6 Ways to Stream Torrent Files Without Downloading Them

Friday, 24 February 2017

6 Ways to Stream Torrent Files Without Downloading Them

Posted by Rahul Gupta
So, where do you download movies from? Oh, that show, It was awesome, how do I get it? How to put AfterEffects in my PC? Well, the answer to all such questions is just one i.e. "download it using torrents”.

The next best thing on the Internet after Google is Torrents. You can learn how to use a particular software on Google or YouTube, but you need to install that specific software to use it practically. Now you will find the software easily available on torrent. One can download an unlimited number of movies, shows, podcasts, software, etc. almost everything from torrent websites.

In literal terms, torrent means a rapid moving stream of water or any other liquid. But in Computer Science terms, a torrent file means a primary computer file which consists of metadata of various records and folders which are needed to be downloaded or installed.

Even though torrents are of great help to us, there are many ill effects of downloading a torrent file. It seems to be safe enough, but still, it can harm your computer in some or the other way. It may contain viruses, trojans or malware too. So when you want to watch something on torrent or for any other work, you can consider streaming it and not wait for the entire download to get over.  
Stream Torrent Files Without Downloading
The difference between Streaming and Downloading is that when you download a file, you are copying the entire data on your computer or any other device such as pen drive and while Streaming, you are not exactly copying it but using it for a while on your computer or device. It saves a lot of time, and also you get sure about the quality you wanted. 
The methods to stream a torrent file without downloading it are listed below:

1. Torrent Streaming

TorrentStreaming is the easiest way to stream a torrent file without actually downloading it. It is very simple, convenient to use and easily understandable by everyone. Just drag the torrent file and drop it on the interface of the program. It will start streaming your torrent file.

An alternative method for this is, you can paste the link to the box at the top right and click on ‘Stream’. It will also start your streaming right away, and you won’t have to wait for downloading it completely.

2. Torrent Stream

Torrent Stream is again a very simple way to stream torrent files without downloading. It is a google chrome extension. It’s very easy and fast. To stream videos using this option, you just have to copy paste the magnet URL in the app, and you can stream as many videos as you want. Also, everything other than just the videos.

3. Hola

Hola is available as an extension. It's not very tough to use Hola for streaming videos. Hola has multiple advantages. It also allows access to Pandora. Also, Hola has a media player of its own where it can directly stream and play the videos. Once you install this extension, you just have to move your cursor to any .torrent link on any website, and the hola box will appear. You can also put subtitles for these videos. It’s a wonderful way of streaming torrent files without actually downloading them.

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4. Rox Player

Rox Player sounds like a VLC media player, but it's more than any conventional media player. Rox can stream the torrent files right away through the .torrent links and magnet links. You can also connect this player to the program configuration so that you can directly stream the torrent files by clicking on the link using any Bit torrent website. Rox is very useful and beneficial when you want to stream the videos.

5. Torch Browser

Torch Browser is as different as it sounds. It is a web browser & related to Chromium. It is used for torrent streaming, downloading, etc. Torch doesn’t involve installation of any Third Party Service. Everything is done in the browser only. A folder gets created on the movie cover. So, for streaming the video file, you can just click on the play icon.

6. Zona

Zona is easiest & fastest way to stream the torrent files. It is so simple that just while the program runs, you can easily choose which movie to watch just by clicking on the film covers. You can also stream torrents by adding the magnet link or .torrent link. Zona is built in Java language.


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