Zerobounce Review: Is It a Reliable Email Validation Service?

Friday, 10 November 2017

Zerobounce Review: Is It a Reliable Email Validation Service?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Nowadays, it has become a more challenging task to maintain a decent reputation in the market as well as to keep it continuously flourishing.
Zerobounce Review
Well, it is no wonder that the email address problems are entirely accurate as it has become a very challenging task. There is thus, the need for email verification which is done to ensure that the current email address is real or not. However, the solution for the same is nowhere.

ZeroBounce – An Introduction

To take care of the current situation, there is a definite need for a system that works with the email validation system.

ZeroBounce comes forward as an email verification system which offers a wide variety of services. Mostly, it is a plug-in made for WordPress which helps to pass the visitors to the different accounts directly.

When it comes to email validation system, ZeroBounce tops the chart. It aims to solve the problem that is associated with businesses that send a massive amount of email. This typically reduces the bounce rate of the website.

Features and Facilities that ZeroBounce offers

The different features that ZeroBounce offers are:

1. A strong sense of detection

Sometimes, it might so happen that several emails eventually lead up to be invalid for the prosperity of the business. The most important step to forwarding is to remove these emails as it may bring out the bad quality of the website. Hence, the email verification needs to be carried out for such emails.

2. Spams and Abuse of Emails

This is one of the security features that the website has to offer. It is quite obvious to receive spam emails which turn out to be abusive as well as unnecessary. So, the agenda to put forward here is to find those emails and get rid of such emails. Zerobounce takes cares of it by helping you get rid of the waste.

3. Putting up with data in emails

These days, it is quite possible that some email just gets missing from the website. It becomes challenging to recover these data. The Append feature of the ZerBounce helps in appending the data and brings the data that went missing. This is done by finding up the location for the data along with the first and the very last content.

4. Disposed Emails

The email verifier system embedded in the ZeroBounce provides the facility to separate the read and the temporary emails.

5. API

This feature of API present in Zerobounce helps to get in touch with the computer system and further validate through the entire process.

6. Keeping in touch with the Domain

This feature is very helpful as it helps in easily finding the domains as well helps to verify the emails to ensure if they are running valid or not.

The Cost of the Market

If it is a new user in the process, there are a total of 100 email validations for free that are made available to them initially.
Later on, the registration for users gets divided into four major parts which are:

  1. A total of 100,000 email validations for $150 plan. 
  2. 250,000 email validations ensured for $250 plan. 
  3. Total of 500,000 email validations ensured for $250 plan. 
  4. The final plan is for $770 which ensures a total of 1,000,000 emails.
Zerobounce Pricing
There are several add-on features available as well which includes the facility of catching the domain that is not detectable. Detection of emails that carry abuse, toxic emails, and finally comes the disposable email detection process.

The Unique Selling Point of ZeroBounce

The unique selling point is usually determined by the strategies that are followed in the market. Along with the strategies related to the market, the techniques followed up in the field of advertising helps as well. 

ZeroBounce follows a straightforward and easy policy that helps to ensure the fact there are all the details and information available to the potential users.

The Advantages

  • The process is straightforward to use once it is installed. The best thing, however, is that there is all the convenience available for the users who are new to the process. 
  • There is total availability generation of codes, and these codes can be efficiently used up on the websites. 
  • There is also a money back policy that which assures to return all your money after a total of 30 days of dissatisfaction.

The Disadvantages

  • Things can be a little tricky for new users who when it comes to installing WordPress.
  • Zerobounce needs to go through an update regularly.


To increase the search engine ranking, it is essential for one to have the facility of detecting spams and emails.

There are several features associated with the email validation system, and Zerobounce makes sure to provide ease to the users at the other end.


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