Exciting Gaming Technologies that Wait for us in the Future

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Exciting Gaming Technologies that Wait for us in the Future

Posted by Madhu Gupta
 The evolution of technologies is always fascinating to follow. And it is even more interesting to try to look behind the curtain and guess what’s coming next. That’s precisely what we’re going to do in this article. Analyzing what we have now, we will try to understand what’s waiting for us in the nearest future.

We understand that not everyone is a fan of new technologies. There are a lot of people who prefer to stick to ROM games. Unfortunately, very few gamers managed to keep their old consoles until this day. But that’s not an issue anymore. At RomsPlanet, you will find thousands of cool ROMs for different consoles, and even emulators to create a realistic experience.
create a realistic experience
So, here are our predictions for the future of gaming.

Finally the truly fast Internet

The thing is that we should have a rapid connection. Fiber optic cables can transfer 500 gigabits of data per second! Just check what is your speed right now. It’s cool if it reaches 200 gigabits per second. But in most cases, it doesn’t reach even that benchmark. 

The explanation of why it happens is straightforward - there is no decent Internet infrastructure. Although it must change in the nearest couple of years. And we’re impatiently waiting for this moment because the more sophisticated online games become, the faster connection they require.

Game Streaming will be the Netflix for Gamers

Just like you subscribe to Netflix to watch your favorite shows, you will be able to subscribe to gaming services that will allow you to play games using your Internet connection. The games will be cloud-based, and you won’t have to clutter your hard drive with them. There already are services like Stadia by Google, and we expect to get more of them in the future.

Game streaming will be a relief for gamers since they won’t have to worry about the hardware. The provider of the service will process the gameplay. And all you’ll need to have is a fast Internet connection, which we must have very soon.

VR gadgets will get off the Leash

The beauty of VR gaming is in freedom. But what freedom we are talking about if there are all these cords? We are already moving towards wireless gaming gear, but still, it is not as powerful to work from anywhere at any moment. So that’s something we’d expect the future to bring.

Talking about gadgets, there is one more thing that is exciting - the ability to feel things in VR. We have VR gloves already that allow us to move naturally in games without the generic controller. But we expect such gadgets to offer us a tactile feeling.
such gadgets to offer us a tactile feeling

ToF cameras will become more advanced

Augmented reality is something that is no less cool than VR. Time of Flight cameras can understand the 3D map of the environment. Pokemon GO is a perfect example. In this game, Pokemons are placed accurately in the real environment. And in theory, you could chase them as they maneuver around actual objects. You can imagine how many possibilities this technology brings to the gaming industry. With ToF cameras, we could create cute avatars or holograms, and engage our environment in the gameplay.

There are many other high-tech things we’d expect from the future, but these are the most fascinating to us. Our world becomes intervened with technologies, and it is fantastic. Of course, you can stick to free ROMs, but we encourage you to try new stuff from time to time, too. 


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