EPRIVO Review: Free Private Email Address Service

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

EPRIVO Review: Free Private Email Address Service

Posted by Madhu Gupta
EPRIVO is a privacy service which aims at providing privacy and security in emails and online communication. It meets such security requirements by having full control over the access of the emails and the distribution of that access and data to various points so that no single place holds the complete data. 

It also works with your existing email address and does not store emails. It uses a user's carriers and associated cloud storage to make sure even encrypted content is never available from a single carrier or provider.  
While it provides a very high degree of security in emails, you can use it for free for three months. After this, an affordable active subscription is involved in the usage of this software, which comes with a lot of security and privacy features. It is understandable as privacy services must rely on revenue vs. advertisement income. 

Nevertheless, EPRIVO offers free private email for veterans, as well as regular users who send at least 10 emails to non EPRIVO recipients during the trial period.   

In summary, one key benefit of EPRIVO is that it separates the role of security provider from the role of hosting email, which we think is very important. Another is that it does not require a new email account. A further is its ability to control access to your emails everywhere even after they are sent.

In this article, we provide a full review of the EPRIVO Private Email Service.

Why Should You Use EPRIVO?

When there are multiple security providers online, this is an obvious question: why the users should be using EPRIVO Private Email or switch to it? The answer lies in the foundation of EPRIVO itself. Had those services been that effective, there wouldn't have been a need. 

EPRIVO was founded by an accomplished team with background from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and MIT, led by Professor and serial entrepreneur C Andras Moritz. It offers higher security including with physical security, adds unique and exceptional controls to each sent email, and is also the only service that works with your current email address. 

That is, EPRIVO is not a new private email account provider, but rather it is a security service that privatizes your existing email addresses. It is the only service that can do that. Also, EPRIVO works on all platforms, integrates with 3-rd party email clients, and enables sending confidential emails even to non-EPRIVO users that can read it through the EPRIVO Private Email Viewer on the web.  
EPRIVO also provides unique sender privacy control and confidentiality for any existing emails, from any account, as well as future emails. EPRIVO's technology is patented with multiple issued patents. Since it is steps ahead of simple encrypted email services, you have numerous reasons you may consider to switch to EPRIVO. 

How Does EPRIVO Provide Private or Encrypted Emails?

The different methods used by EPRIVO to provide a secure email service have been listed in this section. These methods and techniques are as follows:

Total Control to the User

Cool. When using EPRIVO, the users have the ultimate control over their data, and no one else. The users have two-way authentication to have a secured area and then, most importantly, the appropriate privacy controls which protect your data and, in a way, maintain ownership even in recipients' devices. 

These controls are added at the time you compose emails or by operating on sent emails. For example, you can make your emails vanish in no time by recalling them, even after you have posted those emails. You can expire them. You can control viewing. You can manage even that subject line and FROM address disappears after a specific time. You can also do that with all email metadata.

Shattered Storage of User Data

When you use any email service, your email content, as well as your other data, is stored with the email service provider and they have access to it. That is often where the data breach takes place. All encrypted email services beyond EPRIVO store your data.  However, when you use EPRIVO, the data is never saved with EPRIVO; EPRIVO is not a hosting email service. 

It is instead saved on your email carrier(s) clouds and that too in an encrypted and shattered form. The content of the email is protected using algorithms so that your complete data is never entirely at the same place, even if it is in encrypted form (EPRIVO physical separation).

Features of EPRIVO Private Email Service

The different elements of EPRIVO make it one of the best private email security service providers you can use and the best if you want to use your existing email address with no new email account needed.

Here are the different features of EPRIVO Private Email Software:

1. Physical as well as Digital Security

The EPRIVO private email services are highly conscious about the security of the emails, and hence they allow you to retain one email address and store the data in an encrypted form over different providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc. 
This way, none of your data is exclusive with a single organization, even in an encrypted format. It also means that authentication relies on multiple OATH access tokens or passwords, making it hard to access your emails even with a compromised password. This is a pioneering feature of EPRIVO.

