Top 5 Best Audio Transcription Apps for iPad

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Top 5 Best Audio Transcription Apps for iPad

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There are hundreds of apps that help you schedule your appointment, or take down lecture notes on your smartphone. If you are someone who just thinks better out loud and are tired of jotting down every word in a speech, try out these transcription apps. They work well for people looking for getting things done with as little hassle as possible.
Audio Transcription Apps
We are getting more accustomed to talking to devices these days! Here are five best audio transcription apps that make your life much easier! You can easily save a lot of time and effort with these apps. They have a beautiful user interface and an amazing user experience with a simple layout. They are also easy to use, which will help you to directly start using it without worrying too much about the technical details. The best part is, most of the apps are free to use!

1. Transcriptions

This app is the best till date with a drop down menu of the recently uttered words. It contains a small icon which you press to start speaking. Its speech recognition capability recognizes the words spoken and converts it into text form and is very helpful for professional transcriptions. 

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The latest version also has a subtitle editing support with bug fixes and code improvement and is just 4.4MB!  Now just let the phone hear your voice and leave this app to do the rest. It has the best customer reviews till date.

2. TranscribeMe

The most reliable one! With only $0.79 per minute, this 45 MB app uses speech recognition, and human transcribers to convert any audio files to text. The latest version 3.0.4 allows you to share recordings via email through the app.

TranscribeMe comes with a very straightforward user interface and navigation. There is also an option to use Ctrl+F to find particular text in a long recording. It allows you to record and convert your audio files with the help of just a few clicks. 

You just need to register yourself and upload the audio file that you would like to transcribe. After the payment is made, an email consisting of the text form of your audio is sent. It is an on-the-go use app which you can use as soon as you download it. It has best-in-class privacy with a secure micro tasked transcription workflow. 

It also has an unusual feature called Verbatim, that pass audio through two layers of transcription that provides high-quality text. It also captures stuttering, speech errors and corrects it. This application also identifies age, gender and accents!

3. Voice Assistant

With just a few clicks, one can convert your audio recordings into text format. Voice Assistant learns with every speech recognition and every use. What’s unique about this one? It allows auto copy feature through which you can upload it to YouTube or Google Search. 

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Costing $0.99, it uses advanced speech recognition features as well as suggests grammar corrections for accurate output. In the latest version, bugs are fixed to make it compatible with iOS 7 and more languages such as Malay, Hebrew are added. It's compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod.  The current version is 2.0.1 with a size of 6.8 MB. This virtual assistant can be used in a variety of ways.

4. AudioNote Lite

This app requires manual input of the transcription. While you are recording your audio, you can as well take down notes simultaneously! This unique feature is what makes it everyone’s favorite. It also allows us to choose different background colors and fonts to make the user experience more exciting. 

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Notice as your text and drawings highlight during playback which can help you to remember their context when they were taken.  No more compromise in accuracy, trade-offs or cost! Just dictate your thoughts and watch them get converted to the text format. This app is fully accessible with Voice Over and is easy to navigate and use. The current version with the above features is 1.3.

5. Dragon Dictation

This free software application has only one button and is now one of the leading applications. Just tap the button, start recording. And then rest of the things this app will handle. After you finish dictating, the text appears. It can be a lot of help when you need to write lengthy emails and lectures. 

However, free applications come with a catch. You can transcribe audios saved within the app only. You can record your audio, after which it will automatically generate the text. It can later be shared on social media after corrections to the text are made. And when you dictate words that are not supported, a dictation box pops up on your screen where you can manually enter the name. It will then be transferred to the application. 

A tool called Nuance User Management Center manages the customization and licensing. The latest version of this app, called Dragon for Mac($200) and one of the many benefits of this application is that it launches as soon as the OS starts. You can also edit, format and exact text with voice commands!

All of the above applications are easy to use and worth a shot if you have the huge amount of audio files that require the text-based format. Even though the paid apps have certain advantages over the free ones regarding the accuracy, all of them offer relatively same features.


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