficult to use and has a huge learning curve. In the early days of POS systems, the software was complex and difficult to navigate, but most POS software is much more intuitive nowadays. 

Either way, it’s important to try out a demo before you purchase any software online. The demo will tell you how easy the software is to use and give you a better idea of how it will function within your business.

5. Am I Choosing the Right Brand?

Choosing a POS brand is like finding a needle in a haystack. There are hundreds of varieties of POS systems out there, which is why looking at customer reviews and tech reviews is a must when you’re shopping for POS software. 

Every POS company claims to have “the best” software, but what it boils down to is customer service and the quality of the software itself. If the software isn’t’ intuitive, accurate regularly, and practical, you’re wasting your money. 

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Final Words

The biggest brands in POS software got there for a reason. They’re dedicated to customer service and providing the highest-quality POS software for your money. Brands like Vend HQ take what they do seriously, and that’s what you need when you’re running a business. You simply can’t afford to take unnecessary risks with a POS company that doesn’t take pride in its work!
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MacDroid Review: An All-in-One Android File Transfer for MacOS

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Are you sweating over transferring data between an Android device and your beloved Mac? Fret not; help is right at hand. Owning an Android and a Mac is, well, in my opinion, quite an unusual combination, and Apple's bad reputation in interoperability doesn't help you even a bit.

To solve all your problems, I have a magic wand - MacDroid. MacDroid justifies its name as it provides seamless connectivity between Mac and Android. And guess what? All you need is a USB cable! Easy, right?

MacDroid - A Solution to Your Problem

It is well known that Android and macOS cannot work in sync without an interface that would assist in establishing smooth, two-way connectivity between the two systems while ensuring security. Mac users are often heard complaining about how hard it is to connect other devices with their mac pc.

Although it is possible to connect an Android to a Mac, the process is very complex and time-consuming. MacDroid does just that, without any hassle!

After a one-tap download and a guided installation, you'd be ready to transfer files and do cool stuff! The least of which is the clutter-free, user-friendly interface of the application, which is so intuitive that you'd spend no time understanding it. You have to connect your android device with your Mac using a USB cable, and you are set to go. 

MacDroid Features

As the official website claims, MacDroid can access both the internal and external storage of Android, which means you can also look into the SD card of your phone from the Mac itself. Your device would be mounted on Mac, just like a disk. 

The Finder app can easily access the photos from your Android gallery. The drag-and-drop feature even allows you to organize them into folders in your Mac. 
Not only that, but it also allows you to edit photographs on the go from your Mac. You no longer need to copy your photos from your Android to your Mac, edit them and copy them back again. 

Neat, isn't it? And the music in your Mac that you occasionally groove to, can be taken into your phone as and when required. (Yahoo, party time!) Missing the web-series you downloaded last weekend while on the train? Likewise, you can play the music that's on your phone directly on the Mac without the need to transfer them.

You can carry your movies on your phone, having previously transferred them with our friend MacDroid. Need to format your phone and want to backup files quickly on your Mac? MacDroid is there to help you out.

Here comes the coolest part: you can edit Android files directly from your Mac with MacDroid, without having to transfer them to your computer! Yes, it's true! Moreover, you are free to choose any application of your choice for editing them.

Different Modes

MacDroid offers connection via two modes:
  1. ADB mode, which is multi-threaded, and hence provides faster file transfer and convenient management.  
  2. MTP mode, which is an easier way to connect, and provides support for other compatible devices apart from Android as well. However, it is single-threaded. 
You can visualize the entire hierarchical architecture (folder structure) of your device from your Mac. It would help you to organize your media optimally. 

Moreover, you can take an occasional backup of your phone into your computer, so that critical data is not lost in case your phone is misplaced. A great fact about MacDroid is that not only does MacDroid support all Android and MTP devices, it also provides a platform with good transfer speed. 

One has to commend Electronic Team on the great work that they have done on the app. Although MacDroid faces competition from apps such as SyncMate and Android File Transfer for Mac by Google, it stands out prominently. The fast and safe transfer mechanism and crisp and easy to use UI make MacDroid a standout choice.


MacDroid offers two versions: a free one and a Pro version. The free version offers most of the earlier mentioned features but allows only one-way traffic from Android to Mac. It does not permit the transfer of files for Mac to Android. Also, the free version doesn't have provisions for automatic updates and customer support. 

The PRO version offers a complete experience with support for file transfer both ways. It is regularly updated consistently and has customer support. Also, it allows the software to be used on up to 5 macs. 

However, it has to be billed annually with a subscription fee of $19.99.So what are you waiting for? Grab your premium subscription for $19.99 per year. It can't get cheaper than this! And you also get a 7-day free trial to test out the features exclusively.

