6 Best Parking Apps to Save Your Time

Thursday, 29 August 2019

6 Best Parking Apps to Save Your Time

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Technology is being developed every day, getting better and much more efficient. It helps us in many different things, and with the digital world on the rise, it has even reached out to help us with our parking issues.
Best Parking Apps

Top 6 Parking Apps to Save your Time

There are so many helpful parking apps available to the public, take a look below at 6 great ones below.

1. Parker

This is a handy app that can assist in finding paid parking, or navigate local street parking rules, depending on your destination. The app can help you find a spot with decent BWI parking rates in the nearest parking lot or garage, so if you're living in the Baltimore/Washington area; with an airport that records over 27 million passengers annually, you won't have any problems. 

It also helps you navigate local street parking, with a running timer that can save you the hassle of parking tickets or extra fees.

2. ParkMe

It offers the largest and most accurate parking database in the world; with over 84000 locations in over 64 countries, it can compare the most available spots and save it for future reference. You can also use your credit card to reserve a spot in advance, increasing your chances of not losing a spot.

3. SpotHero

This app lets you book and pays in advance for your parking spot via your phone, and also it promotes attractive and exclusive deals with parking providers; with discounts of up to 50% provided to many of its users. 
It has its dedicated unsold spots from various parking facilities in different areas thanks to these partnerships with parking operators.

4. BestParking

This is one of the most top-ranking parking apps available; it will find you the best spot, no matter where you are. It can sort spots by price, so you can instantly visualize where the most affordable and most expensive spots are located. 

The app has 850 thousand monthly users, gaining more by the day. And that's backed by excellent reviews from various people who found decent parking, saving time and money in the process too.

5. Parking Panda

It sets itself apart from the rest, offering a decent service and possible free deals. It has partnerships with various stadiums, family attractions, concerts, and other events so that you can find your spot closest to the action without wasting time searching around. It has a cool referral program, where you can get in new friends or family members as users, and that will make you earn free parking.

6. ParkWhiz 

The app is considered to be the king of all parking discounts because it promises to help save you more money than all of its competitors. It can also help you compare, reserve, and pre-pay for parking easily without a hassle. While most apps can only promise savings of about 50%, this one can promise savings of up to 60%!
The digital world offers a lot of assistance in our daily lives; it helped thousands of people around the world find better parking spots. Thanks to these applications, you don't have to worry about parking ever again.


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