Top 7 Solar Power Banks of 2019

Monday, 24 June 2019

Top 7 Solar Power Banks of 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Would you believe if we say that charging your gadgets is now possible just by using solar energy? To your surprise, yes, it is possible. This is not any imaginary thought, but it has become a reality with the use of solar power banks.

Without a doubt, such solar power bank in India is the coming future as they not only cut down your electricity bill, but they also are much needed to keep the environment clean and greener.

7 Best Solar Power Banks {Latest 2019}

Here we have listed down some of the best solar power banks that can be relied upon for your consideration.

1. FEELLE Solar Power Bank

This is one of the best solar power banks that you can use. It combines 4 high-performing solar panels to offer the best solar charging facility to the users. Moreover, it also has an incredible battery life which can be used to charge a device 12+ times without any hassles.
To save the user's time, this solar power bank can be fully charged just within 30-hours under the sun. It is the high-class performance of this solar power bank that set it apart from the other available power banks.

It is made using plastic and synthetic leather, which makes it a durable and long-lasting product. It also comes with LED flashlight, which is also charged with the help of solar panels. It is the product which combines efficiency with performance in the best possible manner.


  1. High-performing
  2. Durable
  3. Long-lasting charging for devices
  4. Energy-efficient
  5. Gets easily charged

2. ADDTOP Solar Charger Power Bank

With just 3 solar panels, this solar power bank is the other best solar power banks available in the market. It can get fully charged under the sun within the time of 30-hours and in return can cost an average device for 10 times. This is an excellent performance offered by a solar power bank to the users.
It has been designed to be a waterproof model which prevents any possible damage from the external conditions. Along with this, it is designed with high-quality plastic and leather which enhances the durability of this power bank.

It also consists of an LED light which can be operated in 3 modes for the convenience of the users. It combines the best of design and high-class charging capability to stand distinguished than the other options.

  1. Waterproof design
  2. 3 solar panels
  3. Quick charging under sunlight
  4. 10-times charging of devices

3. Hiluckey Portable Solar Charger

Next on the list is this fantastic solar power bank which has been designed by keeping perfection in mind. It is an entirely waterproof model which offers effective performance to the users under all weather conditions.
It requires 35-50 hours under the sun for getting ultimately charged to be used. After the complete charging, it can be used to charge various devices for 8+ times. The only thing that bothers in this model is that its wall charging is slow.

However, the excellent point about this solar power bank is that it is compatible with most of the devices. It also contains an LED light which can be operated in 3 different modes. This device offers the perfect combination of looks and efficient performance, which is an extraordinary offering to the users.

  1. Waterproof 
  2. High compatibility
  3. Contains an LED light
  4. Quick device charging
  5. High durability

4. RavPower Solar Charger

Though this solar power bank is quite simple in its looks, it is highly durable and reliable in terms of its performance and efficiency. It is one quality product on which you can rely for long time usage without facing any hassles.
This device needs 85-hours to get wholly charged under the sun and thus in return offers 7-times of device charging. It assures the users that it can easily and quickly charge the devices without any hassles.

The quality of the material of this solar power bank is durable and reliable. It offers its users with a firm yet gentle grip which allows them to get a soft hold of this solar power bank. To complete its benefits, it is also waterproof and dustproof.

  1. Quickly charge the devices
  2. Durable and reliable
  3. Offers strong yet gentle grip
  4. High-quality material

5. OUTXE Rugged Solar Charger

To begin with, this product is very durable and secure, and this is the preferred choice of the users who are looking for a solar power bank for the long term use. Further, it is designed to be waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, which enhances its performance in all types of situations and conditions.
It needs to be placed under the sun for 70-hours to get ultimately charged. Later, it can be used for charging the devices for 4+ times without any interruptions. It also comes with a flashlight for enhancing the convenience of the users' access.

The outer body of this power bank is made using rubber and plastic. Thanks to the available ridges, it offers a smooth grip to the users. It is designed to have fortified edges, which reduces the risk of damage in case of falling.

  1. Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
  2. Highly durability
  3. Quick charging
  4. Offers smooth grip

6. BEARTWO Portable Solar Charger

If you are looking for a light solar charger, then this can be your preferred choice. To attract several users, it is designed to be durable so that it can last for the maximum amount of time.
The users are given an additional carabiner with this solar bank so that they can get ease in hanging this device. 
Along with this, it offers a swift wall charging to the users. You will also be impressed with its ability to charge the average device for 4-5 times without any hassles.

Thanks to the available flashlight available in this device, it can offer the needed convenience to the users to operate it under dim light situations. It is designed with high-quality material and is also made waterproof in its design. Its robust design makes it fit to withstand all the accidents without any fear.

  1. Waterproof design
  2. High-quality material
  3. Fast wall charging
  4. Comes with additional carabiner
  5. Can withstand various accidents

7. Anker Dual USB Solar Phone Charger

This solar power bank is the best choice for charging your smartphones quickly and conveniently. You can entirely rely on the durability of this power bank as it is designed to last for long.
The distinguishing feature of this device is that it comes with a versatile mat which contours according to the position of the sun. 
This helps this solar power bank to get wholly charged fast. Along with this, it can also offer quick device charging without any difficulties.

It offers 2 USB ports to the users so that they can use this device with any of the devices of their choice. Coming from a known brand, it is also compatible with most of the devices and thus reduces the complications for the users.

The users are also given a warranty of 18-months with this device against the possible problems that they might face.

  1. Waterproof design
  2. Offers 2 USB ports
  3. High compatibility
  4. Self-adjustment according to the sun's position


These are some of the most efficient power banks in India which are designed to offer maximum efficiency to the users. Though you can choose any of the mentioned options, we would like to recommend buying FEELLE Solar Power Bank. 

This solar power bank gets quickly charged under the sun and can also be efficiently used for charging the devices several times.

If you need any information about the solar power bank, then please comment below. We will offer you with the best information available so that you can make the most suitable decision of buying the best solar power bank.


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