Top 10 Bitcoin Wallet Apps for iOS and Android

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Top 10 Bitcoin Wallet Apps for iOS and Android

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Cryptocurrencies have become ever more real with the development of blockchain and a constantly increasing number of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions. This seems to be the future of digital payments, and is not too hard to purchase with ‘regular’ currencies; however, it might be easier to buy bitcoins than to store them. 
Bitcoin Wallet Apps
Finding the most secure Bitcoin wallet app is an essential task, as there are people who lose huge amounts of money due to hacking or bankruptcies of companies that host some of these apps. So, your task is to choose responsively and create a bitcoin wallet app that will serve you well.

The question of which bitcoin wallet app is best might not have one clear answer, as there are different options, each with their own cons and pros. It is a sort of bank account that is stored in the cloud or on a personal computer. 

It provides you with the opportunity to buy or sell BTC as well as pay for goods from those who allow such transactions (there are more and more merchants accepting these types of payments every day, by the way). While in 2015-2016 the 1 BTC price was pretty stable, in 2017 it boomed and significantly increased in just a couple of months. Taking this trend into consideration now might be the best time to jump onto this already moving train.

List of Best Bitcoin Wallet Apps

Here are some of the most popular bitcoin wallet apps that are widely used and trusted. Look through these ten options and decide which one suits you best. Take your time, read reviews and start your own history of BTC transactions.

1. Bitcoin Wallet

This is often called the best bitcoin wallet app for Android, as it is meant to be easy-to-use and convenient for everyone. It is decentralized and very simple, so you will understand the whole idea, and how to use it, quite quickly. Here are its main features:

  • Notifications for received money;
  • Conversion to and from traditional currencies;
  • No registration or cloud required;
  • Claims to be very secure;
  • Allows for quick payment by scanning QR-codes.

2. Bitpay

This wallet has a card feature that allows its users to convert and spend Bitcoins as dollars, as well as store and use them for business and other purposes. It has a great reputation with users of both Android and iOS devices. It reminds us of a checking account on a regular banking app, which we are all used to.

3. Mycelium Bitcoin

Mycelium is often referred to as the best bitcoin wallet app for Android. With the help of this product, you can send and receive Bitcoins on your mobile device with no difficulties. There is also a unique feature, allowing users to manage private keys and secret numbers used to spend Bitcoins. This gives you 100% control and makes the wallet extremely safe.

4. Airbitz

This wallet is all about privacy. Being completely decentralized, it doesn’t allow anybody but you to access your data or money. Airbitz might be the perfect choice for those users who value anonymity and security, above everything else. Even those who have doubts are gradually turning their heads toward Bitcoins. According to some statistics, the amount of BTC transactions reaches up to 440,000 daily.

5. Samourai

This wallet also claims to be among the most private and anonymous on the market. It features military grade encryption for secure transactions. For now, it is not available on Apple devices; however, Android users can truly enjoy its benefits.

6. CoinSpace

This HD wallet allows convenient and free worldwide payments. Use your Android mobile phone to control your finances and, basically, have them on you all the time. This easy-to-use and intuitive app is similar to your own banking app and always ready for all your wishes. Coinspace is definitely secure, transferable and cheap.

7. Electrum

Electrum is often referred to in reviews as the top Bitcoin wallet application. It has operated with Bitcoin payments since 2011. It is fast and easy to use, and you can create your very own wallet in a matter of minutes and start using it for purchases right away. Here are some of its features:
  • Private keys can be kept offline;
  • Transactions are verified using SVP;
  • Can be easily recovered from a secret phrase;
  • Servers are redundant and decentralized.

8. Copay

Copay is a multi-signature product that can be used by iPhone owners. It opens wide horizons for controlling private keys. It also provides you with synchronous access across all major desktop and mobile platforms. Each transaction through Copay may require only one, several, or all the private keys, which add to its security.

9. GreenBits

This is another convenient and secure wallet that many users consider among the best. It has many features for many purposes that suit everyone, including multi-signature features and strong security. The GreenBits allows users to send and receive payments in a matter of minutes, taking you to the future of the digital payment epoch.

10. Breadwallet

This wallet is suitable for any hardware and software, and can satisfy the needs of both iOS and Android users. It is convenient, easy to use, and provides users with full control over their bitcoins. It does not rely on servers that may be hacked or broken down. To keep the money safe, if you lose your phone, for example, there is an option of recovery with personal recovery phrases. Nobody else should know this phrase, so you can remain calm and relaxed even if something unexpected happens. Additional benefits include:
  • Simple and clean design;
  • High level of security;
  • Direct access to the bitcoin network;
  • Built-in hardware encryption.


It is not necessarily easy to choose the best free bitcoin wallet app; however, there may not be a need to try and determine the absolute best, as almost all of them have different advantages. At Lunapps, for example, we believe that all of the abovementioned products deserve attention and are worth trying. The final choice is always up to the user who will use the wallet and should be based on the features they require. 

Pay attention to interface and navigation as, the more convenient it is for you, the more chances are that you will be excited with new possibilities brought forward by blockchain and Bitcoins. The possibilities seem to be infinite, so go ahead and create your own cryptocurrency wallet and be on the edge of progress.


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