2. Privatization of Emails

When using EPRIVO, you can use it privatize the emails at your will. You can send a private email which can destroy itself once read after it has been received at the other end. 
You can control the emails sent by you on the devices of the recipients as well, which makes you the ultimate commander of your data. You can look at EPRIVO as privatized email service vs. private email account service.

3. No Security Losses

While using EPRIVO, you can always control who gets access to your emails. For example, the two-factor authentication feature confirms your identity twice before even you can read your emails. Also, users can send emails based on time expiration. 
This means that the person at the other end is prevented from reaching out to the email beyond a specific time; the email will expire automatically after a fixed time. Also, you can control if your email would be forwarded or not by sending a no forwarding email whenever required. 

You can control viewing, including enabling single view emails. You can even manage metadata. For example, you can set that the metadata disappears after email first opened.  

4. Wide Range of Usage

The usage of EPRIVO services is diverse as you can send emails using iPhone or iPad or even Mac OS and Windows. Windows version is projected for early July 2019.  Also, you can send private or public email based on the degree of the security required. EPRIVO tells you how sensitive a public email is and you can privatize it. 

Also, you have control in cloud storage as well, e.g., erasing emails. Further, you can send emails to non EPRIVO users who will receive a web-code to access email with the EPRIVO web viewer.

These were some of the best features which you can get using the EPRIVO private email account software. However, with further developments, this is expected to increase multiple times. EPRIVO published blogs about these features for interested readers.

Platforms Supported by EPRIVO

The EPRIVO Private Email Software is easily accessible to a large number of users across various platforms. The different platforms on which you can use the EPRIVO email privacy services are given below:
  • Mac OS
  • All versions of iPads, iPhones
  • All Android devices
  • Microsoft Windows Computers
As per the latest information provided by EPRIVO, it will soon be available for Windows Phones and Linux. Until then, these users may be able to use the EPRIVO Private Email viewer on the web that is launched in June 2019. 

Different Plans of EPRIVO

As mentioned earlier in this article, the EPRIVO services are not free of cost to use, and the users have to pay for the services they use (unless veterans or meeting other conditions as mentioned). 

This is required because security is a costly affair, and you cannot expect the company to bear all your expenses and provide quality assurance at the same time. Nevertheless, EPRIVO plans seem to be the most affordable, costing from less than a dollar a month. 

The following plans are available at present:

Individual Plan

This plan is valid for a single user and has a lot of significant features unlocked by default. The following are the benefits for Individual plan holders:
  • One-time view
  • No-forwarding
  • Privatized sender
  • Time-based expiration
  • Privatize non-EPRIVO emails 
  • Privatized subject
  • Recall/expire anytime

Family Plan

This plan is valid for up to 5 users, as is the case for a family and has a lot of significant features unlocked by default. The following are the benefits for Family plan holders:
  • One-time view
  • No-forwarding
  • Privatized sender
  • Time-based expiration
  • Privatize non-EPRIVO emails 
  • Privatized subject
  • Recall/expire anytime

Celebrity Gold

This plan comes with additional features apart from those in the individual plan. This can be seen as an extension of own plan as it has only one user support. The other features supported are:
  • Privatized metadata
  • Prepaid invitations – The Invitees will receive 1-year free subscription.
  • Dedicated phone support

Celebrity Platinum

This plan comes with additional features apart from those in the family plan. This can be seen as an extension of the family plan as it has up to 10 users' support. The additional features supported are:

  • Privatized metadata
  • Prepaid invitations – Any Invitees will receive 1-year free subscription.
  • Dedicated phone support


This was a comprehensive review of EPRIVO private email service using which you can secure your email communications whether you're an individual or a family or even a celebrity. EPRIVO's features are highly innovative, and we are confident you will enjoy using their services. EPRIVO positions itself at the front-end of privacy and security innovations for the consumer.


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