How Can I Start Speaking English at Home?

Thursday, 21 April 2022

How Can I Start Speaking English at Home?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Have you ever wondered how you can start speaking English at home without visiting the four walls of a classroom? The era of learning the English language in school or a classroom appears to be fading out, though not fast enough. There's perhaps some more entertaining or enjoyable way to learn English.

One of such ways is using only the best app to learn English.

Apps enable you to understand and significantly improve your English language on the go—anywhere and anywhere—or from home.

Therefore, if you're ready to start making significant headway in learning, understanding, and improving your English, the apps highlighted in the next section are the top choices.

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Top 5 Apps for Learning the English Language at Home

Several apps for learning the English language exist today. A handful of them offer courses that take hours or even weeks to complete. These courses cover every aspect of the English language, such as vocabulary, grammar, speaking practice, etc.

You can utilize several language apps to make the most of your study period. This will help you speak English like a native in a relatively short period.

In light of these realities, here are the top 5 apps for learning the English language at home:

1. Babbel

The Babbel language app is one of the best for teaching English to newbies. Users get brand-new language-learning experiences whenever they use this app. It connects users with other learners worldwide, creating a bond everyone shares.

Babbel's unique method of teaching users the English language focuses primarily on gamification and repetition. It will allow you to accumulate as many points as you progress through the platform's language learning.

Users of Babbel can learn the English language via several interesting topics that range from travel to business. This helps make the language-learning experience motivating, fun, entertaining, and expository. The Babbel language app is one of the best for teaching English to newbies.

2. FluentU

The FluentU English language application helps users learn the Indo-European language using real-world videos from news, popular talk shows, and even television commercials.

This approach to teaching interested individuals exposes you as much as possible to English in the exact way the natives speak it. But this isn't the only thing that sets FluentU apart from other top language-learning applications.

The FluentU application is beneficial for learning and remembering as much English vocabulary as possible. The language learning app also has an interactive feature. Every English language learner can tap a particular word and hear or learn how that word is used extensively in context.

3. Duolingo

The Duolingo language-learning application is one of the few that makes learning fun and exciting by turning to study into games. As your English significantly improves, you start earning points. You can even scale the several levels within the app the more your English improves.

Besides teaching English grammar, the Duolingo application allows users to practice writing, reading, listening and speaking. You can even record each answer and rate your spoken English.

Duolingo is an award-winning language learning application that monitors your progress day after day. You'll always receive a progress report at the end of every lesson.

4. Rosetta Stone

Many specialists consider Rosetta Stone the most comprehensive or all-encompassing language learning application. This could probably be linked to the fact that the language learning application has been around for some time.

Rosetta Stone is somewhat different from other language-learning apps because it immerses you completely in the English language right from your first lesson. However, many studies back this somewhat intimidating approach to teaching the English language. This may not be the best approach for every learner, as people have different learning abilities.

The lessons you'll encounter within the Rosetta Stone app are loaded with several interactive activities. These aren't just random activities. They're carefully orchestrated activities that help boost your writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills.

The pace of some lessons on the Rosetta Stone language learning app may be somewhat slow. But this shouldn't be a problem for those who're motivated.

5. Mondly

The Mondly language learning application is considered the most beginner-friendly English app. You'll learn the English language quickly since the app's primary focus is on conversations.

Mondly is the English language learning app to turn to if you're not interested in complex vocabulary or complicated grammar. Additionally, the app is one of the most flexible ones on this list as it excels brilliantly at helping its users track their progress.


Several entertaining or enjoyable ways of learning the English language at home exist. One of such popular ways is using the best applications for learning English. This is a highly effective way of understanding the language outside a school or classroom walls.

Every app for learning the English language at home has unique strengths and weaknesses. This is why experts highly recommend utilizing a combination of several language learning apps. This will enable you to make the most of your learning period and speed up your learning process.

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