4 Tips to Make Money Blogging in 2018 - The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Thursday, 13 December 2018

4 Tips to Make Money Blogging in 2018 - The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Blogging remains to be one of the best ways of making money online. With a simple blog, you can be able to earn money in different ways. Monetization of blogs exists in many forms and the success of a blogger depends on the effort they put into realizing their goals. 
Make Money Blogging
But if you want to have a smooth journey in the blogging business in 2018, which steps should help you follow. The following is a couple of tips to use to reap the benefits of blogging.

Retaining Your Audience

The most significant bit to consider when you have a blog is reader retention. Without an active readership, it cannot be possible to have a constant revenue stream. In 2018, there are quite a number of methods you can use to ensure that your users are engaged. The first one is updating the blog with information as often as possible. In addition, you can also collect their emails to give them notifications whenever you make new updates.

A right combination of email marketing and other reach-out methods can work great for a blog with a decent readership. Following up on your audience can help grow the readership and also retain those that are already ardent followers.

How to Monetize

When it comes to actual monetization, methods like AdSense are still worthwhile in 2018. Advertising has been the primary method of monetizing blogs for the last several years. It is crucial to use AdSense with care as most people are trying to avoid forex scams when browsing. This is because of the proliferation of programs that claim to reward ad viewers but end up scamming them.

It is not just AdSense alone that can provide a good advertisement platform though. There are a number of other competing platforms that are upcoming and which are offering excellent benefits for bloggers. Nevertheless, Google’s AdSense remains to be the preferable option. It is not only a tested and proven platform, but it also pays bloggers well. It is also easy to set up and integrate into the blog.

Increasing Your Income

With any business, scaling up is essential. If you have operated a successful blog for a considerable while, you should consider scaling the business. One of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that you have all the best tools that help you keep track of your audience. Various AdSense codes and third-party algorithms can help you stay in touch with users. Some of these tools are paid additions to the blog, but they are worth the money. In addition, you can opt to open up a new blog that focuses on particular topics that have become too popular for the main blog. Doing this would allow for differentiation and growth of your income.

Ensuring that AdSense Works

A huge aspect of blogging in 2018 is incorporating methods that are actually workable. Such methods are related explicitly to AdSense and how it works. Google’s advertisement system has changed and evolved over the years. In 2018, the design of ads is a massive part of what makes AdSense work. To make profits, you need to ensure that your ads have appropriate text and images. The size of images is, for instance, important when you want to ensure that the ads are visible. Besides, you should ensure that the placement of advertisements is proper so that visitors can be able to access them easily. You should also not design your ads in a manner that would likely annoy your readers. A decent-looking ad that is not invasive is best for good returns.

Final Words

Blogging is still a significant way of earning money online with methods like selling advertisements, placing paid promotions in the blog and general promotion being among the top monetization means. The landscape has indeed changed considerably over the past couple of years. The secrets to success have not changed much though. To be successful in blogging in 2018, the key issues remain to be consistent with great content. Also, knowing how the advertisement platforms are changing will be significant since advertisement will continue to remain a massive part of monetization.


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