How People Search Work with the Help of Big Data?

Thursday, 31 October 2019

How People Search Work with the Help of Big Data?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Data has become a prominent aspect of our day to day life. Since everything now has a digital presence, we deal with providing and accessing data in our daily life. Even ordering food through an app takes note of our most frequent orders, the deals on it, and our habits to provide a personal insight to it by associating the account with a social network
How People Search Work
We let people know about ourselves a bit too much than we ever thought. All the data that we provide is meticulously curated and read to form an insight, both relating to a group and individual. 

Big data is a primarily coined term nowadays and refers to the structured, unstructured, and semi-structured amount of data of petabytes. This massive amount of data cannot be put to use by traditional data processing software. This data amounts to our day-to-day working over the internet, which lets various organizations map the behavior and trend. 

How is Big Data helping businesses?

Big data and its analytics form a significant chunk of both the public and private businesses. The primary reasons for this high demand for analytics are because of the following reasons:

1. Impacting the Decision-Making Process:

The main feature of this humongous amount of data is to define market trends, thereby changing the decision making of the businesses. The correct decision in regards to the direction helps a company outrun a competition and emerge big.

2. Growth of the Business

Observed patterns and choices of the consumers in a business can help businesses create a dedicated category, thereby leading to expansions. The big data analysis allows corporates to know about the buyers, suppliers, demand, customer intent, and prospects. The planning based on the review of data can help put the business on the fast track.

3. Real-time checks and frequency

Analysis and monitoring of the data trends help the businesses estimate the metrics, customer loyalty, and provide time for retrospection. Thus, it adds gears to prediction and helps prevent the downfall and losses. This continuous analysis also helps the businesses test their theories in real-time without having to face significant damage from the change created.

4. Customer Interactions

The big data are helping the companies so much it improves their consumers too to make an informed decision. For instance, a customer wanting to buy a mobile phone in a fixed budget compares a lot of the mobiles of different companies before buying one. 

To make a fool of the customers now is extremely difficult. Even the influence created by companies is marked with scrutiny before the customers decide to go with a company. Thus, all these factors help the company build a proper forum of discussion with their customers.

5. Re-develop products

The data involves a lot of parameters such as the gender, age, and geographical location of the customer; it can be used to disintegrate the feedback to a product or service. The big data analysis has opened wide doors for businesses to understand the customer perspective of the product and services. 

Apart from the customer perspective, big data also helps the company to develop the products cost-effectively and efficiently.

6. Better Risk Analysis

The data is continuously and meticulously analyzed; all the social media trends, news reports, and feedbacks are explained to the core. This gives businesses enough time to determine the risks and work accordingly.

7. Data Safety

The digital footprint on the increase, it is essential for the companies to keep the data safe. A carefully organized data speaks volumes about the organization and the individuals involved in the data collection. One mishap of the information falling in the wrong hands, and it is easier to turn the profits to loss.

8. Generates Revenue

The predictive knowledge of the market and the choices of the consumers. It becomes more comfortable for businesses to plan new revenue generation schemes and build better ones for the current ones.

In understanding the prospects of the Big data, some service providers help in providing access to information about the industry and its components in a comprehensive manner. Radaris is one such service platform.

What is Radaris?

Radaris provides access to people, jobs, businesses, etc. from profile sourcing data from large data providers. It backs up the data with factual references, social mentions. This service offers access to billions of public records in real-time. It allows for the complete record search. 

There are one-time reports and subscriptions available. The app is also available on mobile, both iOS and Android. It is trusted by industry leaders such as Trust Wave, Norton Securities, etc. Radaris help people search, reverse telephone lookup, and verify criminal records. 

How does Radaris work?

Radaris uses the Big Data analysis along with high volume semantics to connect the information, i.e., from property to personal records to social media activity to make a complete database of an individual or business. 

These databases can be further used to study the behavior and preferences in a demographic. Radaris brings together the following information:
  1. Current and former address.
  2. Phone Numbers
  3. Property Ownership
  4. Social Media footprints
  5. Work History
  6. Registration Numbers.

Radaris offers the following services to make big data analysis helpful for people and corporations in work and business:
One-time reporting and subscription are ways to access information. Monthly subscription and beyond is useful for multiple searches. 

Criminal history and background checks about people from various available public records. The background check gives insight into the educational and work history as well as family history.

Telemarketer information. There are a lot of telemarketing calls and SMSs nowadays. Apart from these, they also seem to be phishing attempts to gain access to data. The reverse phone lookup from radaris can help in verifying these callers and numbers.

Sex offenders watch list. This is helpful when someone is buying or renting an apartment as well as during hiring for a job.

These are some of the features that radaris offers to its customers in, making great use of the Big Data.


Big Data analysis is a growing field with high market and business potential. The data possessed by the companies and the government is a gold mine in making decisive-policies, channelizing revenues, and creating revenue streams. The people who study this data as well as the ones who put it use have great professional prowess as the businesses.


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