  1. A good stable platform for connectivity between Android and Mac.
  2. Efficient and fast transfer of files.
  3. Supports all Android Devices.
  4. It allows the transfer of both files and media.
  5. It doesn't need any additional plugins or extensions.
  6. One can edit Android files on Mac without moving them to the computer.
  7. It allows you to mount both internal and external storage.


  1. The free version allows only one-way transfer - from Android to Mac.
  2. The PRO version is expensive.


Having used the app and tested similar apps, I deeply favor MacDroid over the others. My experience with MacDroid has been very smooth and fulfilling without having experienced anything that can form negative opinions about it. To all those reading this, I would recommend this app, and I am certain that it would not fail you. 

I hope that this review has brought you quite far from wondering how to transfer files between Mac and Android. I would also recommend to try out the PRO version as it offers a much better experience. If anything can revolutionize connectivity between Android and Mac, it's MacDroid.
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Monday, 24 February 2020

6 Instagram Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Everyone needs inspiration – whether it's for fitness goals or career advancement, inspiration can be found practically everywhere! In this technologically-driven world, inspiration can even be found online. Famous personalities, celebrities, bloggers (and vloggers) use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share their knowledge and experience in their craft and continue to inspire a multitude of their followers.
The same can also be said for entrepreneurship. For budding entrepreneurs, their world revolves around what is the newest and greatest product or service to offer, and how to make these more marketable for consumers. Entrepreneurs need to be constantly aware of the latest trends in the industry, including opportunities to grow Instagram followers so that they can flex their influencing muscles to a wider set of audience. 

The staff from would have this very feature of Instagram follower growth for a wider influencing circle. Their tried-and-tested method includes: knowing your target audience for a more systematic way of influencing them, being able to get the attention of your target audience through effective marketing strategies, growing your intended audience, and improving through Artificial Intelligence (AI). With this, let's take a look at Instagram accounts that every budding entrepreneur should follow. 

1. Peter Voogd

You might know Peter Voogd because he is the founder of Game Changers Academy, a premier academy for young professionals and ambitious entrepreneurs with services such as coaching, monthly mastery calls to discuss business with prove step-by-step system for growing profit. He is also a strong believer in escaping the rat race and living life on your terms. 

You can check him out at @peterjvoogd on Instagram. One of the reasons why he is followed by many is because he is only thirty (30) years old yet achieved so much as a business mogul. He built his multiple million-dollar businesses and was able to publish two (2) books on entrepreneurship: Massive Success and Six Figures.  Among his most famous quotations is: "Amateurs practice until they get it right; professionals practice until they can't get it wrong."

2. Marie Forleo

You might know her because she is the founder of MarieTV, an award-winning web TV show that inspires people to be the best person they can be. You may check her out at @marieforleo on Instagram. Coincidentally, she was also named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation who tells it how it is without the sugarcoated fluff. She inspires people to maximize their full potential to be successful in life. Among her most famous quotes is: "The most powerful words in the universe are the words you say to yourself."

3. Gary Vaynerchuck

You might know him because he is the CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports and does not sugarcoat - he tells it how it is to prove his point. You can check him out at @garyvee on Instagram. He gained a lot of Instagram followers because he grew his family's wine business from USD 3million to USD 60 million through a rebranding process. 

His Instagram account boasts of brutally honest advice for budding entrepreneurs. Among his famous quotes is: "If your voice in your head is mean to you, remember that someone manipulated that voice and instilled it in you. Kill that fake voice and find yours. I love you, now love yourself."

4. Harvard Business Review

You might know them because really… Who doesn't know Harvard? You may check them out at They are considered as one of the best entrepreneur blogs because of their eye-catching visuals that provide tips for young entrepreneurs. Some posts are also designed to inform the audience, while others would be focused on starting a discussion with their audience.

5. GirlBoss

You might know her because of the famous book and  Netflix show with the same title. GirlBoss is Founded by Sophia Amoruso, an American businesswoman whose Instagram you can check at @girlboss. 

Sophia is most famous for starting vintage designer clothing company Nasty Gal, which she grew from a one-woman eBay operation as a 22-year-old in 2006 to a company with a cult following, which earned over $300 million in revenue in 2015 alone, according to Forbes estimates. AMong her famous quotes is: "The energy you'll expend focusing on someone else's life is better spent working on your own. Just be your idol."

6. Dan Lok

You might know him because he is the founder of, which is an online marketplace where companies connect and learn. He is also a successful Tedx Speaker. You can check him out at @danlok on Instagram. 

His Instagram account is the best source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs as it is filled with business tips, tricks, and success mantras. This account works best for people who need out-of-the-box innovative thinking for business. AMong his famous quotes is: "Quotes don't work until you do."
Whether you are looking for some personal motivation or watching out for the latest business hacks, the accounts above will surely make you put your thinking cap on and start working on the next big thing. Who knows? You'll be featured as the next Instagram account for future entrepreneurs!
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